ARTICLE: Turning state media into PSB

Government-owned television has always been used for the interest of repressive regimes in Egypt, where the boundary between public service broadcasting (PSB) and state television has been blurry, write Rasha A. Abdulla, of The American University in Cairo. The article studies the boundaries between state and media in times of transition. The focus of the study … Continued

New International Communication Gazette special issue is out

June special issue of International Communication Gazette is published. The issue is called Fulfilling the public service remit in the post-broadcasting era: Does the medium still matter? The magazine includes five articles that stress themes such as broadcasting in Europe, mobile public service media in Australia, shifting Canadian public broadcasting to an online service and … Continued

REPORT: BBC and YLE lead public service innovation

BBC and YLE are Europe’s leading public service broadcasters for digital innovation, a report by Annika Sehl, Alessia Cornia and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen of Reuters institute for the study of journalism suggests. According to the report YLE and BBC have succeeded because they have invested in their mobile output and see technology as an opportunity rather … Continued

ARTICLE: TV news may decrease political knowledge

Exposure to commercial television news may decrease the viewers’ knowledge on political matters, while news provided by a public service broadcaster increase said knowledge, writes Jesper Strömbäck, of Mid Sweden University. Nearly seven thousand (6 897) Swedes participated in a four-wave panel survey, which measured their exposure to different TV news shows, and their political … Continued

REPORT: Mapping the path to an integrated newsroom

The European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) report on media integration has been published. The Integration Media Production Strategies (IMPS) project visited nine public service broadcasters in eight countries to research practices and challenges they face in developing integrated media production. The report is focused especially on the experiences of the broadcasters’ news departments. Among the findings … Continued

REPORT: European broadcasters face challenges

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has published the outlines of its strategy for the next three years. The document, named Vision2020, identifies four challenges European public service broadcasters are currently facing: digitalization, globalization, demographic changes and the internet. The changing environment increases competition for the audience’s attention, but also broadens the possibilities of public service … Continued