Research of November 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-11-01Is pro-Kremlin Disinformation Effective? Evidence from UkraineAaron Erlich, Calvin Garner
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-01No Polarization From Partisan News: Over-Time Evidence From Trace DataMagdalena Wojcieszak, Sjifra de Leeuw, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Seungsu Lee, Ke M. Huang-Isherwood, Brian Weeks
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-01Media Systems and Attention Cycles: Volume and Topics of News Coverage on COVID-19 in the United States and ChinaChristopher D. Wirz, Anqi Shao, Luye Bao, Emily L. Howell, Hannah Monroe, Kaiping Chen
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-11-01“Successful” identity transformation: the representation of Israeli post-Soviet immigrant women in La’ishaYulia Shevchenko & Einat LachoverFeminist Media Studies
2021-11-01The Potential of Interactivity and Gamification Within Immersive Journalism & Interactive Documentary (I-Docs) to Explore Climate Change Literacy and Inoculate Against MisinformationLawrence Brannon, Lisa Gold, Johnny Magee & Geoff WaltonJournalism Practice
2021-11-02Business as Usual: How Journalism’s Professional Logics Continue to Shape News Organization Policies Around Social Media AudiencesKelly FinchamJournalism Practice
2021-11-02Fighting an Armed Doctrine: The Struggle to Modernize German Propaganda During World War I (1914–1918)Elisabeth Fondren
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-11-02War Propaganda and the Patriotic Model of the News in the 21st CenturySarah Oates
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-11-02Propaganda and Myth: The Case of FranceRoss F. Collins
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-11-03Audience research is far from new, so don’t overlook the old goldminesDane S. Claussen
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-11-03The Normativity of Communication Research: A Content Analysis of Normative Claims in Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (1970–2014)Stephanie Geise, Ulrike Klinger, Melanie Magin, Kathrin Friederike Müller, Cordula Nitsch, Claudia Riesmeyer, Liane Rothenberger, Christina Schumann, Annika Sehl, Cornelia Wallner & Arne Freya ZillichMass Communication and Society
2021-11-04Making Sense of Pandemic-Induced Changes in Journalism and BeyondEun-Ju LeeDigital Journalism
2021-11-04Canaries in the climate coal mine: Climate change and COVID-19 as meta-crisisLaura RobinsonFirst Monday
2021-11-04Electoral news sharing: a study of changes in news coverage and Facebook sharing behaviour during the 2018 Mexican electionsErnesto de León, Susan Vermeer & Damian TrillingInformation, Communication & Society
2021-11-05A data-driven approach to studying changing vocabularies in historical newspaper collections Simon Hengchen, Ruben Ros, Jani Marjanen, Mikko TolonenDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2021-11-05“We always report under pressure”: Professionalism and journalistic identity among regional journalists in a conflict zoneSayyed Fawad Ali Shah, Tamar Ginossar, Muhammad Ittefaq
2021-11-05The Impact of Political Identity and Outgroup Partisan Media Contact on Intergroup Bias and Unwillingness to Compromise with the Opposing Party: An Intergroup Threat ApproachMei-Chen Lin &Paul M. HaridakisMass Communication and Society
2021-11-07Beyond the state as the ‘cold monster’: the importance of Russian alternative media in reconfiguring the hegemonic state discourseKirill Filimonov & Nico CarpentierCritical Discourse Studies
2021-11-07(Anti-)feminism and cisgenderism in sports mediaGabriel Knott-Fayle, Elizabeth Peel & Gemma WitcombFeminist Media Studies
2021-11-07A Different Kind of Transgender Celebrity: From Entertainment Narrative to the “Wrong Body” Discourse in Japanese Media CultureMichelle H. S. Ho
Television & New Media
2021-11-08Gatekeeping, Gatewatching and the Art of Crowdsourcing in African Media Systems: A Case of Zambian NewsroomsGregory Gondwe
2021-11-08Convergence of linear television and digital platforms: An analysis of YouTube offer and consumptionAna González-Neira, Jorge Vázquez-Herrero, Natalia Quintas-Froufe
European Journal of Communication
2021-11-08Anti-Media Discourse and Violence Against Journalists: Evidence From Chávez’s VenezuelaKyong Mazzaro
