CFP: Communication as democratic resource

The Italian Association of Political Communication is looking for abstracts for their annual conference, held at the University of Salerno 10th to 12th December 2015.

This year’s theme is Communication as Democratic Resource, and the subjects of discussion the following

  • The media: technological innovations in the media and new media domains; the fragmentation of sources of information; the issue of democratic access to communication channels.
  • The citizens: the factors that have affected their exposition, consumption, production of information;the implications of new ‘media diets’ on political outlook and behavior.
  • The political players: government, parties, candidates.The change in the monitoring patterns of citizens/voters preferences; the new trends in election campaigning and in consensus building.
  • The democratic institutions: E-government; E-democracy; Experiences of communication impact in practices of deliberative democracy.

See the complete call for abstracts here. The deadline is 30th June. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by an international team of scholars.

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