ARTICLE: Varying press coverage for populist parties

Jimmie Akesson by News Oresund, licence: CC BY 2.0

How are populist parties, from different countries and in different phases of their life cycle, treated in media? The recent article by Juha Herkman of the University of Helsinki studies contemporary populist parties and their media coverage in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The study is based on content analysis of 3337 newspaper articles during first parliamentary elections of 2010s. Insurgent populist movements (in Finland and Sweden) gained more media attention compared to parties which had already become more mainstream (in Norway and Denmark).

The article The life cycle model and press coverage of nordic populist parties was published in Journalism Studies (free abstract).

Picture: Almedalsveckan Jimmie Akesson 20130701 0016F by News Oresund, licence CC BY 2.0

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