Research of March 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in March 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-03-01Transnational Journalism Networks “From Below”. Cross-Border Journalistic Collaboration in Individualized NewsworkAnnett HeftJournalism Studies
2021-03-01Exposure to online news about air pollution and public trust in regulators in China: a moderated mediation analysis of perceived risk and perceived news credibilityQing HuangAsian Journal of Communication
2021-03-01Disruptions and transformations of digital media in Africa: An interdisciplinary overview Madrid-Morales, Dani ; Ireri, Kioko Journal of African Media Studies
2021-03-01Convergence and divergence of ICTs in Egyptian newsrooms: A longitudinal approach El Gody, Ahmed Journal of African Media Studies
2021-03-02Young journalists and old news: remembering mass protests in Hong Kong Donna ChuJournalism
2021-03-02Radio Błyskawica (Lightning) During the Warsaw Uprising and its Meaning in the Memories of its Creators and ListenersWioleta Wróbel & Urszula DoliwaMedia History
2021-03-02Botswana Print Media and the Representation of Female Victims of Intimate Partner Homicide: A Critical Discourse Analytical ApproachKelebonye Bagai & Gabriel FaimauAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-03-03Journalism Students and Information Consumption in the Era of Fake NewsSantiago Tejedor, Marta Portalés-Oliva, Ricardo Carniel-Bugs, Laura CerviMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Digital Disinformation and Preventive Actions: Perceptions of Users from Argentina, Chile, and SpainJordi Rodríguez-Virgili, Javier Serrano-Puche, Carmen Beatriz FernándezMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Post-Truth as a Mutation of Epistemology in JournalismPablo Capilla Media and Communication
2021-03-03Deepfakes on Twitter: Which Actors Control Their Spread?Jesús Pérez Dasilva, Koldobika Meso Ayerdi, Terese Mendiguren GaldospinMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Fighting Deepfakes: Media and Internet Giants’ Converging and Diverging Strategies Against Hi-Tech MisinformationÁngel Vizoso, Martín Vaz-Álvarez, Xosé López-GarcíaMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Political Memes and Fake News Discourses on InstagramAhmed Al-RawiMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Debunking Political Disinformation through Journalists’ Perceptions: An Analysis of Colombia’s Fact-Checking News PracticesCarlos Rodríguez-Pérez, Francisco J. Paniagua-Rojano, Raúl Magallón-RosaMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Fact-Checking Interventions as Counteroffensives to Disinformation Growth: Standards, Values, and Practices in Latin America and SpainVictoria Moreno-Gil, Xavier Ramon, Ruth Rodríguez-MartínezMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Cross-Media Alliances to Stop Disinformation: A Real Solution?Bella Palomo, Jon SedanoMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Gender Differences in Tackling Fake News: Different Degrees of Concern, but Same ProblemsEster Almenar, Sue Aran-Ramspott, Jaume Suau, Pere MasipMedia and Communication
2021-03-03Disinformation in Facebook Ads in the 2019 Spanish General Election CampaignsLorena Cano-Orón, Dafne Calvo, Guillermo López García, Tomás BavieraMedia and Communication
2021-03-03New Media Unions: Organizing Digital Journalists Heather Morrison Canadian Journal of Communication
2021-03-03Journalism and Disability in Canada: Blind and Visually Impaired Journalists Weigh In Chelsea Temple Jones &
Sheyfali Sujani
Canadian Journal of Communication
2021-03-03Populist Supporters on Reddit: A Comparison of Content and Behavioral Patterns Within Publics of Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary ClintonAndreas Jungherr, Oliver Posegga, Jisun An
Social Science Computer Review
2021-03-03Alternative Public Spaces in Hybrid Media Environments: Dissent in High UncertaintyFatima el Issawi
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-03-03Story character, news source or vox pop? Representations and roles of citizen perspectives in crime news narrativesKobie van Krieken
2021-03-03Assessing the relative merits of news literacy and corrections in responding to misinformation on TwitterEmily Vraga, Melissa Tully, Leticia Bode
New Media & Society
2021-03-03Transforming media agency? Approaches to automation in Finnish legacy mediaHenrik RydenfeltNew Media & Society
2021-03-03Uncivility, racism, and populismMichał Krzyżanowski
