BOOK: Media in BRICS countries

A new book in the Routledge series Internationalizing Media Studies has been published. The volume, titled Mapping BRICS Media, is a comparative study of the media landscape in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The authors suggest that the so-called “rise of the rest” poses a challenge to the Western media systems.

The book is edited by Kaarle Nordenstreng of University of Tampere, and Daya Kishan Thussu of University of Westminster in London.

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Part I: Debates and Concepts

1. BRICS as a New Constellation in International Relations? Jyrki Käkönen
2. How Coherent is the BRICS Grouping? Colin Sparks
3. The BRICS Formation in Reshaping Global Communication: Possibilities and Challenges Yuezhi Zhao
4. The BRICS as Emerging Cultural and Media Powers Joseph Straubhaar

Part II: Media Systems and Landscapes
5. Brazil: Patrimonialism and Media Democratization Raquel Paiva, Muniz Sodré and Leonardo Custodio
6. Russia: Post-Soviet, Post-Modern and Post-Empire Media Elena Vartanova
7. India: Multiple Media Explosions Savyasaachi Jain
8. China: Power Dynamics Across Four Historical Stages Zhengrong Hu, Peixi Xu and Deqiang Ji
9. South Africa: A Free Media Still in the Making Viola Candice Milton and Pieter J. Fourie

Part III: Comparative Perspectives
10. BRICS Journalists in Global Research Svetlana Pasti, Jyotika Ramaprasad and Musawenkosi Ndlovu
11. Intra-BRICS Media Exchange Herman Wasserman, Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Dmitry Strovsky and Jukka Pietiläinen
12. Digital BRICS: Building a NWICO 2.0? Daya Kishan Thussu [/spoiler]

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