Research of November 2020

Journalism Research of November 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-11-02Transnational News Sharing on Social Media: Measuring and Analysing Twitter News Media Repertoires of Domestic and Foreign Audience CommunitiesAdrian Rauchfleisch, Daniel Vogler & Mark EiseneggerDigital Journalism
2020-11-02The Synergistic Effects of Solutions Journalism and Corporate Social Responsibility AdvertisingMinjie LiDigital Journalism
2020-11-02Journalism Policy across the Commonwealth: Partial Answers to Public ProblemsJames MeeseDigital Journalism
2020-11-02Shared Emotion: The Social Amplification of Partisan News on TwitterAriel HasellDigital Journalism
2020-11-02Is citizen journalism dead? An examination of recent developments in the fieldBruce Mutsvairo, Susana SalgadoJournalism
2020-11-02Selection in a Snapshot? The Contribution of Visuals to the Selection and Avoidance of Political News in Information-Rich Media SettingsThomas E. Powell, Michael Hameleers, Toni G. L. A. van der MeerThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-11-02Legitimating falsehood in social media: A discourse analysis of political fake newsEbuka Elias Igwebuike, Lily ChimuanyaDiscourse & Communication
2020-11-03Interplay between media-related perceptions and perceptions of hostility in international conflicts: Results from a study of German and Greek citizensMarco Dohle, Ole Kelm, Uli Bernhard, Björn KleinInternational Communication Gazette
2020-11-03The Effects of News Site Design on Engagement and LearningNatalie Jomini Stroud, Alexander L. Curry & Cynthia PeacockJournalism Practice
2020-11-03Still Images—Moving People? How Media Images of Protest Issues and Movements Influence Participatory IntentionsStephanie Geise, Diana Panke, Axel HeckThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-11-04The price of greater representation: A cross-national analysis of parliamentary representation and media coverage sentiment for womenEran Shor, Alex MiltsovNewspaper Research Journal
2020-11-04Testing for the human capital value of daily newspaper journalists in the era of newsroom downsizingBrian L. MasseyNewspaper Research Journal
2020-11-04Taming the News Feed on Facebook: Understanding Consumptive News Feed Curation through a Social Cognitive PerspectiveShuning LuDigital Journalism
2020-11-04Female journalists covering the Hong Kong protests confront ambivalent sexism on the street and in the newsroomLuwei Rose LuqiuFeminist Media Studies
2020-11-04China’s media organisations’ adoption of the WeChat public platform: news flow network, exploitation and explorationJingyi SunJournal of Media Business Studies
2020-11-04How Types of Facebook Users Approach News Verification in the Mobile Media Age: Insights from the Dual-Information-Processing ModelRebecca Ping YuMass Communication and Society
2020-11-05Framing Robert Mugabe’s Death: A De-colonial AnalysisPhillip SantosAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-11-05When and How User Comments Affect News Readers’ Personal Opinion: Perceived Public Opinion and Perceived News Position as MediatorsEun-Ju Lee ,Yoon Jae Jang & Myojung ChungDigital Journalism
2020-11-05Between Article and Topic: News Events as Level of Analysis and Their Computational IdentificationDamian Trilling & Marieke van HoofDigital Journalism
2020-11-05Digital Press Criticism: The Symbolic Dimensions of Donald Trump’s Assault on U.S. Journalists as the “Enemy of the People”Matt Carlson, Sue Robinson & Seth C. LewisDigital Journalism
2020-11-05Showing off Your Social Capital: Homophily of Professional Reputation and Gender in Journalistic Networks on TwitterPhoebe Maares, Fabienne Lind & Esther GreussingDigital Journalism
2020-11-05The Coming Archival Crisis: How Ephemeral Video Disappears Protest Journalism and Threatens Newsreels of TomorrowAllissa V. RichardsonDigital Journalism
2020-11-05Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Does the Internet Erode Trust in Media? A Comparative Study of 46 CountriesXinchuan Liu, Jia LuInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-05Comparative Media Studies in the Digital Age| Comparative Communication Research: Why We Really Need Some More Fuzzy ThinkingJohn DowneyInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-05Comparing Media Systems and the Digital AgePaolo ManciniInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-05Comparative Research, System Change, and the Complexity of Media SystemsDaniel C. HallinInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-05The stratification of media usage in Finland, 2007–2018: Signs of socio-political polarization?Riie Heikkilä, Adrian Leguina, Semi PurhonenNew Media & Society
2020-11-05The adoption of emerging technology-driven media innovations. A comparative study of the introduction of virtual and augmented reality in the media and manufacturing industriesChristian Zabel & Verena TelkmannJournal of Media Business Studies
