CEECOM2015: Digital transition in CEE region

Photo by Turo Uskali

The Central and EastEuropean Communication and Media Conference 2015 (CEECOM2015) will start off on Friday in Zagreb, Croatia. Conference is organized by ZagrebUniversity in cooperation with ECREA CEE Network and co-sponsored by ICA.

CEECOM15 is focused on the digital transition that challenge media industries,media audiences, and media regulators. The aim is to discuss these global developments and their challenges mostly in the Central and Eastern European regional setting. The three-day event includes 33 sessions and 4 plenary sessions.

Keynote speakers include Paolo Mancini, of Università di Perugia; Slavko Splichal, of University of Ljubljana; Amy Jordan, of University of Pennsylvania; and Dominique Cardon, of University of Marne la vallée.

Here are our picks for CEECOM2015 conference:

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12:15-13:45 Session 1: Journalism Education for the Digital Age I, at conference room A102. Chaired by Epp Lauk.
Challenge on journalistic skill performance in online media, by Marju Himma-Kadalović and Dunja Majstorović

14:45-16:15 Session 6: News in the Digital Media Landscapes, at conference room D1. Chaired by Bogusława Dobek-Ostrowska
Viral journalism: the rise of the new form, by Domagoj Bebić, Milica Vučković and Marija Volarević:
Detection of unlabeled PR articles, by Vlaďka Kubíčková
Sensationalism in print media in Serbia- reporting of illness and death of Jovanka Broz, by Tijana Pešić
Relations between author, reader, publishing in the context of social media- the case of political reportage of Mariusz Szczygiel, by Agnieszka Weglinska
To tame the inevitability or distribution of news in the web, by Pawel Wieczorek


[spoiler title=’Saturday 13 June’ collapse_link=’true’]08:00-9:30 Session 9: Digital Challenges to Journalism and Media, at conference room A105. Chaired by Domagoj Bebić
The new paradigm of traditional radio broadcasting and new technologies in Russia, by Ludmila Bolotova and Ekaterina Bolotova
Changing public radio – convergence challenges towards deliberative citizens, by Nada Zgrabljić Rotar, Ivan Burić and Silvio Šop
New paths opening for journalism? Opportunities and limits of using camera drones in journalism, by Epp Lauk, Turo Uskali and Heikki Kuutti
Traditional vs. digital media in Poland, by Waldemar Sobera

9:45-11:15 Session 11: New Models of Digital Journalism, at conference room A102. Chaired by Michał Głowacki
Changing journalistic profession. The concept of multiskilled journalist in Poland, Russia and Sweden, by Adam Michel
Women journalists in Poland and their status in legacy and digital media, by Anna Paluch
Trends in infographics in the Portuguese online newspapers, by Júlio Costa Pinto
Social sentiment analysis and its use in the context of journalism, by Sanja Vladović

15:45-17:15 Session 21: Panel: Public Service Media  – Social and Technological Challenges, at conference room A102. Chaired by Agnieszka Weglinska

Do we need PSM in digital era? by Katarzyna Konarska
Media markets in the age of digitalization and development of new technologies – the case of public media, by Bartłomiej Łódzki
Regional television – TVP Wrocław – public service media versus digital challenges by Agnieszka Węglinska
The public service media in the context of communication between media and business or authorities by Marek Zimnak
Students media in Poland – origin, evolution, the present, by Anna Zięty

17:30-19:00 Session 22: New Models of Digital Journalism, at conference room A102. Chaired by Sonja Špiranec

The phenomenon of news portal The-Village.ru:  case study of a new type of hybrid medium in the Russian digital space, by Elena Krivovyaz
May Twitter be alibi for professionals? by Milica Jevtić
Online journalism in Poland, by Jacek Nożewski
Citizen journalism as a form of mass media communication, by Jana Žjak, Viktor Kamenicky and Daša Krňanová


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09:00-10:30 Session 29: Audiences in Digital Mediascapes I, at conference room A105. Chaired by Antonija Čuvalo
Mobile news consumption and content usability, by Georgeta Drula
Who are willing to pay for online journalistic content? by Marju Himma-Kadakas and Ragne Kõuts-Klemm
Media influence on children, by Ilija Musa and Maja Ereš

10:45-12:15 Session 30: Redefining Legacy Journalism, at conference room D1. Chaired by Sonja Špiranec.
Opposing Neo-journalism: Comparing digital news media outlets that practice journalism in public interest in Bulgaria by Antonov Pavel and Diana Trifonova.
Tomorrow’s journalists redefining legacy journalism, by Ana Milojević, Aleksandra Krstić and Aleksandra Ugrinić
Newsroom Convergence in Montenegro, by Andrijana Rebrenović [/spoiler]

The conference program can be seen online here

Other information is available on the event’s website here.

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