Research of October 2022

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in October 2022 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.


PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2022-10-01Uncovering the Research Behaviors of Reporters: A Conceptual Framework for Information Literacy in JournalismKatherine E. Boss, Kristina M. De Voe, Stacy R. Gilbert, Carolina Hernandez, Megan Blauvelt Heuer, April Hines, Jeffrey A. Knapp, Rayla E. Tokarz, Chiméne E. Tucker, Kristina V. Bisbee, Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-10-03Pathways to Youth Political Participation: Media Literacy, Parental Intervention, and Cognitive MediationSeungsu Lee, Jaeho Cho &Sangmi KimMass Communication and Society
2022-10-03Making soufflé with metal: Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on sports journalism practicesCarolina VellosoJournalism
2022-10-04Performing journalism. Making sense of ethical practice within local interloper mediaJaana Hujanen,
Juho Ruotsalainen,
Viljami Vaarala,
Katja Lehtisaari,
Mikko Grönlund
2022-10-04Examining the Democratic Potential of Data Journalism in Curing MisinformationTianru Guan & Qiong WangJournalism Practice
2022-10-05News frames and differences in their application according to the author’s beliefs. Polish conservative vs. liberal press on the protests against tightening the abortion lawRafał Siekiera &Przemysław SzewsAtlantic Journal of Communication
2022-10-05Awareness systems or echo chambers? Latin American journalists’ usage of Twitter as a news gathering toolNoah Amir Arjomand, Ali GhazinejadFirst Monday
2022-10-05From surgery to Cyborgs: a thematic analysis of popular media commentary on Instagram filtersL. A Miller & Joanna McIntyreFeminist Media Studies
2022-10-06News is “toxic”: Exploring the non-sharing of news onlineNick Mathews,
Valérie Bélair-Gagnon,
Seth C Lewis
New Media & Society
2022-10-06The fourth estate operating by means of silencingEjvind HansenJournalism
2022-10-06Children and adolescents as news sources: research brief on voice and agency of minors in Swedish and Estonian journalistic regulative documentsCarina Tenor & Marju Himma-KadakasJournal of Children and Media
2022-10-06A Conversation with Ron Nixon, Associated Press Vice President for Investigative, Enterprise, and Grants and PartnershipsNicholas HirshonAmerican Journalism
2022-10-07The Kenya “high-octane” devolution politics: Comparing predictors of governors and senators coverage in national pressKioko Ireri,
Jimmy Ochieng
Newspaper Research Journal
2022-10-07Topic Modeling as a Tool to Analyze Child Abuse from the Corpus of English Newspapers in PakistanFasih Ahmed,
Asim Khan
Social Science Computer Review
2022-10-07Co-operative aerial images: A geomedia history of the view from aboveHendrik Bender,
Max Kanderske
New Media & Society
2022-10-07Introduction to geomedia historiesKarin Fast and Pablo AbendNew Media & Society
2022-10-07Environmental conditioning: Mobile geomedia and their lines of becoming in the air, on land, and on waterTristan ThielmannNew Media & Society
2022-10-07Mobile times and temporalities: Histories of geomediation of timeDidem Özkul,
Lee Humphreys
New Media & Society
2022-10-07An interlude in navigation: Submarine signaling as a sonic geomedia infrastructureChristoph BorbachNew Media & Society
2022-10-07Digital (In)Security in Latin America: The Dimensions of Social Media Violence against the Press and Journalists’ Coping StrategiesSummer Harlow, Ryan Wallace &Lourdes Cueva ChacónDigital Journalism
2022-10-07News literacy, fake news recognition, and authentication behaviors after exposure to fake news on social mediaMichael Chan New Media & Society
2022-10-08Introduction: Journalism Studies and the Global South- Theory, Practice and PedagogyLast Moyo
Journalism Studies
2022-10-10The Representation of Public Opinion in Routine U.S. Network NewsKathleen Beckers & Meagan E. DollMass Communication and Society
2022-10-10Society Frowns Upon Spinning and So Do the Alleged Spin Doctors: Tests of Present and Future Crisis Communicators Responding to Spin in the MediaDavid E. Clementson &Michael J. BeattyMass Communication and Society
2022-10-10SLAPPed by the GDPR: protecting public interest journalism in the face of GDPR-based strategic litigation against public participationMelinda RuczJournal of Media Law
2022-10-10Building Boundaries: The Depiction of Digital Journalists in Popular CultureChad Painter &Patrick FerrucciJournalism Practice
2022-10-10Why Are Women Journalists Leaving the Newsroom in South Korea? Gendered and Emerging Factors that Influence the Intention to LeaveNa Yeon Lee & Changsook KimJournalism Practice
2022-10-11Media exposure and adoption of COVID-19 preventive behaviors in BrazilGustavo S Mesch,
Wilson Levy Braga Da Silva Neto,
Jose Eduardo Storopoli
New Media & Society
2022-10-11The effects of transparency cues on news source credibility online: An investigation of ‘opinion labels’Andrew Otis Journalism
