Books of the week 44/2016

Under the title “Books of the week”, JRN will list new, relevant publications that have recently become available. Click the title of the book for further information on the publisher’s website.

We keep our eyes peeled, but if you want to make sure your publication makes the list, let us know when it’s out! You can send a message or tweet us @jresearchnews.

On week 43 the following publications have come to our attention:

Cyberactivism and Citizen Journalism in Egypt

  • Written by Courtney C. Radsch.
  • Published by Palgrave Macmillan US.
  • 351 pages.

Entrepreneurial Journalism: How to go it alone and launch your dream digital project

  • Written by Paul Marsden.
  • Published by Routledge.
  • 196 pages.

Journalism and Climate Crisis: Public Engagement, Media Alternatives

  • Written by Robert Hackett, Susan Forde, Kerrie Foxwell-Norton, Shane Gunster.
  • Published by Routledge.
  • 204 pages.

Drones and Journalism How the media is making use of unmanned aerial vehicles

  • Written by Phillip Chamberlain.
  • Published by Routledge.
  • 136 pages.

Cultural Journalism and Cultural Critique in the Media

  • Edited by Nete Nørgaard Kristensen and Unni From.
  • Published by Routledge.
  • 178 pages.

Journalism, Democracy and Civil Society in India

  • Edited by Shakuntala Rao, Vipul Mudgal.
  • Published by Routledge.
  • 154 pages.



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