CFP: Gonzo Journalism Beyond Thompson

Christine Isager of University of Copenhagen and Rob Alexander of Brock University are calling for chapters for an edited volume to be published in 2016. Their aim is to discover what “Gonzo” means in relation to literary journalism around the world.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Translating the Gonzo ethos into global practice
  • Gonzo, empire, and the anxiety of transnational influence
  • Writers reading and misreading Thompson: adapting Gonzo in different national and cultural contexts
  • Gonzo and gender: women writers attracting and negotiating the Gonzo label
  • Encouraging bad behaviour: publishing Gonzo-style journalism around the world
  • Gonzo avant la lettre: historical analogues
  • Gonzo and global countercultures

Deadline for proposals is due by September 15. Further information is available here.

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