2022-10-12An Asian version of data journalism?: Uncovering “Asian values” in data stories produced across AsiaShangyuan Wu Journalism
2022-10-12Deficits in German news coverage of economic and financial crises: A case study of the Italian Sovereign debt crisisVictoria Sophie Teschendorf and Kim OttoNewspaper Research Journal
2022-10-13Ideology, Polarization, and News Culture: The Secular-Islamist Tension in Turkish JournalismOzan AşıkThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-10-13Framing migration in the Greek press; An analysis of the ‘evros events’ in left, liberal, and far-right newspapersChristos Kostopoulos,
Yiannis Mylonas
2022-10-13Cultural Dimensions of Fake News Exposure: A Cross-National Analysis among European Union CountriesÁngel ArreseMass Communication and Society
2022-10-13Job Satisfaction and Social Media Use: Cognitive Reflection and Journalists’ Utilization in Egypt and the United StatesRasha El-Ibiary, Brian CalfanoInternational Journal of Communication
2022-10-13Differing Influences of Political Communication: Examining How News Use and Conversation Shape Political Engagement in NigeriaOluseyi Adegbola, Sherice Gearhart, Bingbing ZhangInternational Journal of Communication
2022-10-13Spatial dimensions within hierarchy of influences: How re-conceived notions of space in networked societies impact Latin American journalistsVanessa De Macedo Higgins Joyce,
Summer Harlow,
Amy Schmitz Weiss,
Rosental Calmon Alves
International Communication Gazette
2022-10-14How Does Multi-Platform Social Media Use Lead to Biased News Engagement? Examining the Role of Counter-Attitudinal Incidental Exposure, Cognitive Elaboration, and Network HomogeneityJing Guo,
Hsuan-Ting Chen
Social Media + Society
2022-10-14Media power in digital Asia: Super apps and megacorpsMarc Steinberg,
Rahul Mukherjee,
Aswin Punathambekar
Media, Culture & Society
2022-10-14Decoding Algorithms: Exploring End-Users’ Mental Models of the Inner Workings of Algorithmic News RecommendersMarijn Martens, Ralf De Wolf, Bettina Berendt & Lieven De MarezDigital Journalism
2022-10-14Pseudo-Media Disinformation Patterns: Polarised Discourse, Clickbait and Twisted Journalistic MimicryDolors Palau-SampioJournalism Practice
2022-10-14Newsafety: Infrastructures, Practices and ConsequencesOscar Westlund, Roy Krøvel & Kristin Skare OrgeretJournalism Practice
2022-10-14Media Portrayal of a Civil Rights Movement: Perspective of Pakistani JournalistsShabir Hussain, Mohammad Ashraf Wani & Sherbaz KhanJournalism Practice
2022-10-16Motivated by political beliefs, not only by language: How Russian speakers in Germany compose their transnational news repertoiresAnna RyzhovaJournalism
2022-10-16Compromise-Building in the Spotlight of the Media? Individual and Situational Influences on the Self-Mediatization of Parliamentary NegotiationsGerrit Philipps The International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-10-17Media usage and political trust among young adults in China: The role of media credibility, trust in sources and political membershipQiong Gong,
Marc Verboord,
Yijing Wang
Global Media and Communication
2022-10-17Facing the Competition: Gender Differences in Facial Emotion and Prominence in Visual News Coverage of Democratic Presidential Primary CandidatesMike Gruszczynski,
Danielle K. Brown,
Haley Pierce,
Maria E. Grabe
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-10-18The German media as amplifier of the political agenda: The economic policy framing of European conflicts in times of COVID-19Victoria Sophie TeschendorfEuropean Journal of Communication
2022-10-19Looking in the Mirror: US and French Coverage of Black Lives Matter in FranceErik Bleich,
Amelia Pollard,
A. Maurits Van Der Veen
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-10-19Chastising the child of necessity: peace journalism and Almajiri repatriation during COVID-19Ahmad Muhammad Auwal, Tamar Haruna Dambo & Metin ErsoyCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies
2022-10-19“Disastrous to Take a Single Note”: Memory and Materiality in a Century of U.S. Journalism TextbooksPerry ParksJournalism Practice
2022-10-19The Dissident: ‘Sawing’ political activism by media corporation?Aliaa Dakroury International Communication Gazette
2022-10-19Counter-hegemonic collaborations or alliances of the underdogs? The case of TeleSUR with Al-Mayadeen, RT and CGTNPablo Sebastian MoralesGlobal Media and Communication
2022-10-19Effect of Virtual Reality News Presentation on News LearningWai Han Lo,
Benjamin Ka Lun Cheng,
Shiqi Wang
Electronic News
2022-10-20Contested Journalistic Professionalism in China: Journalists’ Discourses in a Time of CrisisJing Meng & Shixin Ivy ZhangJournalism Studies
2022-10-20Project Censored: The News That Didn’t Make The News: founded by Carl Jensen at Sonoma State University in 1976.Jeff McDonaldAmerican Journalism
