Research of November 2022

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2022 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.


PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2022-07-01Journalism and Source Criticism. Revised Approaches to Assessing Truth-ClaimsSteen Steensen, Valerie Belair-Gagnon, Lucas Graves, Bente Kalsnes & Oscar WestlundJournalism Studies
2022-07-01To Show or Not to Show? The Depiction of Terror and Death in NairobiJohn-Bell S. Okoye, Daniel Mule, Levi Obonyo, Amugo Eric Kadenge ,Laura Anyasi ,Josephine Mule & Rajendran J. BrittoJournal of Media Ethics
2022-07-02Journalistic evaluation in financial newsLea Vindvad Hansen,
Irene Pollach,
Margit Malmmose
Discourse & Communication
2022-07-02A topic among others—examining the attention dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic through interviews with Finnish journalistsTimo HarjuniemiJournalism
2022-07-02How COVID-19 is Revamping Journalism: Newsroom Practices and Innovations in a Crisis ContextJosé A. García-AvilésO, Félix Arias-Robles, Alicia de Lara-González, Miguel Carvajal, Jose María Valero-Pastor & Dámaso MondéjarJournalism Practice
2022-07-02“We F—ing Got Osuna”: Examining the Maintenance of Patriarchy and Journalistic Routines in A Major League Baseball ClubhouseKelsey N. Whipple, Shane M. Graber & Vincent PeñaJournalism Studies
2022-07-04A cognitive mechanism for democratic norms: testing a hypothesized model of news literacy, cross-cutting discussion, and elaborationBumsoo KimAsian Journal of Communication
2022-07-04Taking to the streets: The effects of in-the-field harassment against journalists covering protestsKaitlin C MillerJournalism
2022-07-04Origin stories of local journalism entrepreneursKarin Wahl-JorgensenJournalism
2022-07-04“What a Nasty Girl!” Incivility and gendered symbolic violence in news discussionsValentina Proust & Magdalena SaldañaFeminist Media Studies
2022-07-06Sustaining Vision: Competency Modeling to Understand Best Practices for Visual EditorsMartin Smith-Rodden &Marissa WileyJournalism Practice
2022-07-06Race-making of the COVID-19 outbreak in early mainstream frames: the production of the epidemic(ed) transnational citizenSatveer Kaur-GillJournal of Applied Communication Research
2022-07-07News sources and emotional responses to COVID-19 news: Findings from U.K. news usersDaniel Jackson, An Nguyen, Khanh HoangFirst Monday
2022-07-07Journalistic narratives amid the US and Chinese media expansion in Africa: What it means to tell an African journalistic storyGregory GondweInternational Communication Gazette
2022-07-07On the becoming of an academic home for research into the intersection of mobile devices and newsOscar WestlundMobile Media & Communication
2022-07-07Parasitic news: Adoption and adaption of journalistic conventions in hybrid political communicationMattias Ekman,
Andreas Widholm
2022-07-07Managing and resisting workplace reorganization: Labor-management relations in a pre-digital media corporationErrol Salamon Journalism
2022-07-07Scrape, Request, Collect, Repeat: How Data Journalists Around the World Transcend Obstacles to Public DataJason A. Martin, Lindita Camaj & Gerry LanosgaJournalism Practice
2022-07-07Russian Meddling in U.S. Elections: How News of Disinformation’s Impact Can Affect Trust in Electoral Outcomes and Satisfaction with DemocracyAndrew R. N. Ross, Cristian Vaccari & Andrew ChadwickMass Communication and Society
2022-07-07An Overdue Contribution: Mass Communication Theory in the Security of DemocracyMichael McDevitt, Perry Parks & Stephanie CraftMass Communication and Society
2022-07-07Political Identity and News Media Choice: The Polarizing Logic of Selective Exposure During the Catalan Independence ConflictLidia Valera-OrdazMass Communication and Society
2022-07-07Missionaries of Excellence? Post-award Role Orientations of Journalism Prize WinnersJoy Kibarabara, David Cheruiyot & Benjamin MuindiJournalism Studies
2022-07-07Testing the Impact of Masking Identity in News Accounts on Perceptions of Organizations and RisksPatric R. Spence,
Kenneth A. Lachlan,
Renee Kaufmann
Electronic News
2022-07-08A Conversation with Katie Strang, The Athletic Investigative ReporterPamela E. WalckAmerican Journalism
