Awesome science journalism?

The study “When Science Journalism is Awesome: Measuring Audiences’ Experiences of awe from Reading Science Stories” by Asheley R. Landrum and Kristina Janét from Texas Tech University, Kelsi Opat from Missouri State University and Heather Akin from University of Nebraska-Lincoln surveyed US audiences for facets of awe when exposed to science journalism. The authors used … Continued

How local television newsrooms’ social media policies are evolving

The study “Social Media Policies in U.S. Television Newsrooms: Changes over Time” by Anthony C. Adornato and Allison Frisch from Ithaca College looked at the ways in which way newsroom social media policies evolve in four areas. The four areas were 1) journalists’ professional and personal social media activities, 2) social media sources and content, … Continued

Visual journalists’ perceptions on impact of images

A new study “The Power of Images? Visual Journalists’ Assessment of the Impact of Imagery” by Nicole Smith Dahmen, Kaitlin C. Miller and Brent Walth, all of University of Oregon, contributes to the topic of journalistic images. The authors surveyed known visual journalists for their experiences and perceptions on images and their impact. Visual imagery … Continued