Civilian users perspectives on drones and regulation

The article “Imagining the social future of drones” by Elisa Serafinelli from University of Sheffield looked at how drone users views on drone usage and drone regulation.  Drones built for civilian purposes are unmanned, remotely controlled  aircraft that are generally fitted with cameras. They are used for commercial and recreational purposes, as well as professional … Continued

Picture: Liquid Space 6.0_Detail-Daan Roosegaarde-Web by Studio Roosegaarde, licence CC BY 2.0, cropped

ARTICLE: Innovation in Spanish public service media

There has been a deep controversy in Europe with respect to media policies, new technologies and public service media. A study by David Fernández-Quijada, Montse Bonet, Roberto Suárez Candel and Luis Arboledas, deals with this issue. By conducting interviews and analyzing policy documents, the article studies how three Spanish public service media organisations apply technological … Continued