2022-07-08IRE and the Institutionalization of Investigative JournalismJames L. AucoinAmerican Journalism
2022-07-08Good and Shadow Father: A CDA of Malaysian Newspaper’s Reception of PM Muhyiddin’s Abah ArchetypeKhin-Wee ChenJournalism Practice
2022-07-08Personalisation in Journalism: Ethical insights and blindspots in Finnish legacy mediaHenrik Rydenfelt,
Lauri Haapanen,
Jesse Haapoja,
Tuukka Lehtiniemi
2022-07-08Understanding Alternative News Media and Its Contribution to DiversityKaroline Andrea Ihlebæk, Tine Ustad Figenschou, Scott A. Eldridge II, Lena Frischlich, Stephen Cushion & Kristoffer HoltDigital Journalism
2022-07-08Alternative Media/Journalism and the Communicative Politics of ContestationSilvio Waisbord Digital Journalism
2022-07-08Beyond Cheerleading: Navigating the Boundaries of Science Journalism in South AfricaSuzanne Franks, Marina Joubert, Rebecca Wells & Lali van ZuydamOJournalism Studies
2022-07-09Exploring the link between media concentration and news content diversity using automated text analysisJonathan Hendrickx,
Annelien Van Remoortere
2022-07-09Editor’s note, Fall 2022EditorialNewspaper Research Journal
2022-07-09Where public interest and public benefit meet: the application of charity law to journalismSteven Barnett, Tom Murdoch & Judith TownendJournal of Media Law
2022-07-09Journalism and the Representation of Truth in the Nigerian Postcolonial LiteratureSamuel Chinaza Ikueze & Onyemuche Anele EjesuAfrican Journalism Studies
2022-07-10Nihonjin after 3.11: the construction of Japaneseness in times of national crisis
Jaehyeon Jeong
2022-07-10Systemic issues with narratives of identity: Toxicity and esports media professionalsMateusz Felczak Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2022-07-11How Do South Korean Podcasts Reflect Changes in Journalistic Norms and Practices? Comparing Podcasts of Professional Journalists with Podcasts of Non-JournalistsNa Yeon Lee,
Jeehyun Kim,
Changsook Kim
Media International Australia
2022-07-11Scrutinising South African media companies’ strategies for Generation Z’s news consumptionLucky Brian Dlamini,
Glenda Daniels
Media, Culture & Society
2022-07-11A Conversation with Connie Chung, Longtime Network News AnchorNicholas HirshonAmerican Journalism
2022-07-11A Conversation with Jane Seymour, Star of The Absolute TruthNicholas HirshonAmerican Journalism
2022-07-13Entering the “foxhole”: Partisan media priming and the application of racial justice in AmericaAndrew M. Bell,
Christopher D. DeSante,
Thomas Gift,
Candis Watts Smith
Research & Politics
2022-07-13Networked Huawei Agendas During the U.S.-China Trade Conflict: The Interrelationships Between Huawei, the News Media, and Public TweetsZahedur Rahman Arman
International Journal of Communication
2022-07-13Media Trust and the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Analysis of Short-Term Trust Changes, Their Ideological Drivers and Consequences in SwitzerlandSilke Adam,
Aleksandra Urman,
Dorothee Arlt,
Teresa Gil-Lopez,
Mykola Makhortykh,
Michaela Maier
Communication Research
2022-07-13Perceived Influence of Partisan News and Online News Participation: Third-person Effect, Hostile Media Phenomenon, and Cognitive ElaborationSeungsu Lee,
Kyungmo Kim
Communication Research
2022-07-13Media literacy education through an online space: Co-designing of a participative website in media literacy for teachersMania Alehpour,
Margareta Melin,
Ebrahim Talaee
Media International Australia
2022-07-14Off limits: The role of news and social media in developing sexual assault and harassment as a campaign issue during the Indian parliamentary elections of 2019Pallavi Guha Global Media and Communication
2022-07-14Media Framing of Older People During the Coronavirus Pandemic in SpainMaría Dolores Meneses-Fernández & Juana Dolores Santana-HernándezJournalism Practice
2022-07-14Media Discourses and Representation of Marginalized Communities in Multicultural SocietiesSadia Jamil & Jessica RetisJournalism Practice
2022-07-14Solutions Journalism: How Its Evolving Definition, Practice and Perceived Impact Affects Underrepresented CommunitiesAnna Grace UseryJournalism Practice
