Research of October 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in October 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-10-01Those were the days? Dimensions of nostalgia in media coverage of the Norman Lear rebootsRonald Bishop & Maggie FedorocskoThe Communication Review
2021-10-01Automated Journalism and the Freedom of Media: Understanding Legal and Ethical Implications in Competitive Authoritarian RegimeSadia JamilJournalism Practice
2021-10-01Journalism Idealists: Influences on Freelancers in the Foreign News-gathering ProcessXu Zhang & Joy M. JenkinsJournalism Practice
2021-10-01Visibility, Connectivity, Agency: Journalism’s Prospects in an Age of Automated Social News SharingFiona R. MartinDigital Journalism
2021-10-01Influence of African Indigenous language media in COVID-19 digital health messagingFadipe, Israel A.; Salawu, AbiodunCatalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
2021-10-04The Digitization of Harassment: Women Journalists’ Experiences with Online Harassment in the PhilippinesEdson C. Tandoc, Karryl Kim Sagun & Katrina Paola AlvarezJournalism Practice
2021-10-04When the Right Protests: How Journalists Cover Conservative MovementsRachel R. MourãoJournalism Practice
2021-10-04Interscholastic inclusion: Local and National News Framing of High School Transgender AthletesNicholas R. Buzzelli, Nathan A. Towery
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-04Reinforcement in the Aggregate: Partisan Newspaper Circulation and the Presidential Vote, 1900–1928Daniel E. Bergan, Stephen Lacy, Dustin Carnahan, Michael Stamm & Daniel H. KrierJournalism Studies
2021-10-04The relationship between public-relations and journalists in WhatsApp technologyItzhak MashiahPublic Relations Review
2021-10-05Disinformation in the Brazilian pre-election context: probing the content, spread and implications of fake news about Lula da SilvaTatiana Dourado & Susana SalgadoThe Communication Review
2021-10-06A qualitative contextual analysis of U.S. immigration coverage by media during the Obama and Trump presidenciesJennifer Sadler
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-06A Comparative Analysis of Chinese and American Newspaper Reports on China’s Belt and Road InitiativePeter Teo & Huimin XuJournalism Practice
2021-10-07Profit Versus Partisan Causes in Diverse Ownership Models: A Case Study of Mainstream Newspapers in East Indian City of KolkataSuruchi Mazumdar
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-10-07The Increase of Online Journalism in NepalHarsh Mahaseth, Shifa Qureshi
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-10-07It’s All about the Money: Commercial Influences in Women’s Lifestyle Magazines in SingaporeLydia Cheng & Edson C. Tandoc JrJournalism Practice
2021-10-07Artificial Intelligence Practices in Everyday News Production: The Case of South Africa’s Mainstream NewsroomsAllen Munoriyarwa, Sarah Chiumbu & Gilbert MotsaathebeJournalism Practice
2021-10-07Alternative Media on the Front Lines: Unicorn Riot and Activist Journalism’s New UrgencyDavid O. DowlingJournalism Practice
2021-10-07Argumentative dynamics in representations of migrants and refugees: Evidence from the Italian press during the ‘refugee crisis’Dimitris Serafis, Carlo Raimondo, Stavros Assimakopoulos, Sara Greco, Andrea Rocci
Discourse & Communication
2021-10-07Fueling civil disobedience in democracy: WhatsApp news use, political knowledge, and illegal political protestHomero Gil de Zúñiga, Manuel Goyanes
New Media & Society
2021-10-07Understanding the industry/state interface in creative industries studiesPatricia Aufderheide
Media International Australia
2021-10-07Bullshit Human Rights: Breitbart News’ “Cartel Chronicles” and the Militarized Framing of Humanitarian Crisis on the US-Mexico BordeStuart DavisContinuum
2021-10-07An Intersectional Approach to Exploring Audience Expectations of JournalismSandra BanjacDigital Journalism
2021-10-07The Institution of Journalism: Conceptualizing the Press in a Hybrid Media SystemStephen D. ReeseDigital Journalism
2021-10-07Do Small Streams Make a Big River? Detailing the Diversification of Revenue Streams in Newspapers’ Transition to Digital Journalism BusinessesRagnhild Kr. Olsen, Bente Kalsnes & Jens BarlandDigital Journalism
2021-10-07The Reconfiguration of News Work in Southern Africa during the COVID-19 PandemicPhillip Santos & Admire MareDigital Journalism
2021-10-07Facing Fakes: Understanding Tech Platforms’ Responses to Online FalsehoodsCai Hui Lien, James Lee & Edson C. Tandoc JrDigital Journalism
