Research of October 2018

Journalism Research of October 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in October 2018 about journalism research.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2018-10-03Aggression in news comments: how context and article topic shape user-generated contentJoão GonçalvesJournal of Applied Communication Research
2018-10-03The Conflict between Journalists and the Constitution of 2014 in EgyptMiral Al AshryGlobal Media Journal
2018-10-05Presenting News on Social Media
Media logic in the communication style of newspapers on Facebook
Kasper Welbers & Michaël OpgenhaffenDigital Journalism
2018-10-05Twitter’s influence on news judgment: An experiment among journalistsShannon C McGregor, Logan MolyneuxJournalism
2018-10-07Digital Natives as Budding Journalists: College TV Stations’ Uses of TwitterRaluca Cozma, Tom HallaqJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2018-10-09The Return of Ideology to China’s Journalism Education: The ‘Joint Model’ Campaign Between Propaganda Departments and Journalism SchoolsJian XuAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-10-09Media Representations of Immigration in the Chilean Press: To a Different Narrative of Immigration?Emilia M. Valenzuela-VergaraJournal of Communication Inquiry
2018-10-10The Digital Life of Small Market Newspapers
Results from a multi-method study
Christopher Ali, Thomas R. Schmidt, Damian Radcliffe & Rosalind DonaldDigital Journalism
2018-10-10Machine Authorship In Situ
Effect of news organization and news genre on news credibility
Bingjie Liu & Lewen WeiDigital Journalism
2018-10-10Authenticity in Newspaper Coverage of Political Leaders’ Responses to Disaster: A Historical StudyRosemary WilliamsonJournalism Studies
2018-10-10Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications Accreditation: Quality or Compliance?Robin Blom, Brian J. Bowe & Lucinda D. DavenportJournalism Studies
2018-10-11Exploring Machine Learning to Study the Long-Term Transformation of News
Digital newspaper archives, journalism history, and algorithmic transparency
Marcel Broersma & Frank HarbersDigital Journalism
2018-10-11Bouncing off the Paywall – Understanding Misalignments Between Local Newspaper Value Propositions and Audience ResponsesRagnhild Kristine Olsen & Mona Kristin SolvollInternational Journal on Media Management
2018-10-11Normative and Audience Discourses on Public Service Journalism at a “Critical Juncture”: the Case of TVE in SpainMaría Lamuedra, Concha Mateos Martín & Manuel A. Broullón-LozanoJournalism Studies
2018-10-11News media literacy, perceptions of bias, and interpretation of newsMelissa Tully, Emily K Vraga, Anne-Bennett SmithsonJournalism
2018-10-11Defying transparency: Ghostwriting from the Jazz Age to social mediaJohn Carvalho, Angie Chung, Michael KoliskaJournalism
2018-10-11Censorship and Suppression of the Irish Provincial Press, 1914–1921Christopher DoughanMedia History
2018-10-12Looking for community in community news: An examination of public-spirited content in online local news sitesSummer Harlow, Monica ChadhaJournalism
2018-10-13Magic words or talking point? The framing of ‘radical Islam’ in news coverage and its effectsJennifer Hoewe, Brian J. BoweJournalism
2018-10-14Othering the European Union through constructing moral panics over ‘im/migrant(s)’ in the coverage of migration in three British newspapers, 2011–2016Jingrong Tong, Landong ZuoInternational Communication Gazette
2018-10-15Naturalizing negativity: how journalism textbooks justify crime, conflict, and “bad” newsPerry ParksCritical Studies in Media Communication
2018-10-16My Friends, Editors, Algorithms, and I
Examining audience attitudes to news selection
Neil Thurman, Judith Moeller, Natali Helberger & Damian TrillingDigital Journalism
2018-10-16Rifts in the Hegemony: Swedish News Journalism on Cannabis LegalizationErnesto AbaloJournalism Studies
2018-10-16Explaining the Gender Gap in News Avoidance: “News-Is-for-Men” Perceptions and the Burdens of CaretakingBenjamin Toff & Ruth A. PalmerJournalism Studies
2018-10-16Media ownership and market structures: banes of news media sustainability in Nigeria?Tokunbo OjoMedia, Culture & Society
2018-10-17The role of media within young people’s socialization: A theoretical approachIngrid Paus-HasebrinkCommunications
2018-10-17Fragmentation in high-choice media environments from a micro-perspective: Effects of selective exposure on issue diversity in individual repertoiresPablo Porten-Cheé, Christiane EildersCommunications
