BOOK: Bodily vulnerability in contemporary media

A new book on the politicization of bodily vulnerability has been published. Global Media, Biopolitics, and Affect: Politicizing Bodily Vulnerability is a part of the Routledge series Studies in New Media and Cyberculture. The volume is authored by Britta Timm Knudsen and Carsten Stage, both of Aarhus University.

The book argues that portrayals of bodily vulnerability – sickness, injury or general weakness – can be used for political ends, through means of media. To understand the mechanic of this interaction, a theoretical framework is proposed.

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1. Illness Blogs and Online Crowding

2. Global Assemblages of Suffering and Protest

3. Charity, Seduction, and Productive Publics

4. Green Activist Bodies and the Sublime

5. War Commemoration and Affective Media Rhythms

6. Media Witnessing from Chora


Further information of the book is available here.

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