2020-11-05Strategy News Is Good News: How Journalistic Coverage of Politics Reduces Affective PolarizationAlon Zoizner, Shaul R. Shenhav, Yair Fogel-Dror & Tamir SheaferPolitical Communication
2020-11-06The Visual Boundaries of Journalism: Native Advertising and the Convergence of Editorial and Commercial ContentRaul Ferrer-Conill, Erik Knudsen, Corinna Lauerer & Aviv BarnoyDigital Journalism
2020-11-06Fragmentation, homogenisation or segmentation? A diary study into the diversity of news consumption in a high-choice media environmentArno Slaets, Pascal Verhoest, Leen d’Haenens, Joeri Minnen, Ignace GlorieuxEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-11-06Re-imagining the quantitative-qualitative relationship through colouring and anchoringBrendan T LawsonJournalism
2020-11-06What’s in a label? The effect of news labels on perceived credibilityCynthia Peacock, Gina M Masullo, Natalie Jomini StroudJournalism
2020-11-08Boundaries of Hate: Ethical Implications of the Discursive Construction of Hate Speech in U.S. Opinion JournalismBrett Gregory Johnson, Ryan J. Thomas & Kimberly KellingJournal of Media Ethics
2020-11-09Continuing to digest the report, News Deserts and Ghost Newspapers: Will Local News Survive?Dane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2020-11-09Journalists as Media Educators: Journalistic Media Education as Inclusive Boundary WorkMaarit JaakkolaJournalism Practice
2020-11-10It’s a man’s world at the top: gendered media representations of Julia Gillard and Helen ClarkBlair WilliamsFeminist Media Studies
2020-11-10Maintenance of News Frames: How US, British and Russian News Made Sense of Unfolding Events in the Syrian Chemical Weapons CrisisChristian Baden & Katsiaryna StalpouskayaJournalism Studies
2020-11-10Connected Empires, Connected News
A comparison between Early Modern Spanish and Dutch news books on Brazil’s conquest
Carmen Espejo-CalaMedia History
2020-11-10Few winners, many losers: the COVID-19 pandemic’s dramatic and unequal impact on independent news mediaRasmus Kleis Nielsen, Federica Cherubini, Simge AndıReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2020-11-10The journalism exception in UK data protection lawBenjamin WongJournal of Media Law
2020-11-11Accommodating interests? Elite journalism, green interest groups and the U.K. reporting of climate changeJulian MatthewsNewspaper Research Journal
2020-11-11Journalism and the Voice Intelligence IndustryJoseph Turow Digital Journalism commentary
2020-11-11Forgotten Frames: Proposing the Concept of “Digressive Framing” Using Left-Out Frames in Chinese Media Coverage of Left-Behind ChildrenRenita Coleman, Tong ChenInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-11Associations Between Media Representations of Physical, Personality, and Social Attributes by Gender: A Content Analysis of Children’s Animated Film CharactersMaría Pilar León González, Álvaro Infantes Paniagua, Tracey Thornborrow, Onofre Contreras JordánInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-11Non-journalistic competitors of news media brands on Google and YouTube: From solid competition to a liquid media marketIsabelle Krebs, Philipp Bachmann, Gabriele Siegert, Rafael Schwab & Raphael WilliJournal of Media Business Studies
2020-11-11News Organizations and Social Cohesion in Small, Large, and Global-Local CommunitiesBumsoo Kim, Wilson Lowrey, Nicholas Buzzelli & William HeathMass Communication and Society
2020-11-11Election Night Broadcasts and the Hybrid Media System: A Case Study of AustraliaDaniel Beratis, Scott WrightThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-11-12Considerations on the Effectiveness of the NNPAFred CarrollJournalism & Communication Monographs
2020-11-12A Parallel Reality: The Challenges of Black Press HistoryGwyneth MellingerJournalism & Communication Monographs
2020-11-12The Negro/National Newspaper Publishers Association and Its Dual Roles as a Trade and Advocacy Organization, 1940–2020Kimberley Mangun, Earnest L. Perry, Jr.Journalism & Communication Monographs
2020-11-12Hearts and Minds: Harnessing Leadership, Culture and Talent to Really Go Digital
Kucy KuengReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2020-11-13Block, Hide or Follow—Personal News Curation Practices on Social MediaLisa MertenDigital Journalism
