Research of September 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in September 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-09-01The BBC: an escape planPhil Harding
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01We must keep making a fussEmma Youle
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Great on scandals, useless on scienceBrian Winston, Graham R Law
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Censorship by other meansJo Adetunji
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Be careful what you wish for…Ben Whitelaw
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Channel 4: the 30 years’ warStewart Purvis
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Global assault on a free pressScott Griffen
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Crushed by the dragonStephen Vines
British Journalism Review
2021-09-01Media addictions as Apparatgeist: What discourse on TV and smartphone addiction reveals about societyMariek MP Vanden Abeele, Victoria Mohr
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-09-01Black Media Reporting on Theater, Dance, and Jazz Clubs in Canada: From Shuffle along to Rockhead’s ParadiseCheryl Thompson, Emilie Jabouin
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-09-01An evaluation of constructive journalism in Zimbabwe: A case study of The Herald’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemicTshabangu, Thulani; Salawu, Abiodun Journal of African Media Studies
2021-09-01Social media, fake news and fake COVID-19 cures in NigeriaUwalaka, Temple; Nwala, Bigman; Chinedu, Amadi ConfidenceJournal of African Media Studies
2021-09-01Media representation of China in the time of pandemic: A comparative study of Kenyan and Ethiopian mediaLi, HangweiJournal of African Media Studies
2021-09-01South African newspaper coverage of COVID-19: A content analysisWasserman, Herman; Chuma, Wallaceo; Bosch, Tanja; Uzuegbunam, Chikezie E.; Flynn, RachelJournal of African Media Studies
2021-09-01Media and global pandemics: Continuities and discontinuitiesChari, Tendai; Akpojivi, Ufuoma Journal of African Media Studies
2021-09-02News Beat Fluidity in Civic, Infotainment, and Service Role Performance Across CulturesClaudia Mellado,Mireya Márquez-Ramírez,Cornelia Mothes &María Luisa HumanesJournalism Practice
2021-09-02Between Structures and Identities: Newsroom Policies, Division of Labor and Journalists’ Commitment to Investigative ReportingPauline CancelaJournalism Practice
2021-09-02Reporting the Covid-19 Pandemic: Trauma on Our Own DoorstepStephen Jukes, Karen Fowler-Watt & Gavin ReesDigital Journalism
2021-09-02Why Media Systems Matter: A Fact-Checking Study of UK Television News during the Coronavirus PandemicStephen Cushion, Marina Morani, Maria Kyriakidou & Nikki SooDigital Journalism
2021-09-02“Crisis Coverage Gap”: The Divide between Public Interest and Local News’ Facebook Posts about COVID-19 in the United StatesGina M. Masullo, Jay Jennings & Natalie Jomini StroudDigital Journalism
2021-09-02Women’s Use and Abuse of the News Media during the COVID-19 Pandemic on MumsnetSarah Pedersen & Simon BurnettDigital Journalism
2021-09-02The Str(AI)ght Scoop: Artificial Intelligence Cues Reduce Perceptions of Hostile Media BiasJoshua Cloudy, Jaime Banks & Nicholas David BowmanDigital Journalism
2021-09-02An analysis on reporting pattern of People’s Daily’s international news coverage: The case of Sino-Japan summit meeting since the normalization of relations between Sino-JapanZhang Xinhui
2021-09-02Journalism as a profession of conditional permeability: A case study of boundaries in a participatory online news settingMartin Johannes RiedlJournalism
2021-09-03Explaining the American crisis of policing: Media, malfeasance, and racial prejudiceAndrea Silva,Diego Esparza,Social Science Quarterly