2022-07-14Digitalisation as Discursive Construction: Entrepreneurial Labour and the Fading of Horizons of Expectations for Newcomer JournalistsDimitris Trimithiotis & Sophia StavrouJournalism Studies
2022-07-14“Behold the Wicked Abominations That They Do”: The Nineteenth-Century Roots of the Evidentiary Approach in American Investigative JournalismGerry LanosgaAmerican Journalism
2022-07-14Watergate at 50: Solidifying a Mythical NarrativeW. Joseph Campbell
American Journalism
2022-07-14When a Plan Comes Together: An Analysis of Assessment Plans From Accredited U.S. Journalism and Mass Communication ProgramsTimothy E. Bajkiewicz,
Katherine Saunders Nash
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-07-15Predicting COVID: Understanding audience responses to predictive journalism via online commentsMowafak Allaham,
Nicholas Diakopoulos
New Media & Society
2022-07-15Signaling news outlet trust in a Google Knowledge Panel: A conjoint experiment in Brazil, Germany, and the United StatesGina M Masullo,
Claudia Wilhelm,
Taeyoung Lee,
João Gonçalves,
Martin J Riedl,
Natalie J Stroud
New Media & Society
2022-07-15The Final Word on sports podcasts: audience perceptions of media engagement and news consumptionPeter English,
Jacqueline Burgess,
Christian Jones
Media International Australia
2022-07-15News Values Revisited: A Comparison Between Citizen and Mainstream Media in Hong KongChun Hong Tse & Roberto SpiezioJournalism Practice
2022-07-15Comparing the Empowerment Dynamics of Traditional Media and Social News Sites: The Case of GameStopMaria Laura Ruiu & Massimo Ragnedda Digital Journalism
2022-07-15The State Deputizing Citizens to Discipline Digital News Media: The Case of the IT Rules 2021 in IndiaAman AbhishekDigital Journalism
2022-07-15Understanding Peripheral Journalism from the Boundary: A Conceptual FrameworkPhoebe Maares & Folker HanuschDigital Journalism
2022-07-16The Immigration Issue and the vox Populi: Letters to the Editor in six Scandinavian Newspapers 1970–2016Jan Fredrik Hovden &Hilmar MjeldeJournalism Studies
2022-07-16Lajos Kossuth and the Transnational News: A Computational and Multilingual Approach to Digitized Newspaper CollectionsJana Keck, Mila Oiva & Paul FyfeMedia History
2022-07-16Who is a journalist now? Recognising atypical journalism work in the digital media economyLawrie Zion,
Timothy Marjoribanks,
Penny O’Donnell
Media International Australia
2022-07-16Examining Podcast Listeners’ Perceptions of the Journalistic Functions of PodcastsKelsey Whipple,
Ivy Ashe,
Lourdes M. Cueva Chacón
Electronic News
2022-07-17“I’m Described as Good Journalist Because I Am ‘Tough’”: How Femininity Is Still Considered a Weakness in Zimbabwean NewsroomsSibongile MpofuAfrican Journalism Studies
2022-07-17Countering Algorithmic Bias and Disinformation and Effectively Harnessing the Power of AI in MediaDonghee Shin,
Michael Hameleers,
Yong Jin Park,
Jeong Nam Kim,
Daniel Trielli,
Nicholas Diakopoulos,
Natali Helberger,
Seth C. Lewis,
Oscar Westlund,
Sabine Baumann
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-07-17Editorial EssayDaniela DimitrovaJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2022-07-17International Broadcasting During Times of Conflict: A Comparison of China’s and Russia's Communication StrategiesChang Zhang, Dechun Zhang & Philippe BlanchardJournalism Practice
2022-07-17“It’s Just as Whitewashed as Ever”: Social Media Sourcing as a Diversification Tool for JournalistsDanielle Deavours, Will Heath & Ryan BroussardJournalism Practice
2022-07-17At the Extremes: Assessing Readability, Grade Level, Sentiment, and Tone in US Media OutletsJessica F. Sparks & Jay D. HmielowskiJournalism Studies
2022-07-18The Relevance of Emerging Technologies for Media Conglomerates. A Question of the Planning Horizon of Technology Investment ActivitiesMagdalena Ciepluch & Uwe EisenbeisInternational Journal on Media Management
2022-07-18User acceptance of 360-degree video news: an integrated model of extended TAM and U&G perspectivesYunju Kim & Heejun LeeCommunication Research and Practice
2022-07-18How the Greek television landscape changed during the financial crisisAnna Podara & Maria MatsiolaJournal of Media Business Studies
