ARTICLE: Women politicians ill-represented in UK press

Untitled by LoneWombatMedia, licence CC0 1.0

Female politicians appear disproportionately seldom in UK daily newspapers, and they are occasionally subject to sexist representations, write Deirdre O’Neilla, of University of Huddersfield, Heather Savigny, of Bournemouth University, and Victoria Cann, of University of East Anglia. The authors studied the output of seven UK newspapers during three, week-long observation periods, set apart by ten years (1992, 2002 and 2012).

The authors noticed, that even despite the number of female MP’s has increased, their proportional visibility in press has, in fact, gone down. The tone of the news was largely neutral and to-the-point, but stories on women politicians still focused, more often than their male colleagues, to non-political facets of their lives.

The article, Women politicians in the UK press: not seen and not heard?, was published in the journal Feminist Media Studies and it is freely available online.

Picture: Untitled by LoneWombatMedia, licence CC0 1.0.

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