ARTICLE: Sharing news contributes to greater participation in politics


News use over social networking sites (SNS) has been shown to have a significant and positive impact on individuals’ political and civic activities, writes Jihyang Choi, of Ewha Womans University. The article stresses the role of emerging modes of news experience in producing more politically engaged citizens.The study is based on an online survey data that was collected among U.S. adults.

The findings show that not every type of news consumption function as a meaningful mediator: news posting do contribute to greater participation in politics. In contrast, news reading and endorsing were not significantly associated with political participation.

The article “Differential use, differential effects: Investigating the roles of different modes of news use in promoting political participation” was published by Journal of the Computer-Mediated Communication. Read the article here. (open access)

Picture: SHARING by  Hoffnungsschimmer, licence: CC BY 2.0

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