BOOK: Journalistic coverage of Euro Crisis

eurocrisis_CC BY 4.0


The Euro Crisis produced a great challenge for the European integration and news coverage has played a central role in shaping public perceptions of the crisis. The recently published book from Reuters Institute for Journalism called The Euro Crisis in the Media: Journalistic coverage of economic crisis and European institutions explores how the financial and political crisis was portrayed in the European press.

The research indicates that Europeans are still far from a mentally integrated Europe and that newspapers still define their identity in national terms. The work is based on comparative research that covered more than 10,000 articles published in 10 European countries, including Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland Spain, and the United Kingdom. The book is edited by Robert G. Picard of Reuters Institute.

Read further information of the book here. Download the first chapter of the book here.

Picture: Euro Financial Crisis Word Cloud – Green by Licence: CC BY 4.0

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