CFP: Challenges for the future of regional television

CICOM 2015 conference, titled Challenges for the Future of the Regional Television: Structure, Funding, Content and Audiences is looking for abstract submissions.

The event will be held 12th and 13th  November 2015 at University of Navarra, Pamplona.

Regional Public Television all over Europe is currently facing difficult
conditions. Economic, technological and political factors pressure at
the same time; in fact there are many risks surrounding these regional
Media. From the point of view of the audiovisual industry, their
contributions have been and still are very relevant – creative talent,
independent production, etc- and in terms of identity, language,
socio-political community their presence are vital. The future of the
Regional Public Television is a question of present decisions. Many
changes are needed. CICOM 2015 offers a space for dialogue, debate and
new ideas with a multidisciplinary focus, in order to find proposals and
possible solutions.

Suggested topics and areas of interest includes

1. Content & Audiences

  • Regional television and interactive platforms: towards the social and
    personal TV
  • The production of content for regional television: creativity and new
    ways of funding
  • The rights of children and the contents of the regional television
  • Identity and Culture in the regional television: language and territory reflected in news and programs
  • Diversity and Pluralism
  • Distinctive features of regional television: news and editorial independence
  • Reflect values and explore the reality: documentaries and other programs of nonfiction and factual entertainment
  • User-Generated content, citizen journalism, social networks and regional television
  • Participation of audiences in regional television.
  • Engagement
  • Entertainment’s formats for regional television. Looking for the balance between quality and audience
  • The radio range of regional Radio-TV Corporations

2. Economic, industrial and business

  • Brand image of regional Radio-TV Corporations
  • Architecture and brand strategy in interactive media: sites, sections and apps
  • Impact of the crisis on regional television
  • Management and television of
  • Booming and declining ways of content delivery (or main and supplementary): TDT, streaming live and on demand, IPTV, podcast, cable, satellite
  • The regional television and the challenge of Internet
  • The impact of Internet on regional television newsrooms
  • Audiovisual production in the Regions: joint productions and adaptations of formats
  • From the screen to the network and vice versa: feedback between programs and digital media
  • Adaptation, innovation and economies of scale: development and adoption of new publishers and new production technologies and distribution formats
  • Strategies for multimedia platform: coordination and convergence in regional television. Journalists facing to the digital challenge

3. Public service and regulatory

  • European regulatory frame for regional public television
  • Reform of the audiovisual and future law for regional television
  • Funding public broadcasting and fair competition
  • Right to information and audiovisual communication of proximity
  • Transparency in Government of the regional public television
  • Crisis of legitimacy of the regional public audiovisual services
  • The role of audiovisual authorities in the development of regional audiovisual market
  • Viewers associations and their influence in the audiovisual market
  • Regional government and regional television
  • Political power and regional television
  • Governance of regional public television

Abstracts submission deadline is set at 20th June 2015.

Further information available here. Selected papers will conform a monographic issue of Communication&Society journal.


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