2018-10-17It is in the numbers: How market orientation impacts journalists’ use of news metricsPatrick FerrucciJournalism
2018-10-17Media performance in the ‘age of austerity’: British newspaper coverage of the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath, 2008–2010Andrew MullenJournalism
2018-10-17Morphology and typology of China correspondents: A habitus-based approachYuan ZengJournalism
2018-10-17From confrontations to civil liberties: Newspaper photo framing of police brutality and riots in Los Angeles 1992 and Ferguson, Missouri 2014Anan Wan, Tara Marie Mortensen, Yicheng Zhu, Jo-Yun LiNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-17Political TV interviews in Austria 1981–2016 – Structures and strategies through times of substantial change in media and politicsAndreas RiedlCommunications
The European Journal of Communication Research
2018-10-18The Life Cycle and Conventions of Nineteenth-Century Breaking News: Disaster Reporting of the 1875 Virginia City FireKatrina J. QuinnAmerican Journalism
2018-10-18Reading Helen Jewett’s Murder: The Historiographical Problems and Promises of JournalismMichael BuozisAmerican Journalism
2018-10-18The Accidental Press Critic: Newsroom Ethnography and Resistance to Self-criticism and Management Change at the New York Times in 1974Kevin M. LernerAmerican Journalism
2018-10-18A corpus-driven analysis of representations of Syrian asylum seekers in the Turkish press 2011–2016İbrahim EfeDiscourse & Communication
2018-10-18Journalistic Writing Competencies of AB Communication Students: Basis for Development of Training Manual in JournalismWilliam Mel C PaglinawanGlobal Media Journal
2018-10-19Interaction and Influence on Twitter
Comparing the discourse relationships between user types on five topics
Sanja Kapidzic, Christoph Neuberger, Stefan Stieglitz & Milad MirbabaieDigital Journalism
2018-10-19Assessing the consumer-based brand equity of news media firms: a new validated scaleMaría Victoria-Mas, Ivan Lacasa-Mas & Frederic MarimonJournal of Media Business Studies
2018-10-19An attention economy trap? An empirical investigation into four news companies’ Facebook traffic and social media revenueMerja MyllylahtiJournal of Media Business Studies
2018-10-19Lack of trust in the news media, institutional weakness, and relational journalism as a potential way forwardSeth C LewisJournalism
2018-10-19Who Drives the Agenda: Media or Parties? A Seven-Country Comparison in the Run-Up to the 2014 European Parliament ElectionsA. Severin Jansen, Beatrice Eugster, Michaela Maier, Silke AdamThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-10-21The Islamic State in the News: Journalistic Differentiation of Islamist Terrorism From Islam, Terror News Proximity, and Islamophobic AttitudesChristian von Sikorski, Jörg Matthes, Desirée SchmuckCommunication Research
2018-10-22Exposure to news about the South China Sea, nationalism, and government evaluation: examining the mediation roles of third-person effects and online discussionXueqing Li & Lei GuoChinese Journal of Communication
2018-10-22Exploring the Networks of News Production: Frame Building and Source Use During the 2014 U.S. Midterm ElectionsBethany Anne Conway-SilvaJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-10-23Incidental News Exposure on Facebook as a Social Experience: The Influence of Recommender and Media Cues on News SelectionJohannes Kaiser, Tobias R. Keller, Katharina Kleinen-von KönigslöwCommunication Research
2018-10-23News Flows, Inter-Media Connectivity and Societal Resilience in Times of CrisisSteen Steensen & Tine EideDigital Journalism
2018-10-23Aestheticizing suffering: Evaluative stance in pulitzer-winning photos of refugees’ crisis in EuropeRania Magdi FawzyDiscourse, Context & Media
2018-10-23Searching for Watchdogs: Investigating Journalistic Role Performance Using Latent-Class AnalysisSebastian Scherr, Marko Bachl & Claes H. de VreeseJournalism Studies
2018-10-23Payday loans in the press: a discourse-mythological analysis of British newspaper coverage of the payday loan industryKate Budd, Darren Kelsey, Frank Mueller & Andrea WhittleSocial Semiotics
2018-10-24Reframing Central American Migration From Narrative JournalismDolors Palau-SampioJournal of Communication Inquiry
2018-10-24The End of Ombudsmen? 21st-Century Journalism and Reader RepresentativesPatrick FerrucciJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-10-25Potential Benefits of Teaching Mindfulness to Journalism StudentsMark Pearson, Cait McMahon, Analise O’DonovanAsia Pacific Media Educator