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-08A 20-year stocktake of Aotearoa New Zealand’s performance in the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP): Feminisation of the newsroom but still not gender paritySusan Fountaine, Cathy Strong, Flora Galy-Badenas & Leon SalterCommunication Research and Practice
2021-11-09Promises Granted: Venture Philanthropy and Tech Ideology in Metajournalistic DiscourseBrian Creech & Perry ParksJournalism Studies
2021-11-09Media and Science Policy: Who Influences Whom Regarding Complementary and Alternative Medicines RegulationLorena Cano-Orón, Emilia H. Lopera-Pareja
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-09Deciding what’s (sharable) news: Social movement organizations as curating actors in the political information systemThomas J BillardCommunication Monographs
2021-11-09How African countries respond to fake news and hate speechLisa Garbe, Lisa-Marie Selvik & Pauline LemaireInformation, Communication & Society
2021-11-09Resisting Privilege: Effects of a White Privilege Message Intervention and Conservative Media Use on Freedom Threat and Racial AttitudesMatthew A. Lapierre & Jennifer Stevens AubreyMass Communication and Society
2021-11-10The Discursive Constitution of Mafia Journalism as a Network BeatSergio SplendoreJournalism Practice
2021-11-10“The American Outlaws Are Our People”: Fox Sports and the Branded Ambivalence of an American Soccer Fan at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World CupCharlotte E. Howell
Television & New Media
2021-11-10Affordances for Sense-Making: Exploring Their Availability for Users of Online News SitesDamon Kiesow, Shuhua Zhou & Lei GuoDigital Journalism
2021-11-10Resource Exchanges Between Mobile News Apps and Third-PartiesAske KammerDigital Journalism
2021-11-10Alternative News Orientation and Trust in Mainstream Media: A Longitudinal Audience PerspectiveKim Andersen, Adam Shehata & Dennis AnderssonDigital Journalism
2021-11-10Print Imprint: The Connection Between the Physical Newspaper and the SelfNick Mathews
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-11-11Exposure to television and support for restrictive immigration policies in the midst of the immigration crisis: A cross-national comparisonNella Geurts, Roos Geurts, Peer Scheepers, Maurice VergeerSocial Science Quarterly
2021-11-11Framing socio-political controversy: The 2012 Spanish labor reform as a case study of cascading activationSergio Álvarez Sánchez, Alfredo Arceo Vacas
European Journal of Communication
2021-11-11A theory of media freedomDamian TambiniJournal of Media Law
2021-11-11Agenda Setting by News and by the Audience in a News Portal Panel ExperimentMartina Santia, Raymond J. Pingree, Kirill Bryanov & Brian K. Watson
Mass Communication and Society
2021-11-11Reporting from My Home: Location Effect on the Para-Social Phenomenon and the News Broadcast IndustryKirstin Pellizzaro & Madeleine LisebladJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-11-11Hostile Media Perception on Twitter: The Effect of Mediated Social Identity Cues on Biased PerceptionEric J. Cooks & Anneliese BollandJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-11-12The Coronavirus Pandemic as a Critical Moment for Digital JournalismThorsten Quandt & Karin Wahl-JorgensenDigital Journalism
2021-11-12Deepfakes and documentary practice in an age of misinformation
Craig HightContinuum
2021-11-12The Imagined IndustryElena MarisInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-12Elaboration, Cancer Worry, and Risk Perception Mediate the Association Between News Attention on the Internet and Intention to Uptake HPV Vaccination: Extending the Cognitive Mediation ModelLi Li, John Robert BautistaInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-12From Invisibility to the Public Sphere: The Hybrid Media Strategy of a New Party (Podemos, Spain, 2014–2015)Víctor Sampedro, Rafael Durán, Francisco Seoane, Alessandra Farné
International Journal of Communication
2021-11-13Understanding digital disconnection beyond media studiesHallvard Moe, Ole Jacob Madsen
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-11-13When media events fail: the transformation of the Israeli peace discourse at the funeral of Shimon PeresYuval KatzCritical Studies in Media Communication
