Research of September 2022

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in September 2022 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.


PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2022-09-01Sociotechnical imaginaries of remote personal touch before and during COVID-19: An analysis of UK newspapersKerstin Leder Mackley, Carey Jewitt New Media & Society
2022-09-01User information processing mechanisms for news quality judgment conformity to professional standards: Comparing combinations of news content/formal cue processingSujin ChoiJournalism
2022-09-01Diffusion-Proofing Protest Paradigm: Mass Media and China's Prevention of Social Movement Spillover During the Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill MovementVincent Guangsheng Huang, Xueqing LiThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-09-01Telling a Different Story: A Longitudinal Investigation of News Diversity in Four CountriesErik de Vries, Rens Vliegenthart & Stefaan WalgraveJournalism Studies
2022-09-02Channel 4: no need for dramaDavid ElsteinBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02All that work experience fast-tracked because you can afford to stay or live in London? Good for you. Most of mine, an hour away, can’t, because it’s £30 a day on the train…Hilary ScottBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02I’m relieved to say the notion of celebrating difference – or at least acknowledging it – is now on the agenda when it comes to reflecting our communities in our journalism…Luke JacobsBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02I did not have a colleague who immediately understood why it was so important that my Indian family were supportive of my chosen career path…Chandni SembhiBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Truth to power?Peter OborneBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Facts that get in the wayJane FaeBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02The usual suspectsGrant FellerBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Women at the heart of warElena VardonBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Why do reporters all look the same?: The closure of the pits, as I was about to leave school, also closed off a career option that I’d expected to choose…Michael HillBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Do grow upEditorialBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Why don’t we look death in the face?John IllmanBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02We must keep covering thisMark AustinBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Believing what they are toldIvor GaberBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Putin cracks down on mediaWendy SloaneBritish Journalism Review
2022-09-02Organizational and Occupational Innovation when Implementing a Covid-19 Live Tracker in VG NewsroomMaria Konow-Lund, Junai Mtchedlidze & Jens BarlandJournalism Practice
2022-09-02When Science Journalism is Awesome: Measuring Audiences’ Experiences of awe from Reading Science StoriesAsheley R. Landrum, Kristina Janét, Kelsi Opat & Heather AkinJournalism Practice
2022-09-03Covering COVID: Changes in Work Routines and Journalists’ Well-being in SingaporeEdson C. Tandoc Jr, Lydia Cheng & Matthew ChewJournalism Studies
2022-09-05Rebel personalities: Canada’s far-right mediaGreg Elmer, Anthony BurtonFirst Monday
2022-09-05Enriching contextualized semantic representation with textual information transmission for COVID-19 fake news detection: A study on English and Persian Masood GhayoomiDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2022-09-05Disentangling time-spaces of migration: Chronotopes and racist subjectivities in ‘identity journalism’ in Poland and CzechiaKinga Polynczuk-Alenius, Ilana HartikainenJournalism
2022-09-05Paradigm Repair and News Engagement: Exploring Bari Weiss’s Resignation from the New York TimesCheng Zeng & Shuning LuJournalism Practice
2022-09-06What factors explain the broadcasting of televised election debates? Empirical evidence from GermanyJürgen MaierEuropean Journal of Communication
2022-09-06What is Sports Journalism? How COVID-19 Accelerated a Redefining of U.S. Sports ReportingGregory Perreault &Daniel NöllekeJournalism Studies
