ARTICLE: News triggering searches and edits in Wikipedia


In their newly published article Stefan Geiß of University of Mainz, Melanie Leidecker of University of Koblenz-Landau and Thomas Roessing of University of Mainz explore how news media trigger searches and edits in Wikipedia.

Geiß, Leidecker and Roessing expected that TV and newspaper coverage of an issue will lead to increases in searches for and user edits in related articles in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. The findings support the hypotheses, but the extent to which the count of page views increases is remarkably dependent on the topic at hand and how the search keyword relates to the issue.

The study is published as an online-first article of New Media & SocietyRead the article here. (abstract public)

Picture: Île-d’Arz – logo Wikipedia by Mypouss CC BY 4.0

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