2021-11-14Assessing conditions for inter-firm collaboration as a revenue strategy for politically pressured news mediaClare Elizabeth CookJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-11-14“She’s the communication expert”: digital labor and the implications of datafied relational communicationSigne Sophus LaiFeminist Media Studies
2021-11-14#MeToo movement in political media era: a comparison of U.S. media and Korean mediaMeehyun Jeon, Hyoung Oh Kim & Chang Wan WooCommunication Quarterly
2021-11-15Constructing the “Gender Beat:” U.S. Journalists Refocus the News in the Aftermath of #MetooMeg HeckmanJournalism Practice
2021-11-15Advancing digital disconnection research: Introduction to the special issueStine Lomborg, Brita Ytre-Arne
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-11-16Who is to Blame? Analysis of Government and News Media Frames During the 2014 Earthquake in ChileMagdalena Saldaña
Journalism Studies
2021-11-16The State of the News Beat: Expertise and Division of Labour in Current Newsrooms
Zvi Reich, Oded Jackman, Tal Mishaly & Liri BlumJournalism Practice
2021-11-16Oh, no, Pokémon GO! Media panic and fear of mobility in news coverage of an augmented reality phenomenonTal Laor, Hananel Rosenberg, Nili Steinfeld
Mobile Media & Communication
2021-11-17Resistance to ‘Framing’? The Portrayal of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong's Online MediaIsabella Ng, Sharice Fung-Yee Choi & Alex Lih-Shing ChanJournalism Practice
2021-11-18One Recommender Fits All? An Exploration of User Satisfaction With Text-Based News Recommender SystemsMareike Wieland,
Gerret von Nordheim, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw
Media and Communication
2021-11-18When Algorithms Recommend What’s New(s): New Dynamics of Decision-Making and Autonomy in NewsgatheringHannes Cools, Baldwin Van Gorp, Michaël OpgenhaffenMedia and Communication
2021-11-18Epistemic Overconfidence in Algorithmic News SelectionMariken van der Velden, Felicia LoecherbachMedia and Communication
2021-11-18Algorithmic or Human Source? Examining Relative Hostile Media Effect With a Transformer-Based Framework
Chenyan Jia, Ruibo LiuMedia and Communication
2021-11-18Investigating Algorithmic Misconceptions in a Media Context: Source of a New Digital Divide?
Brahim Zarouali, Natali Helberger, Claes H. de VreeseMedia and Communication
2021-11-18How Algorithmic Systems Changed Communication in a Digital Society
Sanne Kruikemeier, Sophie C. Boerman, Nadine BolMedia and Communication
2021-11-18The coverage of clashes between migrants and authorities at the U.S.–Mexico border: a comparative discourse analysisJorge Freddy Bolanos Lopez & Linda Jean KenixThe Journal of International Communication
2021-11-18The role of multi-platform news consumption in explaining civic participation during the COVID-19 pandemic: A communication mediation approachCato Waeterloos, Michel Walrave, Koen Ponnet
New Media & Society
2021-11-18Heroes of the Day After Tomorrow: “The Oil Worker” in Norwegian Climate Coverage 2017–2021Andreas Ytterstad, Camilla Houeland & David Jordhus-LierJournalism Practice
2021-11-18News Sharing Using Self-destructive Content in Digital Native Media from an International PerspectiveJosé Sixto-García, Ana Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez & Xosé López-GarcíaJournalism Practice
2021-11-19From “Cool Observer” to “Emotional Participant”: The Practice of Immersive JournalismNele Goutier, Yael de Haan, Kiki de Bruin, Sophie Lecheler & Sanne KruikemeierJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Hearts and Hahas of the Public: Exploring How Protest Frames and Sentiment Influence Emotional Emoji Engagement with Facebook News PostsDanielle K. Kilgo & Summer HarlowJournalism Studies
2021-11-19“Tell the Story as You’d Tell It to Your Friends in a Pub”: Emotional Storytelling in Election Reporting by BuzzFeed News and Vice NewsJames Dennis & Susana Sampaio-DiasJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Critical Emotions: Cultural Criticism as an Intrinsically Emotional Type of JournalismNete Nørgaard KristensenJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Journalistic Passion as Commodity: A Managerial PerspectiveCarl-Gustav Lindén, Katja Lehtisaari, Mikko Grönlund & Mikko VilliJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Replacing the Public with Customers: How Emotions Define Today’s Broadcast Journalism Markets. A Comparative Study Between Television Journalists in the UK and IndiaAntje GlückJournalism Studies
