Research of May 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in May 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-05-01Filter Bubbles, Echo Chambers, and Fake News: How Social Media Conditions Individuals to Be Less Critical of Political MisinformationSamuel C. RhodesPolitical Communication
2021-05-02Tactics of news literacy: How young people access, evaluate, and engage with news on social mediaJoëlle SwartNew Media & Society
2021-05-03The power of lists: the Women’s Press science fiction and the making of a genreRosy MackFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-03Casual, Colloquial, Commonsensical: A News Values Stylistic Analysis of a Populist NewsfeedKatarzyna Molek-Kozakowska & Przemysław WilkJournalism Studies
2021-05-03“Cross-editing”: Comparing News Output Through Journalists’ Re-working of Their Rivals’ ScriptsVivien MarshJournalism Studies
2021-05-03What’s (The) News? Reassessing “News Values” as a Concept and Methodology in the Digital AgeJelle Mast & Martina TemmermanJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Promoted Media Coverage of Court Decisions: Media Gatekeeping of Court Press Releases and the Role of News ValuesPhilipp MeyerJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Attention for Attention Hotspots: Exploring the Newsworthiness of Public Response in the Metric SocietySilke Fürst & Franziska OehmerJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Effects of News Factors on Users’ News Attention and Selective Exposure on a News Aggregator WebsiteInes Engelmann, Simon M. Luebke & Sabrina H. KesslerJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Joy is a News ValuePerry ParksJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Computer-Based Analysis of News Values: A Case Study on National Day ReportingMonika Bednarek, Helen Caple & Changpeng HuanJournalism Studies
2021-05-03Using cultural discourse analysis and storytelling to design an applied intervention for U.S. English language educationKellie BrownleeJournal of Applied Communication Research
2021-05-03Feeling responsible: Emotion and practical ethics in conflict journalismRichard Stupart
Media, War & Conflict
2021-05-03The Value of Explaining the Process: How Journalistic Transparency and Perceptions of News Media Importance Can (Sometimes) Foster Message Credibility and Engagement IntentionsJason T. Peifer, Jared Meisinger
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-05-03From State Repression to Fear of non-state Actors: Examining Emerging Threats of Journalism Practice in EthiopiaTéwodros W. WorknehJournalism Practice
2021-05-03Defining News from an Audience Perspective at a Time of Crisis in the United StatesCraig T. RobertsonJournalism Practice
2021-05-03Impact of vertical integration on movie scheduling in KoreaEun Yu & Jaemin JungAsian Journal of Communication
2021-05-04Weaponizing Memes: The Journalistic Mediation of Visual PoliticizationChris Peters & Stuart AllanDigital Journalism
2021-05-04The Effects of Social Identities and Issue Involvement on Perceptions of Media Bias Against Gun Owners and Intention to Participate in Discursive Activities: In the Context of the Media Coverage of Mass ShootingsXueying Zhang & Mei-Chen LinMass Communication and Society
2021-05-04‘Same, same but different’: representations of Chinese mainland and Hong Kong people in the press in post-1997 Hong KongYuting Lin, Meilin Chen & John FlowerdewCritical Discourse Studies
2021-05-04Communicating Health Uncertainty: How Australia’s only National Broadsheet Newspaper Reported the Emerging COVID-19 PandemicPatrizia Furlan
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-05-05Changing or Reinforcing the “Rules of the Game”: A Field Theory Perspective on the Impacts of Automated Journalism on Media PractitionersSamuel Danzon-Chambaud & Alessio CorniaJournalism Practice
2021-05-05A Conceptual Framework for Journalistic Identity on Social Media: How the Personal and Professional Contribute to Power and ProfitClaudia Mellado & Alfred HermidaDigital Journalism