2021-10-08News Engagement: The Roles of Technological Affordance, Emotion, and Social EndorsementSora Park, Yoonmo Sang, Jaemin Jung & Natalie Jomini StroudDigital Journalism
2021-10-08Is Social Media Killing Local News? An Examination of Engagement and Ownership Patterns in U.S. Community News on FacebookBenjamin Toff & Nick MathewsDigital Journalism
2021-10-08Community Media in A Pandemic: Facilitating Local Communication, Collective Resilience and Transitions to Virtual Public Life in the U.S.Antoine Haywood, Patricia Aufderheide & Mariana Sánchez SantosJavnost - The Public
2021-10-08Why People Who Know Less Think They Know about COVID-19: Evidence from US and SingaporeSangwon Lee, Masahiro Yamamoto, Edson C. Tandoc, Jr
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-10-08Public Opinion in the News: Examining Portrayals and Viewpoint HeterogeneityKathleen Beckers & Patricia MoyJournalism Practice
2021-10-08Why People Who Know Less Think They Know about COVID-19: Evidence from US and SingaporeSangwon Lee, Masahiro Yamamoto, Edson C. Tandoc, Jr
Sangwon Lee, Masahiro Yamamoto, Edson C. Tandoc, Jr
2021-10-09Mediatisation and the construction of what is morally right and wrong in contemporary businessMagnus Frostenson, Maria Grafström
Media, Culture & Society
2021-10-10Assessing News Content Diversity in Flanders: An Empirical Study at DPG MediaJonathan Hendrickx & Annelien Van RemoortereJournalism Studies
2021-10-10Against the Grain: Elite Consensus, Press Independence and the 2006 Israel-Lebanon WarCharles M. Rowling, Jason Gilmore & Patrick McCueJournalism Studies
2021-10-10‘Disturbing’ children’s YouTube genres and the algorithmic uncannyJessica Balanzategui
New Media & Society
2021-10-11A Framework for Assessing the Role of Public Service Media Organizations in Countering DisinformationMinna Horowitz, Stephen Cushion, Marius Dragomir, Sergio Gutiérrez Manjón & Mervi PanttiDigital Journalism
2021-10-11Media Exposure and Third-Person Perception: The Mediating Role of Social Realism and Proxy EfficacyXudong Liu, Ven-hwei Lo, Ran Wei, Xigen Li, Shengnan Pang, Ruiyao ZhangInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-11Effects of online commenter sex cues and news receiver sex on commenter credibilityManu Bhandari, Matthew Emery, Sarah Scott, David Wolfgang
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-12How journalists can address misinformation on TelegramBermet TalantReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-10-12Laugh, but Don’t Seek: A Reassessment of the Gateway HypothesisMichaele D. Myers, Jay D. HmielowskiInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-12“I Know Which Devil I Write for”: Two Types of Autonomy Among Czech Journalists Remaining in and Leaving the Prime Minister's NewspapersJohana Kotisova, Lenka W. Císařová
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-10-12Information seeking behaviors and media credibility among college students during the COVID-19 pandemicSaud A. Alsulaiman &T erry L. RentnerAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-10-13Propositions for Decolonising African Journalism and Media ResearchSelina Linda Mudavanhu
African Journalism Studies
2021-10-13African Journalism Studies: Mapping four Decades of African Journalism and Media ResearchWallace ChumaAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-10-13Coverage Competence via Collaboration: Overcoming Political Journalism Challenges in Local TelevisionBrian Calfano, Charles Maulden, Sean Hughes
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-10-13Teaching Innovation Experience for COVID-19 Times: A Case Study on Blended Learning of Television Journalism Courses with MoodleMarcos Mayo-Cubero
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-10-13Nationalizing the “refugee crisis”: A comparative analysis exploring how elite newspapers in four countries framed forced migration during World Refugee DayNoam Tirosh, Steve Bien-Aime, Akshaya Sreenivasan, Dennis Lichtenstein
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-13Anticipating Attention: On the Predictability of News Headline TestsNick Hagar, Nicholas Diakopoulos & Burton DeWildeDigital Journalism
2021-10-13What Were You Synching? An Ethnographic Study of News Scheduling at a Digital First Legacy NewspaperAndrew T. RobothamDigital Journalism
2021-10-14COVID-19 Twitter Communication of Major Societal Stakeholders: Health Institutions, the Government, and the News MediaWenyou Ye, Rodrigo Dorantes-Gilardi, Ziyu Xiang, Liviu AronInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-14Internet Users’ Reasons and Motives for Online News CommentingVeera KangaspuntaInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-15WINDOW, WATCHDOG, INSPECTOR: The Eclecticism of Journalistic Roles During the COVID-19 LockdownIgor VobičJournalism Studies