2021-09-05Cognitive Preoccupation with Breaking News and Compulsive Social Media Use: Relationships with Online Engagement and Motivations for UseKathryn D. Coduto & Jennifer AndersonJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-09-05The impact of the ‘war on drugs’ on the Mexican media imageRegina Cazzamatta & Luiz Eduardo GarciaThe Journal of International Communication
2021-09-06Hashtag activism in Russia: theory and practiceAnna Gureeva & Elina SamorodovaRussian Journal of Communication
2021-09-06Rethinking digital media literacy to address body dissatisfaction in schools: Lessons from feminist new materialismsNiamh Ni Shuilleabhain, Emma Rich, Simone Fullagar
New Media & Society
2021-09-06Curating Quality? How Twitter’s Timeline Algorithm Treats Different Types of NewsJack Bandy, Nicholas Diakopoulos
Social Media + Society
2021-09-06Economic Beat Journalists: Which Audience Perceptions, What Conception of Democracy?Arjen van Dalen, Morten Skovsgaard, Claes de Vreese & Erik AlbækJournalism Practice
2021-09-07Media and communication studies in SwedenNina SpringerPublizistik
2021-09-07The (Ir)Relevance of Audience Studies in Journalism EducationJacob L. Nelson, Stephanie Edgerly
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-09-08Diffusion of Development Journalism Inside Egyptian NewsroomsRasha Allam, Ahmed El Gody
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-09-08Facebook News Sharing, Hostile Perceptions of News Content, and Political ParticipationMihee KimSocial Media + Society
2021-09-08Explanatory Reporting in Video Format: Contrasting Perceptions to Those of Conventional NewsViorela Dan & Doreen RauterJournalism Practice
2021-09-08A systematic review of constructive and solutions journalism researchKyser Lough, Karen McIntyre
2021-09-08Comment Sections and the Ethical Demands of DemocracyScott R. StroudJournal of Media Ethics
2021-09-08“The truth of what’s happening” How Tibetan exile media develop and maintain journalistic authorityMasashi Crete-Nishihata, Lokman Tsui
2021-09-09Overcoming indifference: what attitudes towards news tell us about building trustDr Benjamin Toff,
Dr Sumitra Badrinathan,
Dr Camila Mont'Alverne,
Dr Amy Ross Arguedas,
Dr Richard Fletcher,
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-09-09Superar la indiferencia: qué nos dicen las actitudes hacia las noticias sobre construir la confianzaDr Benjamin Toff,
Dr Sumitra Badrinathan,
Dr Camila Mont'Alverne,
Dr Amy Ross Arguedas,
Dr Richard Fletcher,
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-09-09Victims or intruders? Refugee portrayals in the news in Turkey, Bulgaria and the UKEmel Ozdora-Aksak, Colleen Connolly-Ahern, Daniela Dimitrova
Media, War & Conflict
2021-09-09Greatly Exaggerated in Canada: Diverging Data and Media BailoutsMarc W EdgeCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-09-09Cloaked Meaning and Moral Craftwork: Progress and Perpetual Problems in the News Coverage of Indigenous Peoples and Canada's Justice SystemBrooks DeCilliaCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-09-09L’armée canadienne et les médias en Afghanistan : quelle évolution de l’intégration et des relations dans les opérations?Aimé-Jules BizimanaCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-09-09Understanding Women Who Try to Kill Their Abusers: Print Media Coverage of R. v. RyanBailey Gerrits, Nadia Verrelli, Lori ChambersCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-09-09Space MediaRéka Patrícia GáL, L M Wilkins, Yuxing Zhang, Marie-Pier Boucher, Tero Karppi, Jeremy PackerCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-09-09Factors Affecting Turnover and Turnaway Intention of Journalists in South KoreaHaeyeop Song, Jaemin Jung
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-09-10Mutual Influence in LGBTQ Teens’ Use of Media to Socialize Their ParentsMarie-Louise Mares, Y. Anthony Chen & Bradley J. BondMedia Psychology