2021-11-19The Aftertaste you Cannot Erase. Career Histories, Emotions and Emotional Management in Local NewsroomsLenka Waschková CísařováJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Journalism and Emotional WorkMervi Pantti & Karin Wahl-JorgensenJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Journalism as an Affective Institution. Emotional Labor and the Discourse on Fraud at Der SpiegelMargreth Lünenborg & Débora MedeirosJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Journalism as an Affective Institution. Emotional Labor and the Discourse on Fraud at Der SpiegelMargreth Lünenborg & Débora MedeirosJournalism Studies
2021-11-19Tired, Hungry, and on Deadline: Affect and Emotion in the Practice of Conflict JournalismRichard StupartJournalism Studies
2021-11-20State as Salesman: International Economic Engagement and Foreign News Coverage in ChinaHanzhang Liu & Chengyuan JiPolitical Communication
2021-11-21A content analysis of newspaper coverage of maternal mortality from 2010-2019Amy Delaney & Gabi N. SingletonCommunication Research Reports
2021-11-21Ethnic news and its effects on presidential approval among Chinese Americans during the Covid-19 pandemicJiehua ZhangThe Journal of International Communication
2021-11-22Online Strategies of the Largest Broadcasters in the Times of Uncertainty. The Case of RussiaElena Vartanova, Andrey Vyrkovsky & Daria VyuginaInternational Journal on Media Management
2021-11-22Journalists’ Misjudgement of Audience OpinionDavid Nicolas Hopmann, Andreas R.T. Schuck
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-22Media Consensus and Divergences in Norway During the Second Wave of Coronavirus InfectionsBirgitte Kjos Fonn & Nathalie Hyde-ClarkeJournalism Practice
2021-11-22News Stories About Fallen Journalists: The Institutional History of the Hero Myth in Journalistic PracticeRaymond McCaffreyJournalism Practice
2021-11-22Verification of Digital Sources in Swedish Newsrooms — A Technical Issue or a Question of Newsroom Culture?
Malin Picha Edwardsson, Walid Al-Saqaf & Gunnar NygrenJournalism Practice
2021-11-22More Than Numbers:An Intersectional Examination of Media Portrayals of Formerly Incarcerated Women Gladys and Jamie ScottSherri WilliamsFeminist Media Studies
2021-11-23Presenting the People's Republic: what drives images of China in the press?Runping Zhu, Jinrui Wei, Richard Krever, Yu Huang
Media International Australia
2021-11-23My pandemic news is better than yours: audience perceptions of early news coverage about Covid-19
Mallory R. PerrymanCommunication Research Reports
2021-11-23Journalists on Instagram: Presenting Professional Identity and Role on Image-focused Social MediaDiana BossioJournalism Practice
2021-11-23Containing a Corona Misinfodemic and Covidiocy: Political Talk Shows on German Public-Service TVJana Fedtke, Mohammed Ibahrine, Bouziane Zaid & Don Donghee ShinJournalism Practice
2021-11-23The “Audience Logic” in Digital Journalism: An Exploration of Shifting News Logics Across Media Types and TimeSina Blassnig & Frank EsserJournalism Studies
2021-11-24Youth Political Talk in the Changing Media Environment: A Cross-National TypologyNeta Kligler-Vilenchik, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Pablo J. Boczkowski, Kaori Hayashi, Eugenia Mitchelstein, Mikko Villi
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-11-24‘The race for space’: capitalism, the country and the city in Britain under covid 19Jilly Boyce Kay & Helen WoodContinuum
2021-11-24Gendered power relations in the digital age: an analysis of Japanese women’s media choice and use within a global contextKaori Hayashi, Pablo J. Boczkowski, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik , Eugenia Mitchelstein, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt & Mikko VilliFeminist Media Studies
2021-11-24‘Sharing expertise with the public’: The production of communicability and the ethics of media dialogical networkingSimon SmithDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-11-24A Sadness Bias in Political News Sharing? The Role of Discrete Emotions in the Engagement and Dissemination of Political News on FacebookErnesto de León, Damian Trilling
Social Media + Society
2021-11-25Solving Egypt’s Economic Crisis: The Strategic Role of Chinese, Russian, and Egyptian Media NarrativesMarco Ehrl & Robert HinckInternational Journal of Strategic Communication