2021-10-15British Public Service Broadcasting, the EU and BrexitMike Berry, Karin Wahl-Jorgensen, Inaki Garcia-Blanco, Lucy Bennett & Joe CableJournalism Studies
2021-10-15Laboring in Journalism’s Crowded, Precarious Entryway: Perceptions of Journalism Interns
Mirjam Gollmitzer
Journalism Studies
2021-10-18How the media construct happiness under cultural perspective in China: Through collectivistic and individualistic valuesZhenhua Su, Qian Zhou, Yanyu Ye, Dongxiao Li,Social Science Quarterly
2021-10-18‘To get or not to get vaccinated against COVID-19’: Saudi women, vaccine hesitancy, and framing effectsAhmed Abdel-Raheem, Reem Alkhammash
Discourse & Communication
2021-10-18Mock News: On the discourse of mocking in U.S. televised political discussionsChristopher Jenks
Discourse & Communication
2021-10-18Collectivism and Altruistic Behavior: A Third-Person Effect Study of COVID-19 News Among Wuhan ResidentsYicheng Zhu, Ran Wei, Ven-Hwei Lo, Mingxin Zhang, Zongya Li
Global Media and China
2021-10-18The affective pressures of WhatsApp: from safe spaces to conspiratorial publicsAmelia Johns &Niki CheongContinuum
2021-10-18Technology builds the journalist star? An experiment on the effects of human star power and content exclusiveness on reading, sharing and paying intentions for online newsDr. Nina KlaßJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-10-19The relevance of impartial news in a polarised worldJason VirReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-10-19Cuban Media During the Presidency of Raúl Castro: A Multidimensional Approach to Understanding Patterns of Change and Continuity in Media SystemsDasniel Olivera Pérez, Mariana De Maio
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-10-19Explaining the Gender Gap in News Access Across Thirty Countries: Resources, Gender-Bias Signals, and Societal DevelopmentMacau K. F. Mak
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-10-19Media access to court proceedings and documents in Mainland China: The changed and unchangedYanzhu Xu
Media International Australia
2021-10-19‘[Cyber]bullying is too strong a word…’: Parental accounts of their children's experiences of online conflict and relational aggressionCatherine Page Jeffery
Media International Australia
2021-10-19Overcoming ‘confirmation bias’ and the persistence of conspiratorial types of thinkingAndrew WhiteContinuum
2021-10-20Not on air, but Online: The Labor Conditions of the Digital Journalist in U.S. Local Television NewsroomsCarey L. Higgins-Dobney
Electronic News
2021-10-20Correctives of the Mainstream Media? A Panel Study on Mainstream Media Use, Alternative Digital Media Use, and the Erosion of Political Interest as Well as Political KnowledgeFranz Reiter & Jörg MatthesDigital Journalism
2021-10-20Digital News Readership and Subscription in the United States during COVID-19: A Longitudinal Analysis of Clickstream and Subscription Data from a Local News SiteSu Jung Kim, Xiaohan Wang & Edward C. MalthouseDigital Journalism
2021-10-20How the Trick is Done – Conditions of Success in Entrepreneurial Digital JournalismDaniel O'Brien & Christian-Mathias WellbrockDigital Journalism
2021-10-20News Coverage of the Arab Spring: State-Run News Agencies as Discursive Propagators of NewsAhmed Al-Rawi & Adel IskandarDigital Journalism
2021-10-20Post-truth, fake news and the liberal ‘regime of truth’ – The double movement between Lippmann and HayekTimo Harjuniemi
European Journal of Communication
2021-10-20The media welfare state: A citizen perspectiveJohan Lindell, Peter Jakobsson, Fredrik Stiernstedt
European Journal of Communication
2021-10-20The Effect of Corporate Media Ownership on the Depth of Local Coverage and Issue Agendas: A Computational Case Study of Six Sinclair TV Station WebsitesJustin C. Blankenship, Chris J. Vargo
Electronic News
2021-10-20Media Concentration: A Critical Political Economy PerspectiveManfred KnocheTriple C
2021-10-21Resisting Perceived Interference in Journalistic Autonomy: The Study of Public Service Media in SlovakiaMarína UrbánikováMedia and Communication
2021-10-21The Agency of Journalists in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes: The Case of Ukraine During Yanukovich’s PresidencyEsther Somfalvy, Heiko PleinesMedia and Communication
2021-10-21Media Control and Citizen-Critical Publics in Russia: Are Some “Pigs” More Equal Than Others?
