The study of pixels in satellite pictures and hermeneutics

The study “Pixel politics and satellite interpretation in the Syrian war” by Fiona A Greenland from University of Virginia contributed to the neglected area of pixel studies by combining an empirical study with theorizations situating the pixel within a hermeneutical circle. The pixel is the smallest controllable unit in digital images. Pixels combine to make … Continued

Ethnography of diaspora journalism

The study “Examining Diaspora Journalists’ Digital Networks and Role Perceptions: A Case Study of Syrian Post-Conflict Advocacy Journalism” by Rana Arafat from City University of London sought to understand how diaspora journalists maintain their connections to the homeland and how they advocate for human rights and political reforms from afar.  Previous research on diaspora journalism … Continued

Picture: untitled by Rolands Zilvinskis, license Unsplash

Pre-established ideas shape journalists’ news selection and framing practices

The article “Maintenance of News Frames: How US, British and Russian News Made Sense of Unfolding Events in the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis” by Christian Baden of Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Katsiaryna Stalpouskaya of LMU Munich compares framing of the Syrian chemical weapons crisis in newspapers from three countries.  The study defines frames according … Continued