2021-09-10Solutions Journalism as a Tool to Erode Polarisation in the Media and SocietyTheodora Dame Adjin-Tettey & Anthea GarmanAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-09-10Media in Croatia: from freedom fighters to tabloid avengersMarijana Grbeša & Marija Volarević Medienpolitik international
2021-09-10The Spaces of Sensationalism: A Comparative Case Study of the New York Journal and BuzzFeedDavid Elliot BermanInternational Journal of Communication
2021-09-10How Journalists Think About the First Amendment Vis-à-Vis Their Coverage of Hate GroupsGregory Perreault, Jonathan Peters, Brett Johnson, Leslie KleinInternational Journal of Communication
2021-09-10Look Who’s Writing: How Gender Affects News Credibility and Perceptions of News RelevanceNewly Paul, Mingxiao Sui, Kathleen Searles
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-09-11News framing of e-cigarettes: A cross-national study of the US, UK, and KoreaJin-Ae Kang, Peter Schulz, Glenn T. Hubbard, Jooyun Hwang, Adrienne Muldrow, Brenna Barber & Catherine Lochner Communication Studies
2021-09-13As Mainstream and Alternative Media Converge?: Critical Perspectives from Asia on Online Media DevelopmentShangyuan WuJournalism Practice
2021-09-13Do News Actually “Find Me”? Using Digital Behavioral Data to Study the News-Finds-Me PhenomenonMario Haim, Johannes Breuer, Sebastian Stier
Social Media + Society
2021-09-13Airing imperium: A historiography of radio governance in South AsiaPreeti RaghunathGlobal Media and Communication
2021-09-14Moralizing Campaign Coverage: A Computerized Textual Analysis of New York Times’ Reporting on Clinton and Trump During the 2016 Presidential ElectionQihao Ji & Wen ZhaoJournalism Practice
2021-09-14Audience Comments and the Civic Space that Rarely WasRyan J. ThomasJournal of Media Ethics
2021-09-14Transformational Leadership and Innovation in Digital-Only News Outlets. Analysis of Quartz and El ConfidencialJosé M. Valero-Pastor, José A. García-Avilés & Miguel CarvajalJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Reconsidering Innovation: Situating and Evaluating Change in JournalismDiana Bossio & Jacob L. NelsonJournalism Studies
2021-09-14From Boundary to Bridge and Beyond: The Path to Professionalization of Product Roles in JournalismCindy Royal & Damon KiesowJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Reflexivity and Negotiation in Collaborative Journalism on air QualitySofie VerkestJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Methodological Innovation in Industry-based Journalism Research: Opportunities and Pitfalls using Psychophysiological MeasuresLene HeiselbergJournalism Studies
2021-09-14How Do Public Service Media Innovate? An Analysis of Product Development by European PSMAnnika Sehl & Alessio CorniaJournalism Studies
2021-09-14The Liability of Newness: Journalism, Innovation and the Issue of Core CompetenciesPatrick Ferrucci & Gregory PerreaultJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Improvisation and Entrepreneurial Journalism: Reimagining InnovationSofie Willemsen, Tamara Witschge & Sabrina SauerJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Data Journalism Beyond Technological DeterminismMathias-Felipe de-Lima-Santos & Lucia MesquitaJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Conceptualising Innovation Through a Cultural Model: Arab Investigative JournalismSaba BebawiJournalism Studies
2021-09-14Analysing Innovation in Indigenous News: Deaths InsideDavid Nolan & Lisa WallerJournalism Studies
2021-09-14A bibliometric study of news discourse analysis (1988‒2020)Guofeng Wang, Xiuzhen Wu, Qiao Li
Discourse & Communication
2021-09-15Sponsored Editorial Content in Digital Journalism: Mapping the Merging of Media and MarketingJonathan HardyDigital Journalism
2021-09-15Climate Change Frame Acceptance and Resistance: Extreme Weather, Consonant News, and Personal Media OrientationsAdam Shehata, Johannes Johansson, Bengt Johansson & Kim AndersenMass Communication and Society