Mattias Ekman
Per-Erik Nilsson
Mattias Gardell
Christian Christensen
Nordicom Review
2021-03-03“I just want to be the friendly face of national socialism”Tina AskaniusNordicom Review
2021-03-03Recontextualising the newsBirgitte P. Haanshuus
Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk
Nordicom Review
2021-03-03 Who are you, the people? Salla TuomolaNordicom Review
2021-03-03A populist turn?Mattias Ekman
Michał Krzyżanowski
Nordicom Review
2021-03-03“The new extreme right”Per-Erik NilssonNordicom Review
2021-03-03Unpacking uncivil societyDayei Oh
Suzanne Elayan
Martin Sykora
John Downey
Nordicom Review
2021-03-03The institutionalisation of populist political discourse and conservative uncivil society in the European UnionCarlo RuzzaNordicom Review
2021-03-04What a Special Issue on Latin America Teaches Us about Some Key Limitations in the Field of Digital JournalismEugenia Mitchelstein & Pablo J. BoczkowskiDigital Journalism
2021-03-04In search of new openings and actionable knowledge: coping with emerging phenomena in the media businessPäivi Maijanen, Nicholas Nicoli & Stavros GeorgiadesJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-03-04Dismembering media diversity: A tryst with two press commissionsVibodh Parthasarathi
Media, Culture & Society
2021-03-04The Continued Domination of Western Journalists in Global African News Telling: The Imperatives and ImplicationsChikaire Wilfred Williams EzeruAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-03-04Children, media, and the clarity of crises in 2020Vikki S. Katz & Bradley J. BondJournal of Children and Media
2021-03-04Made for this moment: how PBS KIDS navigated the crises of 2020 in the U.S.Lesli RotenbergJournal of Children and Media
2021-03-04There is a difference between being aware and being afraid: journalistic media literacy during the era of COVID-19Shane TiltonJournal of Children and Media
2021-03-04Media literacy lessons for American children in the Kids’ Antiracist BookclubKristin L. DrogosJournal of Children and Media
2021-03-05From Personal to Professional: Exploring the Influences on Journalists’ Evaluation of Citizen Journalism CredibilityMistura Adebusola SalaudeenJournalism Practice
2021-03-05“The Rent Is Too Damn High”: News Portrayals of Housing Security and Homelessness in the United StatesCaty Borum Chattoo, Lori Young,David Conrad & Aras CoskuntuncelMass Communication and Society
2021-03-05Competing Identity Cues in the Hostile Media Phenomenon: Source, Nationalism, and Perceived Bias in News Coverage of Foreign AffairsGuy J. Golan, T. Franklin Waddell & Matthew BarnidgeMass Communication and Society
2021-03-08Protest Coverage Matters: How Media Framing and Visual Communication Affects Support for Black Civil Rights ProtestsDanielle K. Kilgo & Rachel R. MourãoMass Communication and Society
2021-03-08News gap in a digital news environment: Calibrating editorial importance from user-rated news quality and identifying user characteristics that close the news gapSujin Choi
New Media & Society
2021-03-08Mujeres y liderazgo en los medios informativos en 2021: evidencias de 12 mercadosDr Craig T. Robertson
Meera Selva
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-03-08Women and leadership in the news media 2021: evidence from 12 marketsDr Craig T. Robertson
Meera Selva
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-03-09Retrieving and Repurposing: A Grounded Approach to Hyperlocal Working Practices through a Subcultural LensCarol Arnold & Shane BlackmanDigital Journalism
2021-03-09From Context Collapse to “Safe Spaces”: Selective Avoidance through Tie Dissolution on Social MediaQinfeng Zhu & Marko M. SkoricMass Communication and Society
2021-03-09Public Trust in State-Run News Media in RwandaKaren McIntyre, Meghan Sobel Cohen
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-03-09Partisanship, News Use, and Political Attitudes in Ghana: An Application of the Communication Mediation ModelGibrilu Abdul WahabAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-03-10Doing Digital but Prioritising Print: Functional Differentiation in Women’s Magazines in SingaporeLydia Cheng & Edson C. TandocJournalism Studies
2021-03-10Media labs: Constructing journalism laboratories, innovating the future: How journalism is catalysing its future processes, products and peopleJohn Mills, Andrea Wagemans
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-03-10On the Mainstream/Alternative Continuum: Mainstream Media Reactions to Right-Wing Alternative News MediaSilje NygaardDigital Journalism
