Research of May 2019

Journalism Research of May 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in May 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-05-01Journalists and mental health: The psychological toll of covering everyday traumaNatalee SeelyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-01Is the Confirmation Bias Bubble Larger Online? Pre-Election Confirmation Bias in Selective Exposure to Online versus Print Political InformationGeorge David Hooke Pearson & Silvia Knobloch-WesterwickMass Communication and Society
2019-05-02Journalism and 7/7: Resurveying the terrainJulian MatthewsJournalism
2019-05-02Breaking news on Wikipedia: collaborating, collating and competingBunty AviesonFirst Monday
2019-05-03“Girl power gone wrong”: #MeToo, Aziz Ansari, and media reporting of (grey area) sexual violenceSophie Hindes & Bianca FilebornFeminist Media Studies
2019-05-03‘Discursive news values analysis’ of Iranian crime news reports: Perspectives from the cultureMohammad MakkiDiscourse & Communication
2019-05-04Understanding Online News BehaviorsFrank Bentley, Katie Quehl, Jordan Wirfs-Brock, Melissa BicaCHI '19 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04Factitious: Large Scale Computer Game to Fight Fake News and Improve News LiteracyLindsay Grace, Bob HoneCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04Do People Consume the News they Trust?Harsh Taneja, Katie YaegerCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04Search as News Curator: The Role of Google in Shaping Attention to News InformationDaniel Trielli, Nicholas Diakopoulos CHI '19 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04Tell Me More: Understanding User Interaction of Smart Speaker News Powered by Conversational SearchHyunhoon Jung, Changhoon Oh, Gilhwan Hwang, Cindy Yoonjung Oh, Joonhwan Lee, Bongwon SuhCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04The Challenges of Creating Engaging Content: Results from a Focus Group Study of a Popular News Media OrganizationKholoud Khalil Aldous, Jisun An, Bernard J. JansenCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-04HCI for Accurate, Impartial and Transparent Journalism: Challenges and SolutionsTanja Aitamurto, Mike Ananny, Chris W. Anderson, Larry Birnbaum, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Matilda Hanson, Jessica Hullman, Nick RitchieCHI EA '19 Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
2019-05-05How RT frames conflict: a comparative analysisToby S. NelsonRussian Journal of Communication
2019-05-06Ideals of Journalism the Historical Consecration of Media Capital in Prize Awards and the Case of the Danish Cavling Award 1945–2016Ida WilligMedia History
2019-05-06Can Indian journalism survive the onslaught of social media?Usha M RodriguesGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-07To Pass or Not to Pass: How Corporate Characteristics Affect Corporate Visibility and Tone in Company News CoverageJeroen G.F. Jonkman, Damian Trilling, Piet Verhoeven & Rens VliegenthartJournalism Studies
2019-05-08Digital Journalism: Defined, Refined, or Re-definedAndrew Duffy & Peng Hwa AngDigital Journalism
2019-05-08What Does Digital Journalism Studies Look Like?Steen Steensen, Anna M. Grøndahl Larsen, Yngve Benestad Hågvar & Birgitte Kjos FonnDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Locating the “Digital” in Digital Journalism Studies: Transformations in ResearchSue Robinson, Seth C. Lewis & Matt CarlsonDigital Journalism
2019-05-08The 5Ws and 1H of Digital JournalismSilvio WaisbordDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Why Journalism Is About More Than Digital TechnologyBarbie ZelizerDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Navigating the Scholarly Terrain: Introducing the Digital Journalism Studies CompassScott A. Eldridge II, Kristy Hess, Edson C. Tandoc Jr. & Oscar WestlundDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Digital Journalism as Symptom, Response, and Agent of Change in the Platformed Media EnvironmentJean Burgess & Edward HurcombeDigital Journalism
2019-05-08Digital Journalism as Symptom, Response, and Agent of Change in the Platformed Media EnvironmentJean Burgess & Edward HurcombeDigital Journalism
2019-05-08The news prism of nationalism versus globalism: How does the US, UK and Chinese elite press cover ‘China’s rise’?Yunya Song, Chin-Chuan Lee, Zeping HuangJournalism
2019-05-08Transnational news media coverage of distant suffering in the Syrian civil war: An analysis of CNN, Al-Jazeera English and Sputnik online news">Xu Zhang, Catherine A. LutherMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Re-enacting the past in TV news on war crime trials: A method for analysis of visual narratives in archival footageKatarina RistićMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Transnational news media coverage of distant suffering in the Syrian civil war: An analysis of CNN, Al-Jazeera English and Sputnik online newsXu Zhang, Catherine A. LutherMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-08Re-enacting the past in TV news on war crime trials: A method for analysis of visual narratives in archival footageKatarina RistićMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-09News Values and the Ethical Dilemmas of Covering Violent ExtremismAbdullahi Tasiu AbubakarJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-05-09Social media as public opinion: How journalists use social media to represent public opinionShannon C McGregorJournalism
2019-05-09But her emails! How journalistic preferences shaped election coverage in 2016Kathleen Searles, Kevin K BandaJournalism
2019-05-09Twitter as a tool for agenda building in election campaigns? The case of AustriaJosef Seethaler, Gabriele MelischekJournalism
2019-05-09Glocalization and international news-photo production: News images from Israel made for global news marketsJonathan IlanJournalism
2019-05-09The lack of listening: News sources in South Africa’s five general elections, 1994–2014Bernadine JonesJournalism
2019-05-09Comparative international studies of election campaign communication: What should happen next?