2021-09-15Digital Technologies and the Changing Journalism Cultures in Zimbabwe: Examining the Lived Experiences of Journalists Covering the COVID-19 PandemicMphathisi Ndlovu & Makhosi Nkanyiso SibandaDigital Journalism
2021-09-15Can Filter Bubbles Protect Information Freedom? Discussions of Algorithmic News Recommenders in Eastern EuropeMykola Makhortykh & Mariëlle Wijermars Digital Journalism
2021-09-15Covering Conspiracy: Approaches to Reporting the COVID/5G Conspiracy TheoryAxel Bruns, Edward Hurcombe & Stephen HarringtonDigital Journalism
2021-09-16Public opinion polarization on immigration in Italy: the role of traditional and digital news media practicesLaura Iannelli, Bianca Biagi & Marta MeledduThe Communication Review
2021-09-16We Are Nobody’s Fools: The Radicalization of the Hampton Script from 1930–1959 to Advance Black ActivismSheryl Kennedy HaydelAmerican Journalism
2021-09-16Selling Mexico’s Robin Hood: Pancho Villa and His Public Relations Campaign to Target the Press and Public OpinionYoung Joon Lim & Michael S. SweeneyAmerican Journalism
2021-09-16“They’ll Never Make Newspaper Men”: Early Gendering in Journalism, 1884–1889Autumn Lorimer LinfordAmerican Journalism
2021-09-16“We are Propagandists for Democracy”: The Institute for Propaganda Analysis’ Pioneering Media Literacy Efforts to Fight Disinformation (1937–1942)Elisabeth FondrenAmerican Journalism
2021-09-16Sharing the burden of ethical responsibility: Developing a moral repertoire for news usersIrene Costera Meijer
European Journal of Communication
2021-09-16Reclaiming the public square in times of post-truth and platformisation: A crucial mission for public service mediaLeen d’Haenens
European Journal of Communication
2021-09-16Resisting corruption in the Nigerian legislature: A critical discourse analysis of news and opinion articles on legislators’ salariesInnocent Chiluwa
Discourse & Communication
2021-09-16Careful attunements: the choreographing of care and affective witnessing through media practices during, and after, crisisCaitlin McGrane, Larissa Hjorth, Yoko Akama
Media, Culture & Society
2021-09-16Marginality and otherness: the discursive construction of LGBT issues/people in the Ghanaian news mediaMark Nartey
Media, Culture & Society
2021-09-16Judging “Them” by My Media Use: Exploring the Cause and Consequences of Perceived Selective ExposureAbby Youran QinMass Communication and Society
2021-09-16The Effects of Anthropomorphism on How People Evaluate Algorithm-Written NewsWonseok (Eric) Jang, Jung Won Chun, Soojin Kim & Young Woo KangDigital Journalism
2021-09-16Is Sensationalist Disinformation More Effective? Three Facilitating Factors at the National, Individual, and Situational LevelAnna Staender, Edda Humprecht, Frank Esser, Sophie Morosoli & Peter Van AelstDigital Journalism
2021-09-16Between Journalistic and Movement Logic: Disentangling Referencing Practices of Right-Wing Alternative Online News MediaEva Mayerhöffer & Annett HeftDigital Journalism
2021-09-16Cascading Activation Revisited: How Audiences Contribute to News Agendas Using Social MediaBenjamin Till Landis & William L. AllenDigital Journalism
2021-09-17Through the Lens of a Camera: Photojournalism and the Crises of Zimbabwe’s “Second Republic”Lungile Augustine TshumaAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-09-17Discursive constructions of populism in opinion-based journalism: A comparative European studyJoanna Thornborrow, Mats Ekstrom, Marianna Patrona
Discourse, Context & Media
2021-09-17Die Darstellung der katholischen und evangelischen Kirche in der TagesschauHannah Thielmann B.A. & Markus Schäfer Publizistik
2021-09-17Public value of media innovation systems: Building on Stuart Cunningham's work on media industries and innovation policyIndrek Ibrus
Media International Australia
2021-09-17It’s a Dalliance! A Glance to the First Decade of the Digital Reader Revenue Market and How the Google’s and Facebook’s Payments Are Starting to Shape ItMerja MyllylahtiDigital Journalism