2022-09-07What Will It Take for Newsroom Leaders to Support and Defend Journalists?Tracy EverbachJournalism & Communication Monographs
2022-09-07Historical Contexts for Considering the Significance of Source HostilityLisa CuklanzJournalism & Communication Monographs
2022-09-07Hostile Sources in a Hostile WorldKaitlynn MendesJournalism & Communication Monographs
2022-09-07The Power of Hostile Sources in the News IndustryLindsey BlumellJournalism & Communication Monographs
2022-09-07An Intersectional Analysis of U.S. Journalists’ Experiences With Hostile SourcesKelsey MesmerJournalism & Communication Monographs
2022-09-07Trauma and digital media: Introduction to crosscurrents special sectionAmit Pinchevski, Michael Richardson Media, Culture & Society
2022-09-08Fighting lies with facts or humor: Comparing the effectiveness of satirical and regular fact-checks in response to misinformation and disinformationMark Boukes & Michael HameleersCommunication Monographs
2022-09-08“It’s a matter of age”: Four dimensions of youths’ news consumptionNadine Klopfenstein Frei, Valery Wyss, Aleksandra Gnach, Prof. Dr., Wibke Weber, Prof. Dr.,Journalism
2022-09-08Is news for men?: Effects of women’s participation in news-making on audience perceptions and behaviorsMingxiao Sui, Newly Paul, Caley Hewitt, Jessica Maki, Kathleen SearlesJournalism
2022-09-09Anger and the investigative journalistRichard StupartJournalism
2022-09-09Mediated by the giants: Tracing practices, discourses, and mediators of platform isomorphism in a media organizationSalla-Maaria Laaksonen, Minna Koivula, and Mikko VilliNew Media & Society
2022-09-09News as geopolitics: China, CGTN and the 2020 US presidential electionThomas Colley, Martin MooreThe Journal of International Communication
2022-09-09Media representation of mutual aid practices: Superbergamo as ‘good news’Laura Lucia Parolin & Carmen PellegrinelliCritical Discourse Studies
2022-09-13Patterns of Bias: How Mainstream Media Operationalize Links between Mass Shootings and TerrorismSarah K. Dreier, Emily K. Gade, Dallas Card & Noah A. SmithPolitical Communication
2022-09-13“Let’s Check it Seriously”: Localizing Fact-Checking Practice in ChinaYusi Liu, Ruiming ZhouInternational Journal of Communication
2022-09-13Engagement in Newspaper Newsrooms: A View From the Editors in ChiefCristóbal Benavides, Alfonso Vara, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, Juan-Ignacio BritoInternational Journal of Communication
2022-09-13Comparative Perspectives on the Link Between News Media Consumption and Attitudes Toward Immigrants: Evidence From Europe, the United States, and ColombiaDavid De Coninck, Willem Joris, Maria Duque, Seth J. Schwartz, Leen d'Haenens
International Journal of Communication
2022-09-13Media and Grassroots Activism for the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: A Study of Postcolonial Macau From 2002 to 2021Min Xu
International Journal of Communication
2022-09-13Moral panics about the integrity of information in democratic systems:Comparing tabloid news to disinformationMaria Elizabeth Grabe & Erik Page BucyJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2022-09-14Watching the Watchdogs: Examining the Adoption and Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Communication on Diversity in News OrganizationsAllie Kosterich, Paul ZiekJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-09-14How News Feels: Anticipated Anxiety as a Factor in News Avoidance and a Barrier to Political EngagementBenjamin Toff & Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Political Communication
2022-09-14Expanding the Analytical Boundaries of Mob Censorship: How Technology and Infrastructure Enable Novel Threats to Journalists and Strategies for MitigationJennifer R. Henrichsen & Martin SheltonDigital Journalism
2022-09-14New Objects, New Boundaries: How the "Journalism of Things" Reconfigures Collaborative Arrangements, Audience Relations and Knowledge-Based EmpowermentAndrea HammDigital Journalism
2022-09-14The News Sharing Gap: Divergence in Online Political News Publication and Dissemination Patterns across Elections and CountriesErnesto de León & Susan VermeerDigital Journalism
2022-09-14Algorithmic News Diversity and Democratic Theory: Adding Agonism to the MixMarijn SaxDigital Journalism