Frank EsserJournalism
2019-05-09The present in retrospect: Press reporting of UK General Elections, 1918–2015David Deacon, Emily HarmerJournalism
2019-05-09‘Cheap Talk’? Second screening and the irrelevance of TV political debatesAndrea Ceron, Sergio SplendoreJournalism
2019-05-09‘Up close and in person’: United States and Australian political reporters’ changing conceptions of the value of campaign coverageStephanie BrookesJournalism
2019-05-09Pay Models for Online News in the US and Europe: 2019 UpdateFelix Simon, Lucas GravesReuters Institute Fact Sheet
2019-05-10Terms of reference and objectivity in US press reports in the Gulf War in 1990Sonja KuosmanenJournalism
2019-05-10A snake who eats the devil’s tail: The recursivity of good and evil in the security stateNatalie D Baker, Nathan JonesMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-11Media variants, situation awareness, and protective public-health behaviorsXigen Li & Bolin CaoChinese Journal of Communication
2019-05-11Making the news: environmental NGOs and their media visibility in ChinaNan Zhang & Marko M. SkoricChinese Journal of Communication
2019-05-13Perceived individual and societal values of news and paying for subscriptionsWeiyue Chen, Esther ThorsonJournalism
2019-05-13Understanding Reader Backtracking Behavior in Online News ArticlesYoujin Shin, Uzi Smadja, Simon Woo, Max Grusky, Yoav Artzi, Mor NaamanWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Measuring Political Personalization of Google News SearchRon Lavi, Huyen Le, Or Sattath, Raven Maragh, Aviv Zohar, Brian Ekdale, Andrew High, Timothy Havens, Zubair ShafiqWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Automated Fact Checking in the News RoomMohamed Nadjib Mami, Sebastião Miranda, Damien Graux, David Nogueira, Simon Scerri, Afonso Mendes, et al.WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13What happened? The Spread of Fake News Publisher Content During the 2016 U.S. Presidential ElectionCeren BudakWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Quality Effects on User Preferences and Behaviorsin Mobile News StreamingHongyu Lu, Min Zhang, Weizhi Ma, Yunqiu Shao, Yiqun Liu, Shaoping MaWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13Content based News Recommendation via Shortest Entity Distance over Knowledge GraphsKevin Joseph, Hui Jiang WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13How New is the (RDF) News?Tomer Sagi, Yael Wolf, Katja Hose WWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13A Link-based Approach to Detect Media Bias in News WebsitesVictoria Patricia Aires, Fabiola G. Nakamura, Eduardo F. NakamuraWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-13The Power of Temporal Features for Classifying News ArticlesLukas Lange, Omar Alonso, Jannik StrötgenWWW '19 The World Wide Web Conference
2019-05-14Whose voices are heard? The byline gender gap on Argentine news sitesEugenia Mitchelstein, Pablo J Boczkowski, Victoria Andelsman, Paloma Etenberg, Marina Weinstein, Tomás BombauJournalism
2019-05-14The role of public service journalism and television in fostering public voice and the capacity to consent: An analysis of Spanish viewers’ discoursesMaría Lamuedra Graván, Concha Mateos, Manuel A Broullón-LozanoJournalism
2019-05-15A new reporting approach for journalistic impact: Bringing together investigative reporting and solutions journalismBrent Walth, Nicole Smith Dahmen, Kathryn ThierNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-15The local-mobile paradox: Missed innovation opportunities at local newspapersMeg Heckman, John WihbeyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-15Human Still in the Loop
Editors Reconsider the Ideals of Professional Journalism Through Automation
Marko Milosavljević & Igor VobičDigital Journalism
2019-05-15‘Picturing Afghan Women’ for Western audiences: The Afghan perspectiveSaumava MitraJournalism
2019-05-15News agency output and the framing of television news crisis output: 9/11 as a case studyChris HorrieJournalism
2019-05-15The economics of free newspapers: the business value of banal cosmopolitanism in the city of flowsChristian Lamour & Nathalie LorentzJournal of Media Business Studies
2019-05-15HiPPOs (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) in the Swedish Media Industry on Innovation: A Study of News Media Leaders’ Attitudes towards InnovationEster Appelgren, Gunnar NygrenThe Journal of Media Innovations
2019-05-15Is It Top-Down, Trickle-Up, or Reciprocal?: Testing Longitudinal Relationships between Youth News Use and Parent and Peer Political DiscussionChance YorkCommunication Studies