2021-05-05Countering misinformation: A multidisciplinary approachKacper T Gradoń, Janusz A. Hołyst, Wesley R Moy, Julian Sienkiewicz, Krzysztof SucheckiBig Data & Society
2021-05-05Enhancing #TdF2017: Cross-media controversies and forensic fandom during live sports eventsSal Hendrik Hagen, Markus Stauff
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-05-05What Information Drives Political Polarization? Comparing the Effects of In-group Praise, Out-group Derogation, and Evidence-based Communications on PolarizationMagdalena Wojcieszak, Paweł Sobkowicz, Xudong Yu, Beril BulatThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-05Mapping Emerging and Legacy Outlets Online by Their Democratic Functions—Agonistic, Deliberative, or Corrosive?Rainer Freudenthaler, Hartmut Wessler
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-05What Information Drives Political Polarization? Comparing the Effects of In-group Praise, Out-group Derogation, and Evidence-based Communications on PolarizationMagdalena Wojcieszak, Paweł Sobkowicz, Xudong Yu, Beril Bulat
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-05Naming people on the move according to the political agenda: A study of Belgian mediaValériane Mistiaen
Discourse & Communication
2021-05-05The mouth of the internet, the eyes of the public: sexual violence survivorship in an economy of visibilityNelanthi HewaFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-05Climate Change and the Heatwave: Searching for the link in the British PressAthanasia BatziouJournalism Practice
2021-05-05Data Journalism in favela: Made by, for, and about Forgotten and Marginalized CommunitiesMathias-Felipe de-Lima-Santosn & Lucia MesquitaJournalism Practice
2021-05-05Do journalists differentiate between Muslims and Islamist terrorists? A content analysis of terrorism news coverageChristian von Sikorski, Desirée Schmuck, Jörg Matthes, Claudia Klobasa, Helena Knupfer, Melanie Saumer
Melanie Saumer

2021-05-06Central Asian Journalism Studies: Is There a Pathway From Conference Paper to Journal Publication?Bahtiyar Kurambayev, Eric Freedman
Asia Pacific Media Educator
2021-05-06Framing Inspirational Content: Narrative Effects on Attributions and Helping
Melissa M. Moore,
Melanie C. Green,
Kaitlin Fitzgerald,
Elaine Paravati
Media and Communication
2021-05-06Inspired to Adopt: The Role of Social Norms in Media InspirationKevin Kryston, Kaitlin FitzgeraldMedia and Communication
2021-05-06The Winner Doesn’t Take It All: Analyzing Audience Responses to an Inspirational Sports Narrative
Joshua Baldwin,
Gary Bente
Media and Communication
2021-05-06The Promises and Pitfalls of Inspirational Media: What do We Know, and Where do We Go from Here?Lena Frischlich, Lindsay Hahn, Diana RiegerMedia and Communication
2021-05-06Picturing Haitian Earthquake Survivors: Graphic Reportage as an Ethical Strategy for Representing Vulnerable SourcesIsabel MacdonaldJournalism Practice
2021-05-06Institutionalized Education: Journalism and Mass Communication Education in PakistanDavid Bockino, Amir IlyasAsia Pacific Media Educator
2021-05-06What a Media Effects Researcher Learned About Reading the History of Media EffectsEllen Wartella
Journalism & Communication Monographs
2021-05-06The Lost Doctrine: Suggestion Theory in Early Media Effects ResearchPatrick R. ParsonsJournalism & Communication Monographs
2021-05-07From Gatekeeper to Gate-opener: Open-Source Spaces in Investigative JournalismNina C. Müller & Jenny WiikJournalism Practice
2021-05-07Using Facebook to Discuss Aspects of Industry Safety: How Women Journalists Enact Ethics of Care in Online Professional SpaceKelsey Mesmer & M. Rosie JahngJournalism Studies
2021-05-07Local Newspapers’ Transition to Online Publishing and Video Use: Experiences from NorwayRoel Puijk, Eli Beate Hestnes, Simon Holm, Andrea Jakobsen & Marianne MyrdalJournalism Studies
2021-05-07Flu-like pandemics and metaphor pre-covid: A corpus investigationCharlotte TaylorJ, asmin KidgellDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-05-07Migrants, Caravans, and the Impact of News Photos on Immigration AttitudesGuadalupe Madrigal, Stuart Soroka
