ARTICLE: Freedom of expression facing challenges

Picture: Untitled by Jay Wennington, license CC0

Many changes in the media landscape are challenging freedom of expression, states a new article by Eva-Maria Svensson and Maria Edström of the University of Gothenburg.

The article analyses different aspects of journalism, such as challenges for financing, pluralism and the weakening division between editorial and commercial content. The study focuses on Sweden, looking at the business aspects of media, digitalization, legislation and self-regulation.

The authors state that commercial interests and less clear divide between journalism and advertising can restrict media’s independence. They use an analytical distinction between market-driven and democracy-driven freedom of expression. The authors argue for the benefits of demoracy-driven freedom, where journalism is seen as more than just a commodity. They fear that a media system losing its independence – along with its legitimacy and credibility – can in the long run erode democracy.

The article “Market-Driven Challenges to Freedom of Expression and the Interaction Between the State, the Market, and the Media” was recently published in Nordicom Review and is available online.

Picture: Untitled by Jay Wennington, license CC0

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