2021-09-17What News Users Perceive as ‘Alternative Media’ Varies between Countries: How Media Fragmentation and Polarization MatterDesiree Steppat, Laia Castro & Frank EsserDigital Journalism
2021-09-17Paula Green’s feminist activism: changing America through advertisingTanfer Emin Tunc & Annessa Ann BabicFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-20Measuring Photo Credibility in Journalistic Contexts: Scale Development and Application to Staff and Stock PhotographyTara Marie Mortensen, Brian P. McDermott & Khadija EjazJournalism Practice
2021-09-21Social media use and political cynicism among German youth: the role of information-orientation, exposure to extremist content, and online media literacyDesirée Schmuck, Nayla Fawzi, Carsten Reinemann & Claudia RiesmeyerJournal of Children and Media
2021-09-21Understanding environmentalism as a feminist media concern: documentary filmmaking, argumentation, advocacy and industryBelinda SmaillFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-21Windows to the World: Imagining Flemish News Audiences and Their Views on Society through the Lens of News RepertoiresIke Picone & Ruben VandenplasDigital Journalism
2021-09-21What the Metrics Say. The Softening of News on the Facebook Pages of Mainstream Media OutletsKenza LamotDigital Journalism
2021-09-22Keeping Up with the Technologies: Distressed Journalistic Labor in the Pursuit of “Shiny” TechnologiesSeong Jae Min & Katherine FinkJournalism Studies
2021-09-23Creating National Media Brand by Transmedia Storytelling in Animation Sector: A Comparison of Selected Cases from Turkey and PakistanAsiye Ayben Celik & Nadia NasirAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-09-23Peering Down at the Junkie: Authority and the Visual Construction of Drug Users in TIME’s “Opioid Diary”Alex ScottVisual Communication Quarterly
2021-09-23Road to micro-celebration: The role of mutation strategy of micro-celebrity in digital mediaXingyu Chen, Ling Jiang, Sentao Miao, Cong Shi
New Media & Society
2021-09-23Television Infographics as Orienting Response: An Eye-Tracking Study of the Role of Visuospatial Attention in Processing of Television NewsIvanka Pjesivac, Bartosz W. Wojdynski, Nicholas Geidner
Electronic News
2021-09-23Justifying the news: The role of evidence in daily reportingZvi Reich, Aviv Barnoy
2021-09-23The Methodological Challenges of Studying “Fake News”Ahmed Al-Rawi & Abdelrahman FakidaJournalism Practice
2021-09-24Who is Responsible for Stopping the Spread of Misinformation? Examining Audience Perceptions of Responsibilities and Responses in Six Sub-Saharan African CountriesMelissa Tully, Dani Madrid-Morales, Herman Wasserman, Gregory Gondwe & Kioko IreriDigital Journalism
2021-09-24Humiliating and dividing the nation in the British pro-Brexit press: a corpus-assisted analysisTamsin ParnellCritical Discourse Studies
2021-09-26“My haters and I ”: personal and political responses to hate speech against female journalists in AustriaKatharine Sarikakis, Bruktawit Ejigu Kassa, Natascha Fenz,Sarah Goldschmitt, Julia Kasser & Laura NowotarskiFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-27Clearing the Smog? Examining the Relationship Between Traditional Media Versus Nontraditional Internet-Based Media and Risk Information Seeking in ChinaYanni Ma, Jay Hmielowski, Wenjie YanInternational Journal of Communication
2021-09-27Ethnocentrism in Conflict News Coverage: A Multimodal Framing Analysis of the 2018 Gaza Protests in The Times of Israel and Al JazeeraBelal Doufesh, Holger BrielInternational Journal of Communication
2021-09-27Social media users (under)appreciate the news: An application of hostile media bias to news disseminated on FacebookSherice Gearhart, Alexander Moe, Derrick Holland
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-09-27How Do Funding Models and Organizational Legacy Shape News Organizations’ Social Media Strategies? A Comparison of Public Service and Private Sector News Media in Six CountriesAnnika Sehl, Alessio Cornia & Rasmus Kleis NielsenDigital Journalism
