Drones, surveillance and journalism - Astrid Gynnild interview

VIDEO: Drones, surveillance and journalism

Professor Astrid Gynnild of the University of Bergen talked to us about the possbilities of using drones in journalism. We also discussed the importance of learning about drones, legislative issues and the role of surveillance in today’s society. At the end of the interview, she shares her current research interests. Editor’s note: At Journalism Research … Continued

Drones: Policy, engineering and journalistic uses – interview with Andrew Heaton

VIDEO: Policy, engineering and journalistic use of drones

In our interview with Andrew Heaton of the University of Central Lancashire, we discussed drones, the research of Civic Drone Centre, engineering and current issues with using drones for civilian or journalistic use. Heaton also shares an interesting example of the journalistic use of drones: mapping air pollution. Editor’s note: At Journalism Research News, we … Continued

ARTICLE: Spanish newspapers distance immigrants

Spanish newspapers depict immigrants from afar, write Miguel Franquet Santos Silva and Ana Beriain Bañares, both of University Abat Oliba Barcelona, and Elena Real Rodríguez and María del Mar López Talavera, both of University Complutense de Madrid (names not in original order). The authors constructed a sample on 179 illustrated news stories that were related … Continued

BOOK: Drone journalism should be lightly regulated

The use of remotely piloted aircrafts (RPA), commonly known as drones, in journalism should not be restricted before the fact, writes David Goldberg of both Queen Mary University of London and Oxford University. The author presents three hypothetical, anti-drone legal environments and argues against them. At heart, the use of drones for journalism “engages a … Continued

ARTICLE: NGOs paint the image of climate change

Newspapers veer towards using the visual frames offered by non-governmental organizations, rather than those of governmental spokespeople, write Antal Wozniak, Hartmut Wessler and Julia Lück, all of University of Mannheim. The authors interviewed journalists, NGO representatives and governmental spokespeople taking part in two United Nations climate change conferences (in 2012 and 2013). They also analyzed … Continued

New issue of European Journal of Communication published

The newest issue of bi-monthly European Journal of Communication is published now. The magazine is interested in communication research and theory in all its diversity, and seeks to reflect and encourage the variety of intellectual traditions in the field and to promote dialogue between them. The articles cover themes such as live tweeting a political debate, … Continued

Picture: Self Portrait? by MH, licence CC BY-ND 2.0

REPORT: Photojournalists in the digital age

What are the new risks being faced by photojournalists? Will there even be professional photojournalists in the future? These and other important questions concerning photojournalism are presented in a new report of Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism by Adrian Hadland, David Campbell and Paul Lambert. Data from 1500 professional photojournalists from over 100 … Continued

ARTICLE: Amateur imagery in coverage of crisis

The use of non-professional or amateur images has become an important component of news coverage of distant crisis events. It plays a decisive role in shaping how audiences collectively recognize and respond to such events, write Laura Ahva and Maria Hellman. Ahva and Hellman examine the ways in which citizen eyewitness images in crisis coverage are adding a … Continued

ARTICLE: More articles about citizen photojournalism

A special issue of the journal Digital Journalism has been published as online-first issue. The issue, titled Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism: Co-operation, Collaboration and Connectivity has been divided into two sections: the other part will be published in the journal Journalism Practise. X of articles published in this part of the issue are about Europe or by European … Continued