2022-07-19Platformization as a Structural Dimension for Public Service Media in Germany: The funk Content Network and the New Interstate Media TreatySven StollfußTelevision & New Media
2022-07-20The “Humoralist” as Journalistic Jammer: Zondag met Lubach and the Discursive Construction of Investigative ComedyJonas Nicolaï, Pieter Maeseele & Mark BoukesJournalism Studies
2022-07-20Chickens, Inc.: Was UK Newspapers’ Framing of the Chicken Meat Production Industry Compatible with Holding Corporate Power to Account?Marie Garnier, Margit van Wessel, Peter A. Tamás & Severine van BommelJournalism Studies
2022-07-21It’s not enough to be seen: exploring how journalists show aged care in Australia from 2018-2021TJ Thomson, Sarah Johnstone, Jen Seevinck, Evonne Miller & Sarah Holland-BattCommunication Research and Practice
2022-07-21Navigating the terrain: a typology of mapping in journalism studiesAlison McAdam & Kristy HessCommunication Research and Practice
2022-07-21The quality oriented, the audience engagers, the transparent: Types of editorial trust-building in German news outletsBernadette UthJournalism
2022-07-21The up-down-up pandemic news experience: A mixed-method approach to its negative and positive effects on psychological wellbeingAn Nguyen,
Antje Glück,
Daniel Jackson
2022-07-21The Effects of Journalists’ Job Perceptions on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Moderated by AltruismXudong Liu, Shengnan Pang & Xigen LiJournalism Practice
2022-07-22Negotiating the boundaries of the politically sayable: populist radical right talk scandals in the German mediaMaximilian Grönegräs & Benjamin De CleenCritical Discourse Studies
2022-07-22“Free Press Wins in Underhanded Fashion”: Columnist Drew Pearson’s Blackmail of General Douglas MacArthurMark FeldsteinAmerican Journalism
2022-07-22Technologies of last resort: The discursive construction of digital activism in Wired and Time magazine, 2010–2021Victoria Balan,
Delia Dumitrica
New Media & Society
2022-07-23What’s not talked about: a content analysis of health issues in Black-oriented magazinesTeairah TaylorMedia, Culture & Society
2022-07-23Curious Citizens: Whose Voices Are Heard in “People-Powered” Public Media?Betsy O’Donovan, Carolyn Nielsen & Jeff ShawJournalism Practice
2022-07-23Local Knowledge and Epistemic Authority in Entrepreneurial JournalismKarin Wahl-JorgensenDigital Journalism
2022-07-23Journalistic Visibility as Celebrity and its Consequences for HarassmentKaitlin C. Miller & Seth C. LewisDigital Journalism
2022-07-24The Role of Legacy Media and Social Media in Increasing Public Engagement About Violence Against Women in TurkeyOzen Bas,
Christine L. Ogan,
Onur Varol
Social Media + Society
2022-07-24Explicating Local: An Audience-Based Framing of Local Community and Local NewsMatthew S. Weber & Nick MathewsDigital Journalism
2022-07-24News from Messenger? A Cross-National Comparative Study of News Media's Audience Engagement Strategies via Facebook Messenger ChatbotsXinzhi Zhang, Rui Zhu, Li Chen, Zhirun Zhang & Minyi ChenDigital Journalism
2022-07-24Go, Robots, Go! the Value and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence for Local JournalismAlexandra BorchardtDigital Journalism
2022-07-24The year of the missing woman: An analysis of women as sources and subjects in 2018 midterm campaign coverage by Texas newspapersDakota Park-OzeeFeminist Media Studies
2022-07-24Communicating environmental issues across media: an exploration of international news flows between twitter and traditional mediaYuping Mao, Ericka Menchen-Trevino & Jane CroninThe Journal of International Communication
2022-07-24There are (almost) no robots in journalism. An attempt at a differentiated classification and terminology of automation in journalism on the base of the concept of distributed and gradualised actionSandra Mooshammer Publizistik
2022-07-25Bringing History back into Media Systems Theory. Multiple Modernities and Institutional Legacies in Latin AmericaMartin Echeverria,
Rubén Arnoldo González,
Vıctor Hugo Reyna
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2022-07-26How a peripheral ideology becomes mainstream: Strategic performance, audience reaction, and news media amplification in the case of QAnon Twitter accountsYini Zhang,
