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ARTICLE: Empowering women in Niger with radio journalism

Radio can be used for reaching marginalised and isolated communities in many regions in the Global South. It is important to see whether information broadcasted is accurate, independent and aligned with listeners’ needs or wishes, Emma Heywood of the University of Sheffield, the author of a new study, writes. In Niger, gender inequality is widespread … Continued

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ARTICLE: Gender parity should not be measured by numbers alone

Quantity alone is not sufficient for measuring gender parity in media, Anne O’Brien, of Maynooth University, and Jane Suiter, of Dublin City University, write. The authors analysed how women were treated on two Irish current affairs radio programmes. The programmes were Saturday with Claire Byrne, which is broadcast on a public service channel, and The … Continued


CFP: The future of Canada’s native people’s broadcasting

A series of symposia on the topic of broadcasting and Canada’s native peoples is looking for contributions. Six regional gatherings and a three-day conference will be organised under the title “The future of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis broadcasting: Conversation & convergence”. The series of events is intended to vitalize discussion in advance of an … Continued