Rashid GabdulhakovMedia and Communication
2021-10-21Media Control in the Digital Politics of IndonesiaMasduki .Media and Communication
2021-10-21Trolls, Pressure and Agenda: The discursive fight on Twitter in TurkeyUğur BaloğluMedia and Communication
2021-10-21The Vulnerabilities of Trusted Notifier-Models in Russia: The Case of NetoscopeLiudmila Sivetc,
Mariëlle Wijermars
Media and Communication
2021-10-21From “Troll Factories” to “Littering the Information Space”: Control Strategies Over the Russian Internet
Ilya KiriyaMedia and Communication
2021-10-21Protest Event Analysis Under Conditions of Limited Press Freedom: Comparing Data Sources
Jan Matti DollbaumMedia and Communication
2021-10-21Understanding Media Control in the Digital AgeOlga Dovbysh,
Esther Somfalvy
Media and Communication
2021-10-21In Numbers We Trust – The Use of Statistics in Political NewsMorten Tuomainen SteensbergJournalism Practice
2021-10-21“Possibility Generator”: A Study of Hearken As Expansion of Journalism BoundariesMarcelo Crispim da FontouraJournalism Practice
2021-10-22How Does an Incumbent News Media Organization Become a Platform? Employing Intra-Firm Synergies to Launch the Platform Business Model in a News AgencyAtte Jääskeläinen, Servet Yanatma, Paavo RitalaJournalism Studies
2021-10-22Scandalizing the Court in the Commonwealth in the Twenty-First CenturyRoxanne WatsonCommunication Law and Policy
2021-10-22Scoping the Journalists’ Freedom to Conduct Newsgathering at the European Court of Human Rights: A Step Toward a More Human Rights-Based Approach to the Coverage of ECHR Article 10?Chris WiersmaCommunication Law and Policy
2021-10-22A History of Modern Press Access to the Supreme Court of the United StatesMichele Bush KimballCommunication Law and Policy
2021-10-22Responses to health risk and suffering: ‘China’ in the Italian media discourses during the early stage of the Covid-19 pandemicMaria Paola Pofi, Leung Wing-Fai
Media, Culture & Society
2021-10-22Tweeting ourselves to death: the cultural logic of digital capitalismPetter Törnberg, Justus Uitermark
Media, Culture & Society
2021-10-22Introduction: Imaginaries of Asian media infrastructuresTom McDonald, Heather A Horst
Media International Australia
2021-10-22Designing What’s News: An Ethnography of a Personalization Algorithm and the Data-Driven (Re)Assembling of the NewsAnna Schjøtt Hansen & Jannie Møller HartleyDigital Journalism
2021-10-22Press Freedom during Covid-19: The Digital Discourses of the International Press Institute, Reporters Sans Frontières, and the Committee to Protect JournalistsLindsay PalmerDigital Journalism
2021-10-22News You Can Use to Promote Your Interests: Media Ownership Forms and Economic InstrumentalismTimothy Neff & Rodney BensonJournalism Studies
2021-10-22Examining Diaspora Journalists’ Digital Networks and Role Perceptions: A Case Study of Syrian Post-Conflict Advocacy JournalismRana ArafatJournalism Studies
2021-10-22“Someone Should Do Something”: Exploring Public Sphere Ideals in the Audiences of UK Hyperlocal Media Facebook PagesJerome TurnerJournalism Studies
2021-10-23Democratising media policymaking: a stakeholder-centric, systemic approach to copyright consultationLee Edwards, Giles Moss
Media, Culture & Society
2021-10-24“Beauties by the political figures” – professional female interpreters in Chinese mediaDu YiweiFeminist Media Studies
2021-10-25Calm During the Storm: Micro-Assemblage, Meteorology and Community Building on a Local Independent Weather Blog During Hurricane HarveyMarcus FunkJournalism Practice
2021-10-25Assessing the Role Performance of Solutions Journalism in a Global PandemicYou LiJournalism Practice
2021-10-25Romanian Adolescents, Fake News, and the Third-person Effect: A Cross-sectional StudyNicoleta Corbu, Denisa-Adriana Oprea & Valeriu FrunzaruJournal of Children and Media
2021-10-25“She’s just another pretty face:” sexual harassment of female photographersRachel SomersteinFeminist Media Studies
2021-10-25The Triple Typology of Divide: Russia’s Journalism Education in the Times of the COVID-19 PandemicElena Vartanova, Maria Lukina