2021-03-10We Now Go Live: Digital Live-News Technologies and the “Reinvention of Live” in Professional TV News BroadcastingJonathan IlanDigital Journalism
2021-03-10The Community Caretaker Role: How Weekly Newspapers Shielded Their Communities While Covering the Mississippi ICE RaidsNick MathewsJournalism Studies
2021-03-10Introduction: The emotional turn in journalismKarin Wahl-Jorgensen, Mervi Pantti
2021-03-10The Power of Images? Visual Journalists’ Assessment of the Impact of ImageryNicole Smith Dahmen,Kaitlin C. Miller &Brent WalthVisual Communication Quarterly
2021-03-10Night and Day: A Visual Diptych of Hate and Horror in CharlottesvilleSusan Keith & Leslie-Jean ThorntonVisual Communication Quarterly
2021-03-11#NoSnowflakes: The toleration of harassment and an emergent gender-related digital divide, in a UK student online cultureCraig Haslop, Fiona O’Rourke, Rosalynd Southern
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-03-11Ambivalent broadcasters: women contest the public sphere in postwar U.S. college radioAnne M. GesslerFeminist Media Studies
2021-03-11Journalism Civic Self-Efficacy: Predicting Political Participation Among Secondary-School Journalism StudentsPiotr S. Bobkowski & Harrison M. RosenthalJournalism Practice
2021-03-11The media diversity and inclusion paradox: Experiences of black and brown journalists in mainstream British news institutionsOmega Douglas
2021-03-11Visual Framing of the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis in NewspapersDominic E. ForchaCommunicatio
2021-03-11How did we get here? A framing and source analysis of early COVID-19 media coverageAustin HubnerCommunication Research Reports
2021-03-12Reporting the unsayable: Scandalous talk by right-wing populist politicians and the challenge for journalismMats Ekström, Marianna Patrona, Joanna ThornborrowJournalism
2021-03-12Covering sustainable finance: Role perceptions, journalistic practices and moral dilemmasNadine Strauß Journalism
2021-03-12The perception of humanness in conversational journalism: An algorithmic information-processing perspectiveDonghee Shin
New Media & Society
2021-03-12Look at her, it’s the same old storySophie Beaumont, Anj Millo Barton, Jan Jordan & Sarah Monod de FroidevilleFeminist Media Studies
2021-03-12What Time Is It? History and Typology of Time Signals From the Telegraph to the DigitalMaria Rikitianskaia, Gabriele BalbiInternational Journal of Communication
2021-03-12Cross-Cutting Scanning, Integrating, and Interacting: Dimensions of Cross-Cutting Exposure on Social Media and Political ParticipationJihyang Choi
International Journal of Communication
2021-03-12Politics and Incivility in the Online Comments: What is Beyond the Norm-Violation Approach?Gabriella Szabó, Zoltán Kmetty, Emese K. MolnárInternational Journal of Communication
2021-03-13Understanding the Middle East through the eyes of Japan’s Newspapers: A topic modelling and sentiment analysis approachPiyush Ghasiya, Koji OkamuraDigital Scholarship in the Humanities
2021-03-15‘Nobody feels safe’: Vulnerability, fear and the micro-politics of ordinary voice in crime news televisionKathryn Claire Higgins
2021-03-15Journalism’s backstage players: the development of journalism professional associations and their roles in a troubled fieldLindsey Sherrill, Jiehua Zhang, Danielle Deavours, Nathan Towery, Yuanwei Lyu, William Singleton, Keqing Kuang & Wilson Lowrey Journal of Media Business Studies
2021-03-15Journalism Under Instrumentalized Political ParallelismKjetil Selvik &Jacob HøigiltJournalism Studies
2021-03-15Why National Media Systems Matter: A Longitudinal Analysis of How UK Left-Wing and Right-Wing Alternative Media Critique Mainstream Media (2015–2018)Stephen Cushion, Declan McDowell-Naylor & Richard ThomasJournalism Studies
2021-03-15Changing Social Representations and Agenda Interactions of Gene Editing After Crises: A Network Agenda-Setting Study on Chinese Social MediaAnfan Chen, Xing Zhang
Social Science Computer Review
2021-03-15French theoretical and methodological influences on Brazilian journalism researchOtávio Daros
Media, Culture & Society
2021-03-15THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Mobile Telephony, Information Verification, and Expressive Communication During Hawaii’s False Missile AlertRich Ling, Brett Oppegaard
Social Media + Society