2021-09-27Un/recognisable and dis/empowering images of disability: a collective textual analysis of media representations of intellectual disabilitiesSusan Vertoont, Tina Goethals, Frederik Dhaenens, Patrick Schelfhout, Tess Van Deynse, Gabria Vermeir & Maud Ysebaert Critical Studies in Media Communication
2021-09-27Data Journalism and Ethics: Best Practices in the Winning Projects (DJA, OJA and Sigma Awards)María-Ángeles Chaparro-Domínguez & Jesús Díaz-CampoJournalism Practice
2021-09-27Sharing and Commenting Facilitate Political Learning on Facebook: Evidence From a Two-Wave Panel StudyDam Hee Kim, Brian E. Weeks, Daniel S. Lane, Lauren B. Hahn, Nojin Kwak
Social Media + Society
2021-09-28Journalists and Engagement on Twitter and Climate Change: Tweet Authors, Formats, and Content During COP25Rafael Carrasco Polaino, Montse Mera Fernández & Sonia Parratt FernándezJournalism Practice
2021-09-28New Reasons for Forced Displacement: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Construction of Refugee IdentityRyan WallaceJournalism Practice
2021-09-28“Oh for the days when men were men”: constructing, defending and justifying masculinity in newspaper comment forums – a critiqueDanny Lee BrownFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-28Queering digital media spatiality: a phenomenology of bodies being stoppedMatilda TudorFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-28#DearSister and #MosqueMeToo: adversarial Islamic feminism within the Western-Islamic public sphereDilyana MinchevaFeminist Media Studies
2021-09-29Automation, Wellbeing and Digital Voice Assistants: Older People and Google devicesMelisa Duque, Sarah Pink, Yolande Strengers, Rex Martin, Larissa Nicholls
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-09-29Constructive Journalism in the Face of a Crisis: The Effects of Social Media News Updates About COVID-19Christian Staal Bruun OvergaardJournalism Studies
2021-09-29“To Me, There’s Always a Bias”: Understanding the Public’s Folk Theories About JournalismTamar Wilner, Dominique A. Montiel Valle & Gina M. MasulloJournalism Studies
2021-09-29What Does Fake Look Like? A Review of the Literature on Intentional Deception in the News and on Social MediaAlyt Damstra, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Elena Broda, Elina Lindgren, Jesper Strömbäck, Yariv Tsfati & Rens Vliegenthart
2021-09-29Shifting Power Centers and News Sources: The Practices and Struggles of Hong Kong’s Political Journalists Since the HandoverTin Chi Wong, Wai Han Lo & Mei Fung Meily CheungJournalism Studies
2021-09-29A Neoliberal Media Welfare State? The Swedish Media System in TransformationPeter Jakobsson, Johan Lindell & Fredrik StiernstedtJavnost - The Public
2021-09-29The Public Will End up Paying: The public interest standard in Israeli commercial broadcasting lawMoshe Schwartz & Amit M. SchejterJavnost - The Public
2021-09-30The Concept of Hybridity in Journalism StudiesDaniel C. Hallin, Claudia Mellado, Paolo Mancini
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-09-30Fake news, information overload, and the third-person effect in ChinaShuo Tang, Lars Willnat, Hongzhong Zhang
Global Media and China
2021-09-30The emergence of creative and digital place-making: A scoping review across disciplinesNicole Basaraba
New Media & Society
2021-09-30Precariously Employed Climate Journalists the Challenges of Freelance Climate Journalists in South AsiaMushfique WadudJournalism Practice
2021-09-30Disseminator, Watchdog and Neighbor?: Positioning Local Journalism in the 2018 #FreePress Editorials CampaignYoung Eun Moon & Regina G. LawrenceJournalism Practice
2021-09-30Narrowing the Academic-Policy Divide: Will New Media Bridge the Gap?Paul C. Avey, Michael C. Desch, Ana Petrova, Steven Wilson,Political Science Quarterly
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