2018-10-25Don’t read the comments: the effects of abusive comments on perceptions of women authors’ credibilityKathleen Searles, Sophie Spencer & Adaobi DuruInformation, Communication & Society
2018-10-25Shaping Doctors and Society
The Portuguese Medical Press (1880–1926)
Ana Carneiro, Teresa Salomé Mota & Isabel AmaralMedia History
2018-10-25The social silos of journalism? Twitter, news media and partisan segregationJohn Wihbey, Kenneth Joseph, David LazerNew Media & Society
2018-10-26The Consequences of Strategic News Coverage for Democracy: A Meta-AnalysisAlon ZoiznerCommunication Research
2018-10-26Closing the Gap Between Photojournalist Research and Photojournalism Practice: Exploring the Motivations of the Subjects of Sensitive Photo EssaysTara M. Mortensen, Brian P. McDermott, Khadija Ejaz & Daniel D. HaunJournalism Practice
2018-10-26Experiencing Local News Online: Audience Practices and PerceptionsAgnes Gulyas, Sarah O’Hara & Jon EilenbergJournalism Studies
2018-10-26When Comments and Quotes Collide: How Exemplars and Prior Attitudes Affect News CredibilityT. Franklin WaddellJournalism Studies
2018-10-26Creating a Critical Civic Consciousness
Reporting local government in the nineteenth century provincial press
Carole O’ReillyMedia History
2018-10-26The impact of newspaper reports on fear of violent crime in Hong KongRunping Zhu, Richard Krever, Alfred Siu Kay ChoiNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-26Participatory spaces in online media: Half-opening the gates to usersMirjana PanticNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-26Remaining close to home: Small daily newspapers provide (mostly) hyperlocal election news during 2016 electionsChristina C. Smith, James R. SchiffmanNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-26Media Ownership and News Coverage of International ConflictMatthew A. Baum & Yuri M. ZhukovPolitical Communication
2018-10-29Competitive pressure and profitability of newspaper publishing in 12 European countriesTom Björkroth & Mikko GrönlundJournal of Media Business Studies
2018-10-29Textbook News Values: Stable Concepts, Changing ChoicesPerry ParksJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-10-29Taking it from the team: Assessments of bias and credibility in team-operated sports mediaMichael Mirer, Megan A. Duncan, Michael W. WagnerNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-30Framing the Syrian Refugee Crisis: A Comparative Analysis of Arabic and English News SourcesSrividya Ramasubramanian, Caitlin MilesInternational Journal of Communication
2018-10-30The Panama and Paradise Papers. The Rise of a Global Fourth EstatePeter Berglez, Amanda GearingInternational Journal of Communication
2018-10-30The Influence-Network Model of the Photojournalistic IconNicole Smith Dahmen, Natalia Mielczarek, David D. PerlmutterJournalism & Communication Monographs
2018-10-30What Drives Populist Styles? Analyzing Immigration and Labor Market News in 11 CountriesMartin Wettstein, Frank Esser, Florin Büchel, Christian Schemer, Dominique S. Wirz, Anne Schulz, Nicole Ernst, Sven Engesser, Philipp MüllerJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2018-10-30Reducing Native Advertising Deception: Revisiting the Antecedents and Consequences of Persuasion Knowledge in Digital News ContextsMichelle A. Amazeen & Bartosz W. WojdynskiMass Communication and Society
2018-10-30The roles and functions of opinion journalistsKimberly Kelling, Ryan J. ThomasNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-30News publishing across platforms: Gatekeeping for print, web, Facebook and TwitterDanny PaskinNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-30Western Europeans Under 30 View News Media Less Positively, Rely More on Digital Platforms Than Older AdultsKaterina Eva Matsa, Laura Silver, Elisa Shearer and Mason WalkerPew Research Report
2018-10-31Perceptions and realities: The main sources of information for non-Muslim Australians about the religion of Islam and Muslim peopleKate O’Donnell, Jacqui Ewart, Shannon WaldingJournalism
2018-10-31Not bloke-ified enough? Women journalists, supermarket industry and the debate on sugar in the British press (2010-2015)Martina TopicNewspaper Research Journal
2018-10-31Journalism Conundrum: Perceiving Location and Geographic Space Norms and ValuesAmy Schmitz Weiss Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture
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