CFP: Artificial intelligence, robots and media

The 11th Dubrovnik Media Days conference, titled “Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Media” is looking for submissions. Papers presented at the conference (after peer review) will be published in the science journal Medianali.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to, issues surrounding the following questions and cases:

  • Use of artificial intelligence/algorithms in news
  • Use of drones and other computer operated/powered devices in reporting
  • Ethical issues with robot and drone journalism
  • Questions of accuracy and transparency
  • Audience and robot reporting
  • Future plans for robot reporting about more challenging topics
  • Legal and copyright problems with algorithm reporting
  • Role of computer programmers in robot journalism

Different theoretical and empirical scientific approaches are welcome.

Deadline for submission of abstracts (200 words) and registration is due by September 15 2015. Full Papers are due by November 1 2015.

Read more from the conference’s website.

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