BOOK: Freedom of expression in the digital age

Picture: Fly! by aotaro, license CC BY 2.0

The context of freedom of expression has shifted, states a new book edited by Ulla Carlsson of the University of Gothenburg. Freedon of Expression and Media in Transition looks at democracy, changing views of press freedom, threats to freedom and issues of safety and freedom in reporting conflicts.

The studies in the book are based on research in the Nordic countries, but many of the research collaborations and topics are global.

Maria Edström and Eva-Maria Svensson of the University of Gothenburg look at current commercial influences on the freedom of speech. They make a distinction between market-driven and democracy-driven freedom of expression and examine these two to see how freedom of expression is framed in the broader context of democracy and economy.

In another chapter Walid Al-Saqaf of Stockholm University uses Syria as a case example to display the liberating possiblities of technology. He shows how internet users of authoritarian regimes have used tools of censorship circumvention to challenge the censorship.

This and many other views on freedom of expression can be read from the book published by Nordicom. More information is available at the publisher’s website, where the book can also be downloaded as a pdf file.

Disclaimer: Epp Lauk, Turo Uskali and Helena Hirvinen have contributed to one chapter of the book. They are also working with Journalism Research News at the University of Jyväskylä.

Picture: Fly! by aotaro, license CC BY 2.0

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