CFP: Dynamics of mediatization

Chapters are called for the book Dynamics of mediatization: Understanding cultural and social change.

Mediatization studies examine a wide range of dynamics of media-related transformations. These dynamics vary in form and they have been studied using different conceptual vocabularies. Examples of dynamics are media-related changes in the organization and operations of institutions, shifting power relations, changes in social relationships and interactions, and new ways to explore (self-)representations and to express identities.

Proposals are invited in particular in the following areas:

  • Grasping dynamics of mediatization
  • Studying dynamics of mediatization in relation to other long-term processes
  • Analysing dynamics of mediatization in specific fields and contexts

The volume will be edited by the management team of ECREA’€™s Temporary Working Group Mediatization.

1000-word proposals for theoretical and/or empirical chapters with a clear focus on socio-cultural changes in relation to media and communication can be sent to Olivier Driessens ([email protected]). Deadline is 5pm 30 October 2015.

More information is available here (.pdf).

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