ARTICLE: Interplay between voice and point of view


What transforms the texts from self-narration to journalism is a matter of direction, writes Cecilia Aare, of Södertörn University, School of Social Sciences. Aare presents a model for analyzing the interplay between voice and point of view in literary journalism. The author illustrates how narrative techniques can create empathy with the people to whom the reporter refers.

A third-person narrative has been traditionally considered to be the most objective way of storytelling. According to the writer, it is actually the narrator’s visibility that determines the text ‘subjective’ or ‘objective’. Aare divides literary journalism into five categories, which show different ways how objectivity is produced in journalistic texts.

The article “A Narratological Approach to Literary Journalism” is published in Literary Journalism Studies and it can be found here.

Picture: binoculars by mattmangum, licence: CC BY 2.0

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