2020-11-13The Digital Divide: Addressing Artificial Intelligence in Communication EducationRegina Luttrell, Adrienne Wallace, Christopher McCollough, Jiyoung LeeJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Defining Journalism Innovation in Latin America: Exploration Into Perceptions Among Educators, Students, and JournalistsAmy Schmitz Weiss, Vanessa de Macedo Higgins Joyce, Summer Harlow, Rosental Calmon AlvesJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Speaking Truth to Power: Core Principles for Advancing International Journalism EducationJohn V. Pavlik, Adnan Abu Alsaad, Peter LauferJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Toward a Theorization of Student Journalism Collaboration in International CurriculaBelinda Middleweek, Bruce Mutsvairo, Monica AttardJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13An Analysis of Discussions on Academic Dishonesty in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, Volumes 1 Through 74Giselle A. Auger, Richard D. WatersJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Mapping the History of Journalism & Mass Communication Educator: 30 Years of Publication (1990–2019)Sherice Gearhart, Janice ChoJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13The Evolution of Research in Journalism and Communication: An Analysis of Scholarly CIOS-Indexed Journals From 1915 to PresentDavid J. Atkin, Carolyn Lagoe, Timothy D. Stephen, Archana KrishnanJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Global and Diverse Markers: Challenges and Opportunities That Await Us in 2045Jeremy Harris LipschultzJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Journalism Education in Black and White: A 50-Year Journey Toward DiversityJeffrey S. Wilkinson, William R. Davie, Angeline J. TaylorJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2020-11-13Proactive ephemerality: How journalists use automated and manual tweet deletion to minimize risk and its consequences for social media as a public archiveSharon Ringel, Roei DavidsonNew Media & Society
2020-11-13What You Seek Is Who You Are: An Applied Spatial Model of Newspapers’ Ideological SlantLuigi CuriniThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-11-15University Education and the Quest for the Professionalisation of Journalism in Australia Between the World WarsKate Darian-Smith & Jackie DickensonMedia History
2020-11-16Press freedom in 10 African nations: Citizen attitudes and global rankingsMeghan Sobel CohenInternational Communication Gazette
2020-11-16Inventive Factfinders: Investigative Journalism as Professional Self-representation, Marker of Identity and Boundary WorkFredrik BjerknesJournalism Practice
2020-11-16The Accountability and Transparency of Whistleblowing Platforms Issues of Networked Journalism and Contested BoundariesColin Porlezza & Philip Di SalvoJournalism Studies
2020-11-17Striking the Balance: The Portrayal of Male and Female Athletes on NBC’s Primetime Television Broadcast of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic GamesLauren Reichart Smith, Paul J. MacArthurElectronic News
2020-11-19Predicting Audience-Rated News Quality: Using Survey, Text Mining, and Neural Network MethodsSujin Choi, Hyopil Shin & Seung-Shik KangDigital Journalism
2020-11-19Daily news podcasts: building new habits in the shadow of coronavirusNic Newman, Nathan GalloReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2020-11-19Crimes Against Children: Evaluative Language and News Reports on SentencesSisanda NkoalaJavnost - The Public
2020-11-20Adapting Digital Storytelling Methods to African Contexts: Insights from the Utaifa ProjectA. Terah AmbalaAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-11-20“Nobody Tells us What to Write about”: the Disinformation Media Ecosystem and Its Consumers in the Czech RepublicVáclav Štětka, Jaromír Mazák & Lenka VochocováJavnost - The Public
2020-11-21Content and framing in radio news bulletins in urban and rural HungaryHenrik HargitaiEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-11-21Examining augmented reality in journalism: Presence, knowledge gain, and perceived visual authenticityTanja Aitamurto, Laura Aymerich-Franch, Jorge Saldivar, Catherine Kircos, Yasamin Sadeghi, Sukolsak SakshuwongNew Media & Society
2020-11-22Rethinking Journalism Practice Through Innovative Approaches to Post Conflict ReportingStephen Jukes, Mathew Charles & Karen Fowler-WattJournalism Practice
2020-11-23Closing the Distance? Representation of European Asylum Seekers in Israeli Mainstream, Community, and Social MediaMatan Aharoni & Sabina LissitsaJournalism Practice
2020-11-23Writing between the ‘red lines’: Morocco’s digital media landscapeAbdelfettah Benchenna, Dominique MarchettiMedia, Culture & Society
2020-11-23A war or merely friction? Examining news reports on the current Sino-U.S. trade dispute in The New York Times and China DailyFu Chen & Guofeng WangCritical Discourse Studies
2020-11-23Do High-Choice Media Environments Facilitate News Avoidance? A Longitudinal Study 1997–2016Rune Karlsen, Audun Beyer & Kari Steen-JohnsenJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-11-23Makeover media as fashion journalism: What Not To Wear, fashion, authority, and Gonzo subjectivityArlene Oak & Julia PetrovPopular Communication
2020-11-24New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2020-11-24Self-censorship: Foreign journalists’ reportage of TurkeyMiles P DavisJournalism
2020-11-24Why do so few people share fake news? It hurts their reputationSacha Altay, Anne-Sophie Hacquin, Hugo MercierNew Media & Society
