ARTICLE: From audience to reporter


New article by Daniela Gerson, of California State University, Nien-Tsu Nancy Chen, of California State University, Andrea Wenzel, of University of Southern California, Sandra Ball-Rokeach, of University of Southern California and Michael Parks, of University of Southern California, explores a hyperlocal news website Alhambra Source. It is a multilingual community news site that was launched in 2010 to bridge diverse population groups in Alhambra, a Los Angeles suburb.

The researchers examine the approaches to participatory media used by the website. They also review how content contributors were recruited and trained, and the role they played in the local communication infrastructure of Alhambra. The study is based on observations of the founding editor, feedback from contributors, interviews and written reflections.

The authors conclude with identification of eight practices that could inform the recruitment, training, and news production processes for similar news ventures. Here are three examples of those eight practices: First, multifaceted recruitment should take place online and off, finding communities of interest in both arenas. Second, complementing online interaction, the social aspect of in-person meetings is important in sustaining participation. Third, in multiethnic communities bilingual youth journalists can serve as a linguistic bridge.

The article is published by Journalism Practice and it is available here.

Picture: Atypical welcome by Quinn Dombrowski, licence: CC BY-SA 2.0

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