ARTICLE: Arab Spring revisited, neo-Ottomanism in Turkey, writing at a bar, and others

A new issue of the Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies has been published and made available online. Included are a number of articles of interest in terms of European journalism research.

In an editorial by Leon Barkho, of Jönköping University, the importance of scholarly output to journalism practitioners is highlighted. According to Barkho, poorly written research is rightly blamed for the lackluster attitude toward academic writing beyond academia. Maarten Franck, of University of Antwerp, presents a case study of how a story written in a bar was created, published and subsequently evolved.

Esra Arsan and Yasemin Yildirim, both of Bilgi University of Istanbul, write of the nationalist, or neo-Ottomanist, sentiments present in Turkish media surrounding the debate over a certain TV-series. Beatriz Becker, of University of Rio de Janeiro and Laura Maia de Castro, of the newspaper Estadão, write of the creation and forms of multimedia journalism in Argentina, Brazil and Spain. Meron Medzini, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, takes a look at the reasons why Western media was unable to correctly predict the end result of the chain of events know as the Arab Spring.

The entire content list for the issue, complete with links to article abstracts, is available online here.


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