Research of September 2018

Journalism research of September 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in September 2018 about journalism research.

PublishedTitleAuthorsJournal / publisher
2018-09-02Rape in the news: on rape genres in Swedish news coverageGabriella NilssonFeminist Media Studies
2018-09-03The case for IVR-based citizen journalism in PakistanHira Ejaz, Syed Ali Hussain, Agha Ali RazaMobileHCI '18 Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct
2018-09-037/7: A reflexive re-evaluation of journalistic practicePaul LashmarJournalism
2018-09-03Toy department within the toy department? Online sports journalists and professional legitimacySimon McEnnisJournalism
2018-09-03Intention work: The scope of journalistic interpretation of political speech actsMia Schreiber, Zohar KampfJournalism
2018-09-03Selective attention in the news feed: An eye-tracking study on the perception and selection of political news posts on FacebookMichael Sülflow, Svenja Schäfer, Stephan WinterNew Media & Society
2018-09-04Challenging Journalistic Authority
Media criticism in far-right alternative media
Tine Ustad Figenschou & Karoline Andrea IhlebækJournalism Studies
2018-09-04Should we Keep this Quiet? Print Media and Child Marriage in NigeriaNwaolikpe Onyinyechi Nancy Global Media Journal
2018-09-05The journalist as the audience: Evaluating the U.S. Navy’s “Sailor for a Day” campaignShari R. Veil, Chelsea L.Woods, R. David HechtPublic Relations Review
2018-09-06Millennials at the back gates: how young adults’ digital news practices present a new media logic for news gathering and gatekeeping as user-oriented activities in a participatory news ecosystemBrant BurkeyMedia Practice and Education
2018-09-07Mapping the emotional labor and work of visual journalismTJ ThomsonJournalism
2018-09-07Reporting from the Frontline
The war correspondents in the Balkan Wars (1912–1913)
Iakovos MichailidisMedia History
2018-09-08Explicating factual and subjective science knowledge: knowledge as a mediator of news attention and attitudesShirley S. Ho, Jiemin Looi, Alisius D. Leong & Yan Wah LeungAsian Journal of Communication
2018-09-10Linking News Value Theory With Online Deliberation: How News Factors and Illustration Factors in News Articles Affect the Deliberative Quality of User Discussions in SNS’ Comment SectionsMarc Ziegele, Oliver Quiring, Katharina Esau, Dennis FriessCommunication Research
2018-09-12Priming and Fake News: The Effects of Elite Discourse on Evaluations of News MediaEmily Van Duyn & Jessica CollierMass Communication and Society
2018-09-12A new sporting horizon: a content analysis of Super Netball newspaper coveragePeter English, Angela Calder, Simone Pearce, Katy KirbyMedia International Australia
2018-09-12The virtuous cycle of news sharing on Facebook: Effects of platform affordances and journalistic routines on news sharingMarcelo Alves dos Santos, Jr, Diógenes Lycarião, Jakson A de AquinoNew Media & Society
2018-09-14Politics, power, and performativity in the newsroom: an ethnography of television journalism in TurkeyOzan AşıkMedia, Culture & Society
2018-09-15News in social media and messaging appsKantar Media and the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2018-09-17Where Did You Get That Story?
An Examination of Story Sourcing Practices and Objectivity on Citizen Journalism Websites
Kirsten A. JohnsonElectronic News
2018-09-17Re-examining age: Journalism’s reliance on the youngBeate Josephi, Martin Oller AlonsoJournalism
2018-09-19Neighborhood Press and Immigration
A frame-building analysis of the depiction of immigrants
Eduard Fabregat, Pilar Medina-Bravo & Marian MeyersJournalism Practice
2018-09-19Is “Global Journalism” Truly Global?