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-07Journalistic Judgment in Comparative Perspective: A Weberian Analysis of France and the United StatesSandra Vera-Zambrano, Matthew Powers
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-07How does the political enter the newsroom? The representation of the Kurdish ‘Other’ in Turkish journalismOzan Aşık
2021-05-10Staying Cool: The Impact of Air Conditioning on News Work and the Modern NewsroomWill MariJournalism Practice
2021-05-11Towards psychological herd immunity: Cross-cultural evidence for two prebunking interventions against COVID-19 misinformationMelisa Basol, Jon Roozenbeek, Manon Berriche, Fatih Uenal, William P. McClanahan, Sander van der Linden
Big Data & Society
2021-05-11Navigating High-choice European Political Information Environments: A Comparative Analysis of News User Profiles and Political KnowledgeLaia Castro, Jesper Strömbäck, Frank Esser, Peter Van Aelst, Claes de Vreese, Toril Aalberg, Ana S. Cardenal, Nicoleta Corbu, David Nicolas Hopmann, Karolina Koc-Michalska, Jörg Matthes, Christian Schemer, Tamir Sheafer, Sergio Splendore, James Stanyer, Agnieszka Stępińska, Václav Štětka, Yannis Theocharis
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-11Changing Journalistic Information-Gathering Practices? Reliability in Everyday Information Gathering in High-Speed NewsroomsEls DiekerhofJournalism Practice
2021-05-11Journalistic YouTubers and Their Role Orientations, Strategies, and Professionalization TendenciesDennis Lichtenstein, Martin R. Herbers & Halina BauseJournalism Studies
2021-05-12Partners or Predators? A Corpus-Based Study of China’s Image in South African MediaChangpeng Huan &Menghan DengAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-05-12Competence and collectivity: The discourse of Angela Merkel’s media communications during the first wave of the pandemicSylvia JaworskaDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-05-12‘Well grubbed, old mole!’: The press, the Institute of Economic Affairs and the propagation of neo-liberalism in the UKJulian Petley
2021-05-13Are public service media distinctive from the market? Interpreting the political information environments of BBC and commercial news in the United KingdomStephen Cushion
European Journal of Communication
2021-05-13What is terrorism (according to the news)? How the German press selectively labels political violence as “terrorism”Valerie Hase
2021-05-13The British Reporter on ScreenMara ArtsMedia History
2021-05-13Who set the narrative? Assessing the influence of Chinese global media on news coverage of COVID-19 in 30 African countriesDani Madrid-Morales
Global Media and China
2021-05-14News story aggregation and perceived credibilityStan Diel, Chris Roberts
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-05-14Taking a Break from News: A Five-nation Study of News Avoidance in the Digital EraMikko Villi, Tali Aharoni, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Pablo J. Boczkowski, Kaori Hayashi, Eugenia Mitchelstein, Akira Tanaka & Neta Kligler-Vilenchik Digital Journalism
2021-05-14Introduction to a commentary and criticism section on gender and transnational mediaJilly Boyce Kay & Justine LloydFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-15The media image of Chinese older people: From stigmatic stereotype to diverse self-representationKun LiGlobal Media and China
2021-05-15Course Internationalization Through Virtual Exchange: Students’ Reflections About “Seeing the World Through the Lens That is Soccer”Roxane Coche
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-05-16Epistemic modes in news production: How journalists manage ways of knowing in hybrid media events involving terrorist violenceNiina Uusitalo, Katja Valaskivi, Johanna Sumiala