2020-11-24Delighting and Detesting Engagement: Emotional Politics of Junk NewsLaura Savolainen, Damian Trilling, Dimitra LiotsiouSocial Media + Society
2020-11-24Hyperpartisan News Use: Relationships with Partisanship and Cognitive and Affective InvolvementCynthia Peacock, Jennifer Hoewe, Elliot Panek & G. Paul WillisMass Communication and Society
2020-11-24Understanding the differences between climate change deniers and believers’ knowledge, media use, and trust in related information sourcesArunima KrishnaPublic Relations Review
2020-11-25Journalism Education in India: The Widening Gap Between Research and PracticeAditya Sinha, Debabrata BasuAsia Pacific Media Educator
2020-11-25Public Self-Disclosure and Self-Improvement in South African Media: Exploring Audience PerceptionsSimphiwe Emmanuel RensCommunicatio
2020-11-25Multiskilled in Many Ways: Ghanaian Female Journalists between Job and HomeKodwo Jonas Anson Boateng & Epp LaukCommunication Today
2020-11-25The Effect of Media and Political Beliefs and Attitudes on Trust in Political Institutions: A Multilevel Analysis on Data from 21 European CountriesHana Macháčková and Michal TkaczykCommunication Today
2020-11-25The Foreign News and Media Image of the European Union in Current Television News ProductionĽuboš Greguš and Anna Kačincová PredmerskáCommunication Today
2020-11-25A Fake News Classification Framework: Application on Immigration CasesTatyana Vorobyeva, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Fotios-Nikolaos Diamantopoulos, Panagiotis Giannopoulos, Katerina Tavlaridou, Christos Timamopoulos, Vassilios Peristeras, Ioannis Magnisalis and Syed Iftikhar H. ShahCommunication Today
2020-11-25Championing Humanity, Overlooking Atrocity: Edward R. Murrow and the HolocaustLaurel LeffAmerican Journalism
2020-11-25On the Edge of the American Revolution: The Nova Scotia Gazette in 1775Kate DunsmoreAmerican Journalism
2020-11-25Mortimer Thomson’s “Witches of New York”: Undercover Reporting on the Fortune-Telling TradeSamantha PekoAmerican Journalism
2020-11-25“Improving the Race”: The Discourse of Science and Eugenics in Local News Coverage, 1905–1922Rachel Grant & Cristina MislánAmerican Journalism
2020-11-25Baseball and the NewsRonald RodgersAmerican Journalism
2020-11-26Understanding the Audience Turn in Journalism: From Quality Discourse to Innovation Discourse as Anchoring Practices 1995–2020Irene Costera Meijer Journalism Studies
2020-11-26Selective Exposure During Uprisings: Examining the Public’s News Consumption and Sharing Tendencies During the 2019 Lebanon ProtestsJad Melki, Claudia KozmanThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-11-27The Winner-Loser Spiral in Political News Coverage:Investigating the Impact of Poll Coverage on Subsequent Party CoveragePer Oleskog TryggvasonPolitical Communication
2020-11-28Competition and Media Performance: A Cross-National Analysis of Corporate Goals of Media Companies in 12 CountriesChristian-Mathias Wellbrock, Maria Arango Kure, Christopher BuschowInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-28Toward an Interwoven Community of Practice: How Do NGOs Work With Chinese Journalists on Reporting Climate Change?Yeheng Pan, Michaël Opgenhaffen, Baldwin Van GorpInternational Journal of Communication
2020-11-29Adapting to the postmodern medical paradigm: how The Daily Telegraph used emotion and anecdote to legitimise vaccinationSean Ward, John BudarickMedia International Australia
2020-11-29Gaming Disorder: News Media Framing of Video Game Addiction as a Mental IllnessScott Parrott, Ryan Rogers, Nathan A. Towery & Samuel D. HakimJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-11-30'Media and Me' in the Lock-down: An Exploratory Study to Understand Media
consumption pattern among Urban Millennial during Lock-down Period due to Covid-19
Rajeev GhodeGlobal Media Journal
2020-11-30African Journalism: Playing an African Chord in a Cacophony, a Continental Dive through a Ugandan PathHarlod MemoryGlobal Media Journal
2020-11-30Construction of anti-national: Framing and Othering Discourse in Indian MediaRida Ansari and Sadia RiazGlobal Media Journal
2020-11-30Digital Media Literacy: Social Media Use for News Consumption among Teenagers in PakistanNosharwan Arbab Abbasi and Dianlin HuangGlobal Media Journal
2020-11-30Framing of Operation Zarb-e-Azb in English Dailies of PakistanRubab Musarrat and Ghulam ShabirGlobal Media Journal
2020-11-30A one-man show: Journalist Reuven Pedatzur and the Arrow missile project 1994–2012Haim Frenkel, Hillel NossekJournalism
2020-11-30A softer kind of hard news? Data journalism and the digital renewal of public service news in SwedenAndreas Widholm, Ester AppelgrenNew Media & Society
2020-11-30How Perpetrator Identity (Sometimes) Influences Media Framing Attacks as “Terrorism” or “Mental Illness”Allison E. Betus, Erin M. Kearns, Anthony F. LemieuxCommunication Research
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