2019-05-15‘We are at war’: Continuity and rupture in French anti-terrorist discourseJulien FragnonMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-16The roles of identity and emotion in media events’ social integration mechanism: a case study of the 2017 U.S. presidential inaugurationXi Cui & Qian XuAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-16Incidental News Exposure on Social Media: A Campaign Communication Mediation ApproachMasahiro Yamamoto, Alyssa C. MoreySocial Media + Society
2019-05-17Who writes a press release? Changing audience perceptions of journalists as marketers of news, not just reportersCaroline Fisher, Sora Park, Jee Young LeeJournalism
2019-05-17Once a journalist, not always a journalist? Causes and consequences of job changes from journalism to public relationsBenno Viererbl, Thomas KochJournalism
2019-05-17Determining economic news about China in global news feed: Evidence from Global Database of Events, Language and ToneYicheng ZhuGlobal Media and China
2019-05-17Framing the news on the Syrian War: A comparative study of and editorialsRayeheh AlitavoliMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-17Charlie Hebdo, 2015: ‘Liveness’ and acceleration of conflict in a hybrid media eventJohanna Sumiala, Minttu Tikka, Katja ValaskiviMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-17Framing the news on the Syrian War: A comparative study of and editorialsRayeheh AlitavoliMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-18Intersections of nationality, gender, race and crime in news reporting: The case of Oscar Pistorius – Olympian and murdererSally Hunta, Sylvia JaworskabDiscourse, Context & Media
2019-05-19Servant of two masters: How social media editors balance between mass media logic and social media logicKeren Tsuriel, Shira Dvir Gvirsman, Limor Ziv, Hagar Afriat-Aviv, Lidor IvanJournalism
2019-05-19How journalists understand the threats and opportunities of new technologies: A study of security mind-sets and its implications for press freedomLokman Tsui, Francis LeeJournalism
2019-05-19‘Stay informed’, ‘become an insider’ or ‘drive change’: Repackaging newspaper subscriptions in the digital ageEfrat Nechushtai, Lior ZalmansonJournalism
2019-05-19Pathways to news commenting and the removal of the comment system on news websitesJiawei Liu, Douglas M. McLeodJournalism
2019-05-20What Predicts Selective Exposure Online: Testing Political Attitudes, Credibility, and Social IdentityMagdalena WojcieszakCommunication Research
2019-05-20Framing Use of Force: An Analysis of News Organizations’ Social Media Posts About Police ShootingsErin Ash, Yiwei Xu, Alexandria Jenkins, Chenjerai KumanyikaElectronic News
2019-05-20Modelling Quoting in Newswriting: A Framework for Studies on the Production of NewsLauri HaapanenJournalism Practice
2019-05-21Smartphones, Wechat and Paid Content: Journalists and Sources in a Chinese NewspaperDan Wang & Colin SparksJournalism Studies
2019-05-21Public Service Media in Europe: Exploring the Relationship between Funding and Audience PerformanceFlorian Saurwein, Tobias Eberwein & Matthias KarmasinJavnost - The Public
2019-05-22Hostile Media Perceptions of Friendly Media Do Reinforce PartisanshipJan Kleinnijenhuis, Tilo Hartmann, Martin Tanis, Anita M. J. van HoofCommunication Research
2019-05-22Civic participation and connectivity with a metro newspaperEsther Thorson, Weiyue Chen, Stephen LacyNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22Mediating empathy: The role of news consumption in mitigating attitudes about race and immigrationKelly KaufholdNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22News stories framed episodically offer more diversified portrayals of immigrantsFrancesco SomainiNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-22De-Westernizing African Journalism Curriculum Through Glocalization and HybridizationBellarmine EzumahJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-05-22Exemplars as Argumentative Strategy in Broadcast News: Analyzing the Case of ChileIngrid Bachmann & Constanza MujicaJournalism Practice
2019-05-22The Rise of a Populist Zeitgeist? A Content Analysis of Populist Media Coverage in Newspapers Published between 1990 and 2017Michael Hameleers & Rens VliegenthartJournalism Studies
2019-05-22The Cultivation of Idealistic Moral Expectations: The Role of Television Exposure and Narrative EngageabilityHelena Bilandzic, Cornelia Schnell & Freya SukallaMass Communication and Society
