ARTICLE: Sympathetic victims predict the use of photographs in crime news

If a homicide involves a “sympathetic victim”, the event is likely to be covered with photographs, noticed Walter Works and Jennifer S. Wong, both of Simon Fraser University. The inclusion of photographs in the coverage will, in turn, affect the audience’s impressions and recall of the crime, potentially distorting public understanding of crime, the authors … Continued

Computer by Nathan Sawaya, photographed by Maureen Barlin, licence CC BY-NC-ND 2.0;

ARTICLE: What works in motion graphics?

A study by Spencer Barnes, of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, investigated how different motion graphic structures affect user experience. Barnes conducted an experiment with 82 US college students, who were exposed to variations of two different motion graphics. The students then answered questions that measured, for example, immersion and comprehension. The classical … Continued


CFP | 24.02. | Visual communication in and of the media

A conference entitled “Visualizing (in) the New Media” is looking for presentations and posters. The event will take place between the 8th and 10th of November 2017 in Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland. The conference is interested in how visual elements are used in media, but also how visuality is being discussed. The event’s theme is divided into … Continued