2021-11-25Indigenous-language Media Research in Africa: Gains, Losses, Towards a New Research AgendaThulani Tshabangu & Abiodun SalawuAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-11-27Social media news deserts: Digital inequalities and incidental news exposure on social media platformsMatthew Barnidge, Michael A Xenos
New Media & Society
2021-11-27Power Sharing and Media Freedom in DictatorshipsGreg Chih-Hsin Sheen, Hans H. Tung & Wen-Chin WuPolitical Communication
2021-11-28Pioneers as Peers: How Entrepreneurial Journalists Imagine the Futures of JournalismJuho Ruotsalainen, Sirkka Heinonen, Jaana Hujanen & Mikko VilliDigital Journalism
2021-11-29Fake News Cues: Examining the Impact of Content, Source, and Typology of News Cues on People’s Confidence in Identifying Mis- and DisinformationAmber Hinsley, Avery HoltonInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-29Freedom of Speech and Press in Muslim-Majority CountriesShugofa Dastgeer, Daxton StewartInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-29News Frames in the Context of a Substantial Increase in Migration: Differences Between Media Platforms and Immigrants’ NationalityAndrés Scherman, Nicolle EtchegarayInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-29Covering Technology Risks and Responsibility: Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Algorithms in the MediaCornelia Brantner, Florian SaurweinInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-29Agenda-Cutting Versus Agenda-Building: Does Sponsored Content Influence Corporate News Coverage in U.S. Media?Christopher Joseph Vargo, Michelle A. Amazeen
International Journal of Communication
2021-11-29Media Campaign Strategies in Communicating HIV/AIDS in Zambia: Comparing Risk and Crisis Communication Strategies in Mitigating Behavior Change Among Sex WorkersGregory Gondwe, Eric Kwame AdaeInternational Journal of Communication
2021-11-29More than just collateral damage. Ramifications of the pandemic for freedom of the pressChristina Holtz-BachaPublizistik
2021-11-29Are Journalists Reporting on the Highest-Impact Climate Solutions? Findings from a Survey of Environmental JournalistsAmanda C. Borth, Eryn Campbell, Sammi Munson, Shaelyn M. Patzer, William A. Yagatich & Edward MaibachJournalism Practice
2021-11-29Men’s and Women’s Basketball Coverage in the Spanish Digital Press During the 2016 Rio OlympicsJuana Salido-Fernandez & Ana Maria Muñoz-MuñozJournalism Practice
2021-11-29Mobile News Learning — Investigating Political Knowledge Gains in a Social Media Newsfeed with Mobile Eye TrackingJakob Ohme, Ewa H. Masłowska & Cornelia MothesPolitical Communication
2021-11-30The Representation of Syrian Refugees in Canadian Online Media: A Focus on the Topos of BurdeningManar Mustafa, Zahariah Pilus, Maskanah Mohammad LotfieCanadian Journal of Communication
2021-11-30Are You Frightened? Children’s Cognitive and Affective Reactions to News Coverage of School ShootingsGyo Hyun KooMass Communication and Society
2021-11-30From Global Doom to Sustainable Solutions: International News Magazines’ Multimodal Framing of our Future with Climate ChangeLars Guenther, Michael Brüggemann & Shorouk ElkobrosJournalism Studies
2021-11-30Journalism Education’s Response to the Challenges of Digital Transformation: A Dispositive Analysis of Journalism Training and Education ProgramsSusanne KirchhoffJournalism Studies
2021-11-30Invisible in This Visual World? Work and Working Conditions of Female Photographers in the Global SouthSaumava Mitra, Brenda L. Witherspoon & Sara CretaJournalism Studies
2021-11-30Getting the Story Right: Reader Critiques of “The Last Days of Joe McCarthy”Julie B. LaneAmerican Journalism
2021-11-30Boundaries and Journalistic Authority in Newspaper Coverage of the Hutchins ReportPatrick WaltersAmerican Journalism
2021-11-30Breaking the White Circle: How the Press and Courts Quieted a Chicago Hate Group, 1949–1952Erika J. Pribanic-Smith & Jared SchroederAmerican Journalism
2021-11-30Amelia Bloomer, The Lily, and Early Feminist Discourse in the USTracy LuchtAmerican Journalism
2021-11-30Regaining Control over Nature or Learning to Live in Harmony with It: Media Framing of Environmental Issues Amidst the Coronavirus PandemicOlena Morozova, Olena PankevychCommunication Today
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