2022-09-14Local TV Newsroom Diversity: Race and Gender of Newscasters and Their ManagersRobert J. RichardsonJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2022-09-15Selling Yoga ‘Off the Mat’: A 10-year Analysis of Lifestyle Advertorials in Yoga Journal MagazineNandini Bhalla, Jane O’Boyle, Leigh MoscowitzJournal of Communication Inquiry
2022-09-15Centering survival as cultural strategy: Black newspapers’ cultural descriptions of the Coronavirus pandemicSean J. Upshaw & Olga Idriss DavisJournal of Applied Communication Research
2022-09-15The Disinfectant Diversion: The Use of Narratives in Partisan News MediaBriana M. Trifiro, Chris Wells & Alex RochefortMass Communication and Society
2022-09-15No Reckoning for the Right: How Political Ideology, Protest Tolerance and News Consumption Affect Support Black Lives Matter ProtestsDanielle K. Brown & Rachel R. Mourão
Political Communication
2022-09-15Industrial Production of Post-industrial Products: How Interactive Visualizations Miss Their Potential as a Journalistic Form of KnowledgeInbal Klein-Avraham & Zvi ReichJournalism Studies
2022-09-16Time to Pass the Mic: Gender and race in Scotland’s newsKaren Boyle, Melody House, Talat YaqoobJournalism
2022-09-16Future conceptual challenges of cross-border journalismLea Hellmueller, Peter BerglezJournalism
2022-09-16Journalism education, research, and practice in Africa: Toward a transformative approachLevi Obijiofor, Marie M’Balla-Ndi OelgemoellerInternational Communication Gazette
2022-09-16Challenges and Opportunities for Journalism in the Bulgarian COVID-19 Communication EcologyLada Trifonova Price & Vesislava AntonovaJournalism Practice
2022-09-16“Mobs” or “Pro-democracy Protesters”: A Comparative Analysis of US and Chinese News Discourses of Domestic and Foreign ProtestsNicole Zixuan ZhangJournalism Studies
2022-09-17When Mainstream and Alternative Media Integrate: A Polysystem Approach to Media System InteractionsMatan AharoniTelevision & New Media
2022-09-18Media-Politics Parallelism and Populism/Anti-populism Divides in Latin America: Evidence from ArgentinaPhilip KitzbergerPolitical Communication
2022-09-18“How marketing consultants commodify social movements: Estelle Ellis, audience construction, and the women’s media market, 1945-1973”Dan GuadagnoloFeminist Media Studies
2022-09-19I'd Be Surprised If You Get Anyone Admitting to These Things: New Zealand Journalists’ Experiences of Aggressive Reporting PracticesJames HollingsJournalism Practice
2022-09-19Journalism and the Global South: Shaping Journalistic Practices and Identity Post “Arab Spring”;
Special Issue: Remembering the Arab Spring: Pursuing Possibilities and Impediments in Journalistic Professional Practice across the Global South
Bruce Mutsvairo & Saba BebawiDigital Journalism
2022-09-20Engaging with News: Print Media and Literacy Practices in Kerala, IndiaSubin Paul &Deepika Rose AlexJournalism Practice
2022-09-20Who Gets Exposed to Political Misinformation in a Hybrid Media Environment? The Case of the 2019 Indonesian ElectionTaberez Ahmed Neyazi, Aaron Yi Kai Ng, Ozan Kuru, Burhanuddin Muhtadi, Social Media + Society
2022-09-21Casting heroes and victims of disaster events: representations of race and gender in Hurricane Harvey front page news imagesEver Josue FigueroaCritical Studies in Media Communication
2022-09-21“Distorted mirror”? 20 years of elders’ images in Time magazine advertisingHong Ji &Anne CooperAtlantic Journal of Communication
2022-09-21Global Disparities in Knowledge Production Within Journalism Studies: Are Special Issues the Answer?Brian Ekdale, Katy Biddle, Melissa Tully, Manfred Asuman & Abby RinaldiJournalism Studies
2022-09-21The Co-construction of News Values on News Magazine Covers: A Corpus-assisted Multimodal Discourse Analysis (CAMDA)Weiyu Zhang & Yin Ling CheungJournalism Studies
2022-09-21The Incompleteness of Knowledge Production: An Interview with Francis NyamnjohHerman Wasserman
African Journalism Studies
2022-09-23The struggle for authority and legitimacy: Lifestyle and political journalists’ discursive boundary workSandra Banjac, Folker HanuschJournalism
2022-09-23What is Holding Us Back? We Should Be Looking Ahead! Considerations about Open Science Practices in Journalism StudiesSanne Kruikemeier, Sophie Lecheler & Rens VliegenthartDigital Journalism
2022-09-23How Alternative Are Alternative Media? Analyzing Speaker and Topic Diversity in Mainstream and Alternative Online OutletsRainer Freudenthaler & Hartmut WesslerDigital Journalism