2021-05-17Paradigm Shift in the Work of Arnold de Beer and Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies (1980–2020)Keyan G. TomaselliAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-05-17Power, the Pacific Islands, and the Prestige Press: A Case Study of How Climate Reporting is Influenced by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change SummitsMeghan M. Shea, James Painter, Shannon Osaka
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-17How can we Agree on Anything in This Environment? Tunisian Media, Transition and Elite Compromises: A View From ParliamentFrancesco Cavatorta, Nidhal Mekki
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-17Etic and emic data production methods in the study of journalistic work practices: A systematic literature reviewLauri Haapanen, Ville JE Manninen
2021-05-18Animation in Environmental Journalism: Effects on News Perception and Information SeekingRan Duan,Laura Crosswell & Kari BarberJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-05-18A Hierarchy of Acceptable Changes for Audiences of Nostalgic Narrative Media BrandsJacqueline Burgess & Christian JonesInternational Journal on Media Management
2021-05-18A New Doll in Texas: A Feminist Media Analysis of Senator Wendy Davis’s Rhetorical Framing as “Abortion Barbie”Lisa M. Corrigan & Skye de Saint FelixFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-18The Value of Local News in the Digital Realm – Introducing the Integrated Value Creation ModelRagnhild Kristine OlsenDigital Journalism
2021-05-18From Abstract News Users to Living Citizens: Assessing Audience Engagement Through a Professional LensConstanza Gajardo, Irene Costera Meijer & David DomingoJournalism Practice
2021-05-18Do Metrics Drive News Decisions? Political News Journalists’ Exposure and Attitudes Toward Web AnalyticsKenza Lamot, Steve Paulussen, Peter Van Aelst
Electronic News
2021-05-18The Media Matters: Muslim American Portrayals and the Effects on Mass AttitudesNazita LajevardiThe Journal of Politics
2021-05-18From media to hypermedia: Journalistic representations of Rohingya refugees and humanitarian communicationBimbisar Irom, Stephanie Gibbons
2021-05-18Ethiopian-Israeli women working in mainstream journalism: Linking Ethiopian, black and Israeli identities through news-makingEinat Lachover
2021-05-19Natural Disaster or Crime? The Struggle between Mainstream Media and Facebook in Discursive Deletion of Responsibility from Environmental CrimesDavid KatiamboAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-05-19Promoting Newsafety from the Exile: The Emergence of New Journalistic Roles in Diaspora Journalists’ NetworksColin Porlezza & Rana ArafatJournalism Practice
2021-05-19Share or not? Effects of Stereotypes on Social Media Engagement Using the Stereotype Content ModelYu Tian, Jeongwon Yang & Ploypin ChuenterawongJournalism Practice
2021-05-19From the tool to the spatial metaphor: Graphical user interface and audiovisual creation in new mediaOswaldo García-Crespo, Diana Ramahí-García, Silvia García-Mirón
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-05-19Teaching Performance, Service, and Scholarship: The Rewarding of U.S. Media and Communication Faculty Members’ Teaching in Tenure and Promotion DocumentsSerena Miller
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-05-20Deception in weight-loss advertising: Newspaper use of press releases issued by the Federal Trade CommissionBryan E. Denham
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-05-20Professionalism and Fetishistic Disavowal in Thai and Chinese JournalismJesse Owen Hearns-Branaman
2021-05-20Idols you can make: The player as auteur in Japan’s media mixDorothy FinanNew Media & Society
2021-05-20Covering COVID: Journalists’ Stress and Perceived Organizational Support While Reporting on the PandemicGretchen HoakJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-05-20The Potentials and Pitfalls of Interactional Speculations by Journalists and Experts in the Media: The Case of Covid-19Jonas Nygaard Blom, Rasmus Rønlev, Kenneth Reinecke Hansen & Anders Kruse LjungdalhJournalism Studies
2021-05-20Exploring Audience Perceptions of, and Preferences for, Online News VideosMichael Koliska, Neil Thurman, Sally Stares & Jessica KunertJournalism Studies
