Moral loadings in culture wars articles reflect a liberal pattern yet are objective

The study “ Objectivity and Moral Judgment in U.S. News Narratives: A Natural Language Processing Analysis of ‘Culture War’ Coverage” by Mengyao Xu from University of Missouri and Zhujin Guo from Clarkson University used Natural Language Processing tools to evaluate objectivity practice in terms of attitude injection by examining 20,679 culture news articles published in … Continued

Article: Journalistic evaluation in financial news

The study “Journalistic evaluation in financial news” by Lea Vindvad Hansen, Irene Pollach and Margit Malmmose, all from Aarhus University looked at the evaluative power of financial news and how the genre of financial news conformed with the ideals. As a genre of journalism, financial news is interesting from a discursive perspective. It draws from … Continued