Zhiying Yue,
Xiyu Yang,
Fan Chen,
Nojin Kwak
New Media & Society
2022-07-26“We Write to Dismantle Prejudices, Myths and Lies”: The Role of Journalists in the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in RomaniaRaluca Muresan & Minodora SalcudeanJournalism Studies
2022-07-26A Three-dimensional Model of News Recirculation: Towards a Unified Understanding of News SharingJena Barchas-LichtensteinJournalism Studies
2022-07-27“I Don’t Want to Die in Here”: Absence and Vulnerability in COVID-19 News Coverage of PrisonsAdina Schneeweis,
Katherine A. Foss
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2022-07-27Press coverage of sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church in France (2016–2020)Sophie Dubec,
Céline Morin,
Laëtitia Atlani-Duault
European Journal of Communication
2022-07-27Truth in a sea of data: adoption and use of data search tools among researchers and journalistsHaiyan Jia, Larrisa I. Miller, Jessica Hicks, Ethan Moscot, Alissa Landberg, Jeff HeflinO & Brian D. DavisonInformation, Communication & Society
2022-07-28Journalistic role orientations in Rwanda, Uganda and KenyaKaren McIntyre,
Meghan Sobel Cohen
International Communication Gazette
2022-07-28Anniversary Journalism in China: Mediated Memories of the Second World WarWeili Wang &John DowneyJournalism Studies
2022-07-28Risks and Resilience in the Case of Brazilian Female Journalists: How Women Perceive Violence Against Media Professionals and Cope with its EffectsGisele Barão da Silva, Giulia Sbaraini FontesO & Francisco Paulo Jamil MarquesJournalism Studies
2022-07-28Fake news by any other name: phrases for false content and effects on public perceptions of U.S. news mediaJessica R. Collier & Emily Van DuynJournal of Applied Communication Research
2022-07-29How Right-Wing Populist Comments Affect Online Deliberation on News Media Facebook Pages
Daniel Thiele, Tjaša TurnšekMedia and Communication
2022-07-29Selective Avoidance: Understanding How Position and Proportion of Online Incivility Influence News EngagementShuning Lu,
Hai Liang,
Gina M. Masullo
Communication Research
2022-07-29‘New Forces’: How Classroom Textbooks Are Redefining Journalism©Caryn CoatneyJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-07-29Toward a Taxonomy of News VideoDenby WellerJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2022-07-29Chinese Digital Platform: “We Write What the Algorithm Wants”Emeka UmejeiDigital Journalism
2022-07-29Agents of Change and Contentious Agents Interwoven Narratives in the Visual Representations of the Protester in News Magazine CoversDelia Dumitrica, Alexandra SchwingesInternational Journal of Communication
2022-07-29The Other Side of the Pandemic: Effects of Racialized News Coverage on Attitudes Toward Asians and ImmigrantsMartina Santia, Ayla Oden, Seon-Woo Kim, Raymond J. Pingree, Jessica Wyers, Kirill Bryanov
International Journal of Communication
2022-07-29Taking the Audience Seriously? The Normative Construction of Engaged JournalismJacob L. Nelson, Thomas R. SchmidtInternational Journal of Communication
2022-07-29The Dialectic Polarization of Consensus Formation: An Analysis of Civic Studies Media Discourse in IsraelElie Friedman, Michal Neubauer-ShaniInternational Journal of Communication
2022-07-29Organizational artefacts in European student radio: Exploring the organizational culture of student radio in EuropeAri Hautaniemi International Communication Gazette
2022-07-29Autonomous Movements and Their MediaMitch PerkinsJournal of Communication Inquiry
2022-07-30‘They don’t need us’: affective precarity and critique in transnational media work from the margins of ‘Cultural China’Siao Yuong FongMedia, Culture & Society
2022-07-30There’s a trafficking jam on the underground railroad: black abolitionist icons and anti-trafficking mediaLyndsey P. BeutinFeminist Media Studies
2022-07-30Beauty and the breasts: constructions of feminist sexual politics in vanity fair’s 2017 Emma Watson photoshootAyleen Cabas-Mijares & Joy JenkinsFeminist Media Studies

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