2021-05-20An Examination of How Social and Technological Perceptions Predict Social Media News Use on WeChatZhao Peng & Serena MillerJournalism Practice
2021-05-21Media and money: a 50-year analysis of international news coverage and U.S. foreign aidMeghan Sobel Cohen, Daniel Riffe & Seoyeon KimThe Journal of International Communication
2021-05-21Lost in the stream? Professional efficacy perceptions of journalists in the context of dark participationFlorian Wintterlin, Klara Langmann, Svenja Boberg, Lena Frischlich, Tim Schatto-Eckrodt, Thorsten QuandtJournalism
2021-05-21After the revolution: Tunisian journalism students and a news media in transitionBrian J. Bowe, Carolyn Nielsen, Arwa Kooli, Rafia Somai, Joe GosenJournalism
2021-05-21How American Media Framed 2016 Presidential Election Using Data Visualization: The Case Study of the New York Times and the Washington PostIuliia AlievaJournalism Practice
2021-05-22Triple play, OTT TV, and the Chinese logic of “select commercialization”Jing Wang, Song Sun
Global Media and China
2021-05-24A “Moral Challenge”: Journalists, Joe McCarthy, and the Struggle for Truth, 1950–1955Glen FeigheryAmerican Journalism
2021-05-24How a copy desk “edit” influenced corrections at the New York TimesKirstie Hettinga, Elizabeth Smith
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-05-24Advertising and Media Capture in Turkey: How Does the State Emerge as the Largest Advertiser with the Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism?Servet Yanatma
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-24The democratic deficit in reporting political crises: The case of Zimbabwe’s 2018 electionsPhillip Santos, Mthokozisi Phathisani Ndhlovu
2021-05-24Survival Strategies in Freelance Journalism: An Empowering Toolkit to Improve Professionals’ Working ConditionsCristian-Ramón Marín-Sanchiz , Miguel Carvajal & José-Luis González-EstebanJournalism Practice
2021-05-24Negative Memory Mobilization: Moments of Journalistic Failure as an Interpretive LensDanford ZirugoJournalism Practice
2021-05-24“Well-Bred and Well-Fed,” the Science Service Covers Eugenics: 1924 to 1966Susan E. SwanbergAmerican Journalism
2021-05-24“Serve It Up Hot and Brief”: The Journalistic Innovations and Influence of Willard M. KiplingerRob WellsAmerican Journalism
2021-05-24“When I Couldn’t Bedazzle Them With Brilliance, I Bamboozled Them With Bullshit”: Harry Edwards, Black Power, and Countering Media Repression of the Black Athlete’s RevoltDexter L. BlackmanAmerican Journalism
2021-05-25Fighting for the Man in the Blue Overalls—Daily Sun as a Project in DemarginalisationAnthony A. Olorunnisola, Jennifer Castoe & Giana HanAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-05-25‘AUSTRALIANS ARE THE GREATEST SPORT LOVING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD’ Sport broadcasting’s role in the development of national radio in Australia, 1925–1935Michael J. SocolowMedia History
2021-05-25Factors Influencing the Use of Journalism Analytics as a Management Tool in Egyptian News OrganizationsRasha Allam & Ann HollifieldJournalism Practice
2021-05-25The More Prepared, the Better: Analysing the Internship Performance of Filipino Journalism StudentsJeremaiah Opiniano, Joanna Christine Estorque, Benjamin Joshua Gutierrez & Jacob Martin UrmenitaJournalism Practice
2021-05-25“Hapless Victims” or “Making Trouble”: Audience Responses to Stereotypical Representations of Asylum Seekers in Australian News DiscourseAshleigh L. HawJournalism Practice
2021-05-25Protest News and Facebook Engagement: How the Hierarchy of Social Struggle Is Rebuilt on Social MediaSummer Harlow, Danielle K. Kilgo
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-05-25From The Daily Show to Last Week Tonight: A Quantitative Analysis of Discursive Integration in Satirical Television NewsBritta C. Brugman, Christian Burgers, Camiel J. Beukeboom & Elly A. KonijnJournalism Studies