Conceptual and empirical examinations of the global, cosmopolitan and parochial conceptualization of journalism
Miki TanikawaJournalism Studies
2018-09-19So Far, Yet So Close
Examining translocal twitter audiences of regional newspapers in Germany
Lars-Ole Wehden & Daniela StoltenbergJournalism Studies
2018-09-19Postcolonial Trajectories of Foreign News Selection in the Ghanaian Press
BBC remains the ultimate reference
Michael Yao Wodui SerwornooJournalism Studies
2018-09-19Journalism Reconfigured
Assessing human–machine relations and the autonomous power of automation in news production
Shangyuan Wu, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Charles T. SalmonJournalism Studies
2018-09-19Gender, Media and Protest
Changing Representations of the Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison in British Newspapers, 1913–2013
Jilly Boyce Kay & Kaitlynn MendesMedia History
2018-09-19It Takes Three: How Mass Media Coverage Conditions Public Responsiveness to Policy Outputs in the United StatesChristopher J. Williams, Martijn SchoonveldeSocial Science Quarterly
2018-09-20The role of self-reports in the study of news productionDavid M RyfeJournalism
2018-09-20Borderline journalism: Why do journalists accept and justify questionable practices that establish scandals? A quantitative surveyHans Mathias Kepplinger, Benno ViererblJournalism
2018-09-20Transitive representations of China’s image in the US mainstream newspapers: A corpus-based critical discourse analysisLiping TangJournalism
2018-09-20Exploring the boundaries of journalism: Instagram micro-bloggers in the twilight zone of lifestyle journalismPhoebe Maares, Folker HanuschJournalism
2018-09-20Multi-Platform News Use and Political Participation Across Age Groups: Toward a Valid Metric of Platform Diversity and Its EffectsTrevor Diehl, Matthew Barnidge, Homero Gil de ZúñigaJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-09-20Personality and online news commenting behaviours: uncovering the characteristics of those below the lineRenee Barnes, Doug Mahar, Wendell Cockshaw, Ides WongMedia International Australia
2018-09-21Journalists’ contributions to political life in Switzerland: Professional role conceptions and perceptions of role enactmentPatric Raemy, Lea Hellmueller, Daniel BeckJournalism
2018-09-21The Impact of Web Metrics on Community News Decisions: A Resource Dependence PerspectiveTom Arenberg, Wilson LowreyJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-09-21Which Journalists for Which Democracy? Liberal-representative, deliberative and participatory roles among Austrian journalistsAndreas RiedlJournalism Studies
2018-09-24The conferral of value: the role of reporting processes in the assessment of cultureJulian Meyrick, Tully Barnett, Robert PhiddianMedia International Australia
2018-09-25In Search of America
Topic modelling nineteenth-century newspaper archives
Quintus Van Galen & Bob NicholsonDigital Journalism
2018-09-25Digital Innovation During Terror and CrisesMaria Konow-Lund, Yngve Benestad Hågvar & Eva-Karin OlssonDigital Journalism
2018-09-25The Business Model of Journalism Start-Ups in ChinaShixin Ivy ZhangDigital Journalism
2018-09-25Journalism History, Web Archives, and New Methods for Understanding the Evolution of Digital JournalismMatthew S. Weber & Philip M. NapoliDigital Journalism
2018-09-25Believing false political headlines and discrediting truthful political headlines: The interaction between news source trust and news content expectancyRobin BlomJournalism
2018-09-26Agenda-Setting Theory in the U.S. Media: A Comparative Analysis of Terrorist Attacks in France and NigeriaNwaolikpe Onyinyechi Nancy Global Media Journal
2018-09-27Fears, hopes and the politics of time-space: The media frames of Japan in the Chinese People's DailyTianru Guan, Tianyang LiuInternational Communication Gazette
2018-09-27Employing Perceptual-Learning Research in Journalism and Communication
Immediate and delayed effects of a perceptual-learning module on AP editing accuracy
Justin D. Martin, S. Shageaa Naqvi & George AnghelcevJournalism Studies
2018-09-27Transnational News Consumption and Digital Content Mobility
Insights from Sweden
Andreas WidholmJournalism Studies
2018-09-27Marconi Proposes: Why it’s time to rethink the birth of the BBCDavid J. ProsserMedia History
2018-09-28News, Ads, Chats, and Property Rights over AlgorithmsJan KleinnijenhuisMedia and Communication
2018-09-28News brand attribution in distributed environments: Do people know where they get their news?Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Richard Fletcher, Rasmus Kleis NielsenNew Media & Society
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