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ARTICLE: Photographs amplify news of danger, but not positive messages

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Edmund W. J. Lee and Shirley S. Ho, both of Nanyang Technological University, studied the question through an experiment with 445 Singaporean university students. The participants were shown news stories about either nuclear power or nanotechnology. Some of the stories included photographs while others were text-only. Further, … Continued

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ARTICLE: When news are distant, stories shared by friends and newspapers are as credible

What makes news seem credible on social media? Edson C. Tandoc Jr., of Nanyang Technological University, researched the question through an experiment with 82 Singaporean university students. The participants each read two (fake) news articles shared to them on Facebook. The articles were shared by either the prestigious Singaporean newspaper The Strait Times or personal … Continued

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ARTICLE: Why and how do Singaporeans share news?

How do people choose what news to share – and with whom? Debbie Goh, Richard Ling, Liuyu Huang and Doris Liew, all of Nanyang Technological University, investigated the question by focus group interviews with over 60 Singaporeans of various ages and backgrounds. There are two main types of news-sharing behaviour, the authors found. First, the … Continued