2022-10-20Adapting to Affordances and Audiences? A Cross-Platform, Multi-Modal Analysis of the Platformization of News on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and TwitterValerie Hase, Karin Boczek & Michael ScharkowDigital Journalism
2022-10-20The Mob, the State and Harassment of Journalists via Twitter in IndiaPrashanth Bhat &Kalyani ChadhaDigital Journalism
2022-10-20When Journalists are Voiceless: How Lifestyle Journalists Cover Hate and Mitigate HarassmentGregory Perreault &Kaitlin MillerJournalism Studies
2022-10-21Sensing What’s New: Considering Ethics When Using Sensor Data in Journalistic PracticesFrancesca Morini, Marian Dörk & Ester AppelgrenDigital Journalism
2022-10-21Witnessing #MeToo in Japan: mapping digital footprints in online news comment sectionsYan Tan & Shih-Diing LiuFeminist Media Studies
2022-10-21Examining audience perspectives on local newspaper futuresKristy Hess,
Lisa Waller,
Jerry Lai
2022-10-22Covering the EU at local level: A multiple-case study in Germany, the UK and SpainRubén Rivas-De-Roca,
Francisco J. Caro-González,
Mar García-Gordillo
International Communication Gazette
2022-10-22“Dark Participation” Without Representation: A Structural Approach to Journalism’s Social Media CrisisKaitlin C. Miller,
Jacob L. Nelson
Social Media + Society
2022-10-22Priming Privacy: The Effect of Privacy News Consumption on Privacy Attitudes, Beliefs, and KnowledgeEthan MorrowJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2022-10-23Multidimensional Media Slant: Complementarities in News Reporting by US NewspapersSandra García-UribeInformation Economics and Policy
2022-10-24Moving North: Analysis of News Representation of Central American Immigration in the U.S. and MexicoFernando Severino & Valentina SalasJournalism Practice
2022-10-25Watching the Whole World: The Media Framing of Foreign Countries in US News and its AntecedentsDror Walter, Yotam Ophir, Meredith Pruden & Guy GolanJournalism Studies
2022-10-26The Attraction of Anti-intellectualism: Appropriation of Journalism Ideology in Media EducationMichael McDevittJournal of Communication Inquiry
2022-10-26“Give Me a Break!” Prevalence and Predictors of Intentional News Avoidance During the COVID-19 PandemicSvenja Schäfer, Loes Aaldering & Sophie LechelerMass Communication and Society
2022-10-27News Narration, Local Visibility and Public Life in Chinese Short VideosYutan Liu & Zheng ZhangJournalism Practice
2022-10-27A Multinational Computational Analysis of Hyperlinking in NewsRahul Bhargava, Fernando Bermejo, Kathleen Chesnutt, Danica Jefferies & Emily Boardman NdulueJournalism Practice
2022-10-27What drives journalists’ perceptions of media powers as political image-makers in the emerging democracy of Indonesia?Nyarwi Ahmad Global Media and Communication
2022-10-27Between Immersion and Deimmersion. Adaptation to 360° Technology in The New York Times Daily 360Rayco González & Marcello SerraJournalism Practice
2022-10-27Predicting Audience Verification Intention: The impact of partisanship, source, importance, and information familiarity on willingness to verify headlinesRachel R. Mourão,
Esther Thorson,
Kevin Kryston,
Carin Tunney
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-10-28Another Violent Protest? New Perspectives to Understand Protest CoverageValentina Proust, Magdalena SaldañaMedia and Communication
2022-10-28Portrayal of China in Online News Headlines: A Framing and Syntactic Analysis
Xiaoya Sun & Yin Ling CheungJournalism Studies
2022-10-28News Media Access for Civil Society Actors During Democratisation Processes: The Case of the Transitional Justice Campaign in UruguayBethia PearsonJournalism Studies
2022-10-28Worsening Safety Conditions for Women Journalists in Turkey’s Alternative News MediaÖzlem Erkmen, Bora Ataman & Barış ÇobanJournalism Studies
2022-10-30Until death do us part: gendered media coverage of the deaths of Israeli male and female public figuresMoran Avital-BenAtarFeminist Media Studies
2022-10-30Comments, Shares, or Likes: What Makes News Posts Engaging in Different WaysOri TenenboimSocial Media + Society
2022-10-31Understanding the role of new media literacy in the diffusion of unverified information during the COVID-19 pandemicEun Hee Lee,
Taejun (David) Lee,
Byung-Kwan Lee
New Media & Society
2022-10-31Journalism's Immersive Shift: Uncovering Immersive Journalism's Adherence to Traditional News Values, Norms, Routines and RolesShangyuan WuJournalism Practice
2022-10-31Purposes, Principles, and Difficulties of Fact-checking in Ibero-America: Journalists’ PerceptionsCarlos Rodríguez-Pérez, Taís Seibt, Raúl Magallón-Rosa, Francisco Javier Paniagua-Rojano & Sonia Chacón-PeinadoJournalism Practice
2022-10-31#DefendPressFreedom: Paradigm Repair, Role Perceptions and Filipino Journalists’ Counterstrategies to Anti-Media Populism and Delegitimizing ThreatsAyee Macaraig & Michael HameleersJournalism Studies

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