2019-05-22Designing and Testing News Literacy Messages for Social MediaMelissa Tully, Emily K. Vraga & Leticia BodeMass Communication and Society
2019-05-23“Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place”: How Kenyan Journalists are Coping with Pressure for Media AccountabilityJared Obuya & Charles Ong’ondoAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-05-23Yes to bezique, no to aqueduct: a critical discourse analysis of how U.S. news covers sororitiesShane M. Graber & Kelsey N. WhippleFeminist Media Studies
2019-05-23Men Appear Twice as Often as Women in News Photos on FacebookOnyi Lam, Stefan Wojcik, Adam Hughes & Brian BroderickPew Research Center report
2019-05-23Big Data and quality data for fake news and misinformation detectionFatemeh Torabi Asr, Maite TaboadaBig Data & Society
2019-05-23Perceptions of democracy and the rise of Donald Trump: A framing analysis of Saudi Arabian mediaBenjamin Isakhan, Zim Nwokora, Chengxin PanGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-23Pushback: Democracies delegitimising a free pressJames MilesReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-05-24The Dynamics of Media Landscape and Media Policy in IndonesiaVidi SukmayadiAsia Pacific Media Educator
2019-05-25The effects of journalistic transparency on credibility assessments and engagement intentionsAlexander L Curry, Natalie Jomini StroudJournalism
2019-05-25Factors Motivating Customization and Echo Chamber Creation Within Digital News EnvironmentsBrooke E. Auxier, Jessica VitakSocial Media + Society
2019-05-27U.S. media coverage of Brittany Maynard’s choice to die: how ideology and framing convergedKimberly Lauffer & Sean BakerAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-27Configuring terrorism in the age of ISIS: The New York Times’ coverage of the 2015 Beirut and Paris attacksAmani Ismail, Smeeta MishraGlobal Media and Communication
2019-05-28Shut down or turn off? The interplay between news overload and consumptionVictoria Y. Chen & Gina Masullo ChenAtlantic Journal of Communication
2019-05-28A Chink in the Charm? A Framing Analysis of Coverage of Chinese Aid in the Ghanaian MediaAbena A. Yeboah-Banin, Gilbert Tietaah & Sarah Akrofi-QuarcooAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-05-28New issue of British Journalism ReviewBritish Journalism Review
2019-05-28The Persistence of the Popular in Mobile News ConsumptionJacob L. NelsonDigital Journalism
2019-05-28Data Journalism in the Arab Region: Role Conflict ExposedNorman P. Lewis & Eisa Al NashmiDigital Journalism
2019-05-29What shapes the coverage of immigrationPaolo Mancini, Marco Mazzoni, Giovanni Barbieri, Marco Damiani, Matteo GerliJournalism
2019-05-29Place/Space and the Challenges Facing Local Journalism and Local Journalism ResearchPhilip M. NapoliJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29From the Shipping News to Snapchat: Problems of Space, Place, and Power in JournalismRobert E. Gutsche, Jr.Journalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Place as Scene: News, Drama, and the Southern BorderJack LuleJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Putting “Place” in the Center of Journalism Research: A Way Forward to Understand Challenges to Trust and Knowledge in NewsNikki UsherJournalism & Communication Monographs
2019-05-29Brother or ‘Other’? Transformation of strategic narratives in Russian television news during the Ukrainian crisisIrina KhaldarovaMedia, War & Conflict
2019-05-30How media companies use data to sign up digital subscribers (and keep them)Michael LeitnerReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2019-05-31How agenda setting works: A dual path model and motivated reasoningNa Yeon LeeJournalism
2019-05-31Representation of news related to culturally diverse population in Australian mediaUsha M Rodrigues, Michael Niemann, Yin ParadiesJournalism
2019-05-31Does incidental exposure on social media equalize or reinforce participatory gaps? Evidence from a panel studyRaffael Heiss, Jörg MatthesNew Media & Society
2019-05-31Organizational adaptations to social media: How social media news workers in the Philippines are embedded in newsrooms and influences on editorial practicesClarissa C. David, Edson C. Tandoc, Evelyn KatigbakNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-31Restorative narrative as contextual journalistic reportingNicole Smith DahmenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-05-31“Roy's Turkish Delight”: Football, Nationalism and the Representation of Turkey in the British Sports MediaNilufer TurksoyJournalism Practice
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