Books of the week 18/2017

On week 18 the following publications have come to our attention:

The Assault on Journalism

  • Edited by Ulla Carlsson and Reeta Pöyhtäri
  • Published by NORDICOM
  • 278 pages
  • Open access

Journalistic Authority

  • Written by Matt Carlson
  • Published by Columbia University Press
  • 256 pages

Journalism, Online Comments, and the Future of Public Discourse

  • Written by Marie Shanahan
  • Published by Routledge
  • 150 pages

Hispanics in the US Press

  • Written by Katie Coronado and Erica Kight
  • Published by Focal Press
  • 300 pages

Digital Media and Society

  • Written by Simon Lindgren
  • Published by SAGE
  • 280 pages

Conditions of Mediation

  • Written by Tim Markham and Scott Rodgers
  • Published by Peter Lang
  • 258 pages

Media Resistance

  • Written by Trine Syvertsen
  • Published by Palgrave Macmillan
  • 153 pages
  • Open access

The Invention of Celebrity

  • Written by Antoine Lilti
  • Published by Polity
  • 320 pages

We Are Data

  • Written by John Cheney-Lippold
  • Published by New York University Press
  • 320 pages

The Media and the Rise and Fall of the Marcos Regime

  • Written by Talitha Espiritu
  • Published by Ohio University Press
  • 284 pages

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