Populist anchoring style in Fox News and The Young Turks

The study “Comparing Populist Media: From Fox News to the Young Turks, From Cable to YouTube, From Right to Left” by Reece Peck from College of Staten Island, CUNY compared the right-wing, populist Fox News to the progressive Young Turks Youtube channel, which is similarly populist in its anchoring style. Fox News has enjoyed a … Continued

Potential of algorithmic news recommenders

The study “When Algorithms Recommend What’s New(s): New Dynamics of Decision-Making and Autonomy in Newsgathering” by Hannes Cools, Baldwin van Gorp and Michaël Opgenhaffen from KU Leuven, Belgium studied the new dynamics of algorithmic news recommenders (ANR) and how they influence the newsworkers’ role.  Algorithmic news recommenders (ANR) have been developed over the last ten … Continued

Selective exposure and selective avoidance of algorithm-written news stories

New study “ Source Credibility Matters: Does Automated Journalism Inspire Selective Exposure?” by Chenyan Jia and Thomas J. Johnson from University of Texas in Austin investigated an emerging field of journalism: automated journalism.  Specifically, how selective exposure and selective avoidance of news stories was practiced comparing stories that were declared to have been written by … Continued