BOOK: Boundaries that shape journalism


A new book in the Routledge series Shaping Inquiry in Culture has been published, titled Boundaries of Journalism – Professionalism, Practices and Participation. 

The book addresses the questions of boundaries and their consequences in journalism studies. Who is a journalist? What is journalism, exactly?

The book is edited by Matt Carlson of Saint Louis University, and Seth C. Lewis of University of Minnesota.


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Part I: Professionalism, Norms and Boundaries
1. Out of Bounds: Professional Norms as Boundary Markers Jane B. Singer
2. Nothing But The Truth: Redrafting the Journalistic Boundary of Verification Alfred Hermida
3. Divided we stand: Blurred Boundaries in Argentine Journalism Adriana Amado and Silvio Waisbord
4. The Wall Becomes a Curtain: Revisiting Journalism’s News-Advertising Boundary Mark Coddington
5. Creating Proper Distance through Networked Infrastructure: Examining Google Glass for Evidence of Moral, Journalistic Witnessing Mike Ananny
6. Hard News/Soft News: The Hierarchy of Genres and the Boundaries of the Profession Helle Sjøvaag
7. Internal Boundaries: The Stratification of the Journalistic Collective Jenny Wiik

Part II: Encountering Non-Journalistic Actors in Newsmaking
8. Journalism Beyond the Boundaries: the Collective Construction of News Narratives David Domingo and Florence Le Cam
9. Redrawing Borders from Within: Commenting on News Stories as Boundary Work Sue Robinson
10. Resisting Epistemologies of User-Generated Content? Cooptation, Segregation and the Boundaries of Journalism Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
11. NGOs as Journalistic Entities: The Possibilities, Problems and Limits of Boundary Crossing Matthew Powers
12. Drawing Boundary Lines Between Journalism and Sociology, 1895-1999 C.W. Anderson
Epilogue: Studying Boundaries of Journalism: Where Do We Go From Here? Seth C. Lewis [/spoiler]


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