CFP: Ethical problems in political communication

The Institute of Communication Ethics’ annual conference is looking for submissions to fit the theme “Fever, fakery and fatigue: Political communication in the 21st century”. The event is especially interested in the upcoming UK general elections and the ways it can be used to reflect upon ethical communication issues.

The one-day event will be held on the 23rd of October this year, and abstract submissions are due on the 1st of July.

As of yet, no further information is available online.

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Fever, fakery and fatigue: Political communication in the 21st century
Institute of Communication Ethics Annual Conference
23rd October 2015, Frontline Club, London W2 1QJ


The 2015 UK General Election is likely to highlight many of the ethical issues surrounding political communication. For instance:

· To what extent will the major political parties confine the debate to a limited range of issues?
· How will the mainstream media incorporate the voices of ‘ordinary people’ in the political debates?
· To what extent will the campaigns be conducted in social media?
· How much impact will public relations have on the election?
· To what extent will it all be predictable spectacle/theatre/ ’democratic ritual’?

These possible issues – and more – should be of concern to those in a range of disciplines: journalism, public relations, political communication, media sociology, surveillance studies.

The ICE annual conference could tackle these topics – and others thrown up by the actual election campaign. We welcome abstracts of 200 words for papers – please send them by 1 July 2015 to Fiona Thompson, ICE Exec Group, at [email protected] or [email protected]


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