2022-09-23How People Integrate News into Their Everyday Routines: A Context-Centered Approach to News HabitsTim Groot KormelinkDigital Journalism
2022-09-23Alternative News Media and Critique of Mainstream Journalism in India: The Case of OpIndiaKalyani Chadha &Prashanth BhatDigital Journalism
2022-09-23Strategic Rituals of Loyalty: When Israeli Journalists Face Digital HateAyala PanievskyDigital Journalism
2022-09-23Managing Public Service: The Harmonization of Datafication and Managerialism in the Development of a News-Sorting AlgorithmTorbjörn Rolandsson, Andreas Widholm & Jörgen Rahm-SkågebyDigital Journalism
2022-09-24Different stakes, different struggles, and different practices to survive: News organizations and the spectrum of platform dependencyJane Yeahin PyoNew Media & Society
2022-09-24Expert voices in the news reporting of the coronavirus pandemic: A study of UK television news bulletins and their audiencesMarina Morani, Stephen Cushion, Maria Kyriakidou, Nikki Soo, Journalism
2022-09-24Representation and Recognition: The Perceptions of Finnish and Spanish Viewers of Their Media Ecosystems and Public Service NewscastsMaría Lamuedra Graván, Elisa Alonso, Marko Ala-FossiInternational Journal of Communication
2022-09-24Localizing Graphic Design in a Global Media Environment: A Visual Social Semiotic Analysis of VogueMelissa McMullen
International Journal of Communication
2022-09-24Press “Taboos” and Media Policy: West German Trade Unions and the Urge to Gain Media Attention During the Era of Press ConcentrationMaria Löblich, Niklas Venema
International Journal of Communication
2022-09-24Why Do Fact-Checking Organizations Go Beyond Fact-Checking? A Leap Toward Media and Information Literacy EducationMehmet Fatih ÇömlekçiInternational Journal of Communication
2022-09-25Contract partner with no rights: the construction of the taxpayer subject in the Belarusian government pressVolha KananovichCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies
2022-09-26Building a Media Literate Society: Pathways to Improve Media and Information Literacy Education in PakistanSadia Jamil, Azhar Iqbal, Muhammad Ittefaq, Shafiq Ahmad Kamboh, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-09-27Framing the Macedonian name dispute in Greece: nationalistic journalism and the existential threatMinos-Athanasios KaryotakisThe Communication Review
2022-09-27Visual Framing of the Rohingya Refugees: A Comparative Examination from Newspapers in four CountriesBimbisar Irom, Porismita Borah & Stephanie GibbonsVisual Communication Quarterly
2022-09-28Doing Research at Online and Offline Intersections: Bringing Together Digital and Mobile MethodologiesKatja Kaufmann, Monika PalmbergerMedia and Communication
2022-09-28AI ≥ Journalism: How the Chinese Copyright Law Protects Tech Giants’ AI Innovations and Disrupts the Journalistic InstitutionJoanne Kuai, Raul Ferrer-Conill & Michael KarlssonDigital Journalism
2022-09-28Imagination, Algorithms and News: Developing AI Literacy for JournalismMark Deuze & Charlie BeckettDigital Journalism
2022-09-29Journalism Safety from a Multilateral Organization PerspectiveGuilherme CanelaJournalism Practice
2022-09-29Creative Independent Investigative Documentary Storytellers in the Streaming Age: Toward a Community of Practice FrameworkCaty Borum, David Conrad-Pérez & Bryan BelloJournalism Practice
2022-09-29The Campaign Disinformation Divide: Believing and Sharing News in the 2019 UK General ElectionCristian Vaccari, Andrew Chadwick & Johannes KaiserPolitical Communication
2022-09-30The ‘Kim Jong-un Effect’ and the mainstreaming of North Korea coverage in UK MediaSoomin Seo, Jungsik Choi, Hayoung ChoiEuropean Journal of Communication
2022-09-30No Escape From the Media Gates? How Public Support and Issue Salience Shape Interest Groups’ Media ProminenceEvelien WillemsJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-09-30Mobs, Crowds, and Trolls: Theorizing the Harassment of Journalists in the PhilippinesTai Neilson &Kara OrtigaDigital Journalism
2022-09-30From Wild East to Forbidden City: Mapping Algorithmic News Distribution in China through a Case Study of Jinri ToutiaoJoanne Kuai, Bibo Lin, Michael Karlsson & Seth C. LewisDigital Journalism

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