REPORT: State still influences Hungarian media

Hungarian state allocates its advertising spending unfairly, states a new report on Hungarian media by Mertek Media Monitor. The report, published this January, warns that the state’s politically biased advertising spending might influence editorial policies indirectly or create self-censorship among journalists. Although the state influence is slowly fading under the new government rule, the report … Continued

ARTICLE: Bringing BBC ideals to post-war Germany

  After the Second World War, repatriated Germans helped create a new generation of journalistis, writes Hans-Ulrich Wagner of Hans Bredow Institute. These Germans, who had been working for the BBC German Service during their exile, played a crucial role in forming the ideals of public service broadcasting in Northern Germany. Wagner focuses on these … Continued

CFP: Public service media goes online

An international conference on public service media is looking for submissions. Titled “Public service media in the digital mediascapes” will be held in Warsaw, Poland, on the 19th and 20th of June. Organized by the University of Warsaw, and the Warsaw-based Institute of Journalism, the event seeks to discuss the terms and conditions under which … Continued

ARTICLE: Journalists’ and PR-professionals still at odds, and others

A new issue of the journal Nordicom Review has been published and made available online. Albeit being a generalist communications journal, many articles in the current issue are of interest to journalism scholars in particular. HÃ¥kon Larsen, of University of Oslo, takes a look at the prospects of continued legitimacy for public service broadcasting (PSB). … Continued

Flemish public broadcaster’s impartiality under scrutiny

The Flemish public radio and television broadcaster VRT has ordered an investigation into its impartiality. The announcement is connected to the questions raised over the issue during latest electoral campaigns. The research will be headed by Tim Raats, of the Free University of Brussels. The project was announced on Tuesday, and the notice can be … Continued