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-10-25Ontologies of Journalism in the Global SouthEditorial
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-10-25Engaging Audiences with Behind-the-Scenes Science MediaOthello Richards, Kristina Janét, Sevda Eris & Asheley R. LandrumJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-10-26Individualization or Privatization of the North Korean Leader? Different Types of Media Personalization About Kim Jong-UnSun Ho Jeong &Na Yeon LeeJournalism Practice
2021-10-26Antecedents of News Avoidance: Competing Effects of Political Interest, News Overload, Trust in News Media, and “News Finds Me” PerceptionManuel Goyanes, Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu & Homero Gil de ZúñigaDigital Journalism
2021-10-26Hostility Toward the Press: A Synthesis of Terms, Research, and Future Directions in Examining Harassment of JournalistsKaitlin C. MillerDigital Journalism
2021-10-26Mastering Metrics: The Impact of Social Media on the Routines and Values of Broadcast JournalistsStefanie Davis Kempton, Colleen Connolly Ahern,
Electronic News
2021-10-26Social capital and conflict avoidance in campus newsWill Heath, Wilson Lowrey
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-26The construction and mobilization of political consumerism through digital media in a networked social movementFrancis LF Lee, Ivy WY Fong
New Media & Society
2021-10-26Public agenda fragmentation beyond established democracies: the case of Russian online publics in 2017Sergei PashakhinRussian Journal of Communication
2021-10-28“Fact-based dreaming” as climate communicationErin Hawley & Gabi MocattaPopular Communication
2021-10-28Teaching Future Journalists the News: The Role of Journalism Educators in the News Literacy MovementKate Morris & Frances YeomanJournalism Practice
2021-10-28Cross-Platform News Media Repertoires and Their Political ImplicationsSu Jung Kim, Lena-Maria SchwarzeInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-28It is the same headline, just not as believable: The role of expectancy violations in perceptions about news attributed to multiple sourcesRobin Blom
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-10-28Entangled with the necropolis: a decolonial feminist analysis of femicide news coverage in Latin AmericaDominique A. Montiel Valle & Zelly Claire MartinFeminist Media Studies
2021-10-28What is Netflix imperialism? Interrogating the monopoly aspirations of the ‘World's largest television network’Stuart DavisInformation, Communication & Society
2021-10-28Monitoring and correcting: why women read and men comment onlineCynthia Peacock & Emily Van DuynInformation, Communication & Society
2021-10-28Open access, closed systems: independent online journalism in JapanElizabeth A. RodwellInformation, Communication & Society
2021-10-28Civil Society Responses to Singapore’s Online “Fake News” LawKai Xiang TeoInternational Journal of Communication
2021-10-29“Voices against Silence”: a case study of the social impact of journalismCristina M. Pulido, Beatriz Villarejo Carballido, Ana Vidu, Mimar Ramis & Ramon FlechaFeminist Media Studies
2021-10-29Political sorting in U.S. entertainment mediaSarah Bachleda Fioroni, Amanda D. Lotz, Stuart Soroka & Dan Hiaeshutter-RicePopular Communication
2021-10-30Tuning Out the News. A Cross-Media Perspective on News Avoidance Practices of Young News Users in Flanders During the COVID-19 PandemicRuben Vandenplas, Pauljan Truyens, Sarah Vis & Ike PiconeJournalism Studies
2021-10-30Truth, Justice, and Sexual Violence: A Comparative Analysis of Op-Eds Surrounding the Hill-Thomas and Ford-Kavanaugh HearingsKelli S. Boling & Leigh MoscowitzJournalism Studies
2021-10-30Multimodal Framing of Germany’s National Image: Comparing News on Twitter (USA) and Weibo (China)Yi Xu & Martin LöffelholzJournalism Studies
2021-10-30Individual Evaluation vs Fact-checking in the Recognition and Willingness to Share Fake News About Covid-19 via WhatsappCarlos M. Brenes Peralta, Rolando Pérez Sánchez & Ignacio Siles GonzálezJournalism Studies
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