2021-05-25Audience Engagement with COVID-19 News: The Impact of Lockdown and Live Coverage, and the Role of PolarizationSabina Mihelj, Katherine Kondor & Václav ŠtětkaJournalism Studies
2021-05-25Why Does Explainability Matter in News Analytic Systems? Proposing Explainable Analytic JournalismDonghee ShinJournalism Studies
2021-05-25COVID-19 news reporting and engaging in the age of social media: Comparing Xinhua News Agency and The PaperZenan Chen, Xiaoge Xu
Global Media and China
2021-05-25Fake News: Audience Perceptions and Concerted Coping StrategiesChingching ChangDigital Journalism
2021-05-25“A baby bump for women’s rights”: Analysing Local and International Media Coverage of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s PregnancyFlora Galy-Badenas & Mélodine SommierFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-25Brand Royal: Meghan Markle, feuding families, and disruptive duchessing in Brexit era BritainMaria Pramaggiore & Páraic KerriganFeminist Media Studies
2021-05-25Better Foreign Correspondence Starts at Home: Changing Practice Through Diasporic KnowledgeChrisanthi Giotis & Christopher HallJournalism Practice
2021-05-25Cutting Edge: Innovation and Improvement in Local TV NewsDeb Wenger
Electronic News
2021-05-26Reconstructing the Informal and Invisible: Interactions Between Journalists and Political Sources in Two CountriesMilda MallingJournalism Practice
2021-05-26Understanding Nascent Newsroom Security and Safety Cultures: The Emergence of the “Security Champion”Jennifer R. HenrichsenJournalism Practice
2021-05-26Whose Opinion is it? Public Debates and Repertoires of Action in Greece During the First Covid-19 Lockdown PeriodSevasti Chatzopoulou & Theofanis ExadaktylosJavnost - The Public
2021-05-26The Changing and Unchanging Nature and Salary of the First Job in Local TV NewsBob Papper
Electronic News
2021-05-26Raising awareness against fake news to protect democracy: the myth of Islamophobia in Trump's speechKonstantinos SipitanosSocial Semiotics
2021-05-26Appreciating News Algorithms: Examining Audiences’ Perceptions to Different News Selection MechanismsGlen Joris, Frederik De Grove, Kristin Van Damme & Lieven De MarezDigital Journalism
2021-05-26‘Lose weight, save the NHS’: Discourses of obesity in press coverage of COVID-19Gavin BrookesCritical Discourse Studies
2021-05-27An ongoing infodemic: How people in eight countries access news and information about Coronavirus a year into the pandemicProf. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Dr Anne Schulz
Dr Richard Fletcher
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-05-27Exemplifying Power Matters: The Impact of Power Exemplification of Transgender People in the News on Issue Attribution, Dehumanization, and Aggression TendenciesMinjie LiJournalism Practice
2021-05-27Hiding Behind Databases, Institutions and Actors: How Journalists Use Statistics in Reporting Humanitarian CrisesB.T. LawsonJournalism Practice
2021-05-27This story has a long way to runJames Rodgers
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27We need a new angleJoanne Butcher
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27We must stand up for the reportersLynne O’Donnell
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27It’s not all bad newsBen Monro-Davies
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27Regulation is good for usClive Myrie
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27Give us back our local newsRebecca Whittington
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27We need labour reportersDonald Macintyre
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27Don’t be horrid about the BBCMark DamazerBritish Journalism Review
2021-05-27Making friends with scientistsJuliet Rix
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27Fight, fight, fight!Kim Fletcher
British Journalism Review
2021-05-27The dark side of journalism: Understanding the phenomenology of conflicts in the newsroom and the mechanisms intended to solve themManuel Goyanes, Azahara Cañedo
2021-05-27Applying news values theory to liking, commenting and sharing mainstream news articles on FacebookChang Sup Park, Barbara K Kaye
2021-05-27Cognitive Perception of Native Advertising in the Spanish and Portuguese Digital PressFernando Zamith, Luis Mañas-Viniegra & Patricia Núñez-GómezDigital Journalism
2021-05-27Everyday News Use and Misinformation in KenyaMelissa TullyDigital Journalism
2021-05-27Networked Flak in CNN and Fox News Memes on InstagramAhmed Al-Rawi, Alaa Al-Musalli & Aime Pamela RigorDigital Journalism
2021-05-28The Impact of “Manipulated News” on Student Attitudes and Perceptions and Their Participation in the Umbrella Movement in Hong KongChesca Ka Po Wong, Runping Zhu, Richard Krever, Alfred Siu Choi
Social Media + Society
2021-05-28The Effects of Virtual Reality News on Learning about Climate ChangeMatthew Barnidge, Lindsey A. Sherrill , Bumsoo Kim, Eric Cooks, Danielle Deavours, Michael Viehouser, Ryan Broussard &Jiehua ZhangMass Communication and Society
2021-05-28Using Statistics in Business and Financial News in the Arabian Gulf: Between Normative Journalistic Professional Aspirations and ‘Real’ PracticeFisal Alaqil & Jairo Lugo-OcandoJournalism Practice
2021-05-28Social Justice Dialogue Powers Diversity and Innovation in Electronic MediaMarquita SmithElectronic News
2021-05-28Keeping on top of the world: Online news usage in China, the United States and five European countriesSascha Hölig, Uwe Hasebrink, Julia BehreNew Media & Society
2021-05-28Living at the Speed of Mobile: How Users Evaluate Social Media News Posts on SmartphonesKate Keib, Bartosz W. Wojdynski, Camila Espina, Jennifer Malson, Brittany Jefferson, Yen-I Lee
Communication Research
2021-05-28Keeping on top of the world: Online news usage in China, the United States and five European countriesSascha Hölig, Uwe Hasebrink, Julia Behre
New Media & Society
2021-05-28From public to digital spaces: Spatial and media practices of the 2017 ‘Unite Cyprus Now’ peace protestsChristiana ThemistocleousDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-05-28Mediatized Realities of Migrants in a Comparative Perspective: Media Use, Deservingness, and Threat Perceptions in the United States and Western EuropeDavid De Coninck, Christine Ogan, Lars Willnat, Leen d'HaenensInternational Journal of Communication
2021-05-28American Spring: How Russian State Media Translate American Protests for an Arab AudienceNathaniel Greenberg
International Journal of Communication
2021-05-30“One Big Fake News”: Misinformation at the Intersection of User-Based and Legacy MediaAya Yadlin, Oranit Klein ShagrirInternational Journal of Communication
2021-05-31Newspapers and political participation: The relationship between ballot rolloff and local newspaper circulationChristopher Chapp, Peter AehlNewspaper Research Journal
2021-05-31Journalism’s visual construction of place in environmental coverageKyser Lough, Ivy Ashe
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-05-31Selling internet control: the framing of the Russian ban of messaging app TelegramMariëlle WijermarsInformation, Communication & Society
2021-05-31The democratic roles of satiristsSara Ödmark & Jonas HarvardPopular Communication
2021-05-31Avenues to News and Diverse News Exposure Online: Comparing Direct Navigation, Social Media, News Aggregators, Search Queries, and Article HyperlinksMagdalena Wojcieszak, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Joao F. F. Goncalves, Brian Weeks
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-05-31Unethical but not illegal: Revisiting brown envelope journalism practice in KuwaitUche Onyebadi, Fawaz Alajmi
2021-05-20Four years of fake news: A quantitative analysis of the scientific literature Nicola RighettiFirst monday
2021-05-31Avenues to News and Diverse News Exposure Online: Comparing Direct Navigation, Social Media, News Aggregators, Search Queries, and Article Hyperlinks Magdalena Wojcieszak, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Joao F. F. Goncalves, Brian Weeks
The International Journal of Press/Politics
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