2021-03-15The Image of China and the United States of America in Selected African MediaIurii MelnykAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-03-15The Empire Strikes Back? Media Freedom, Public Interest and Neoliberalism in the Aftermath of the Eurozone Economic CrisisRita FigueirasJavnost - The Public
2021-03-15Afrokology and the Right to Communicate in Africaviola c. milton &Winston ManoJavnost - The Public
2021-03-15‘Swamped by Muslims’ and facing an ‘African gang’ problem: racialized and religious media representations in AustraliaDr Enqi Weng & Dr Fethi MansouriContinuum
2021-03-16Limits to freedom in public service broadcasting: the case of South KoreaJohn Christopher CarpenterPublizistik
2021-03-16The limits of representation activism: analyzing Black celebrity politics in LeBron James’ The ShopBrandon Wallace, David L Andrews
Media, Culture & Society
2021-03-16Organizational Hashtags During Times of Crisis: Analyzing the Broadcasting and Gatekeeping Dynamics of #PorteOuverte During the November 2015 Paris Terror AttacksPaul Reilly, Stefania VicariSocial Media + Society
2021-03-16YouTube as Alternative Television in Russia: Political Videos During the Presidential Election Campaign 2018Anna Litvinenko
Social Media + Society
2021-03-16Corpus insights into the harmonization of commercial media in China: News coverage of migrant worker issues as a case studyEric (Yin) Liu, Janny H.C. LeungDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-03-17Historiography of a Defender: Narratives of Victimhood, Resistance, and Triumph in Sylvia Pankhurst's London-based New Times and Ethiopia NewsAmanuel GebruWoldearegayMedia History
2021-03-17Quizzes or Editing Exercises? In Teaching AP Style, Both Methods Work EquallyChristina Littlefield
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-03-17Accessibility as Aesthetic in Broadcast Media: Critical Access Theory and Disability Justice as Project-Based LearningChelsea Temple Jones, Kimberlee Collins, Anne Zbitnew
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-03-17The (Non-)Adoption of Participatory Newsroom Innovations under Authoritarian Rule: How Comment Sections Diffused in Belarus and Azerbaijan (1998–2017)Anna Litvinenko & Florian ToepflDigital Journalism
2021-03-17Securing Whistleblowing in the Digital Age: SecureDrop and the Changing Journalistic Practices for Source ProtectionPhilip Di SalvoDigital Journalism
2021-03-17You Should Read This Study! It Investigates Scandinavian Social Media Logics ☝Mario Haim, Michael Karlsson,Raul Ferrer-Conill, Aske Kammer, Dag Elgesem & Helle SjøvaagDigital Journalism
2021-03-17Examining the Roles of Multi-Platform Social Media News Use, Engagement, and Connections with News Organizations and Journalists on News Literacy: A Comparison of Seven DemocraciesMichael Chan, Francis L. F. Lee & Hsuan-Ting ChenDigital Journalism
2021-03-17Linking Media Content and Survey Data in a Dynamic and Digital Media Environment – Mobile Longitudinal Linkage AnalysisLukas P. Otto, Fabian Thomas, Isabella Glogger & Claes H. De VreeseDigital Journalism
2021-03-17The Grey Area: How Regulations Impact Autonomy in Computational JournalismSarah K. WileyDigital Journalism
2021-03-17Becoming the Data-Informed Newsroom? The Promotion of Audience Metrics in the Newsroom and Journalists’ Interactions with ThemJonathan Hendrickx, Eladio Montero, Heritiana Ranaivoson & Pieter BallonDigital Journalism
2021-03-17Journalism Hybridization in Postcolonial Societies: Paradigm Adaptation Tensions in Post-Apartheid South AfricaDanford ZirugoJournalism Studies
2021-03-17Beyond the Family Resemblance: Mapping the Normative Roles of Journalists Across Europe in the Early 2010sOlivier Standaert
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-03-17From the barbecue to the sauna: A comparative account of the folding of media reception into the everyday lifePablo J Boczkowski, Facundo Suenzo, Eugenia Mitchelstein, Neta Kligler-Vilenchik, Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt, Kaori Hayashi, Mikko Villi
New Media & Society
2021-03-18‘I Am That Girl’: Media reportage, anonymous victims and symbolic annihilation in the aftermath of sexual assaultJessica C Oldfield, Dave McDonald
Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2021-03-19Documenting Queen Victoria’s Christmas TreeMarc KosciejewMedia History
2021-03-19Cross-bordering journalism: How intermediaries of change drive the adoption of new practicesAnnett Heft, Stefan Baack
2021-03-19Cultural nationalism, Australian media studies, and Tom O’ReganGraeme TurnerContinuum
2021-03-21Race and leadership in the news media 2021: evidence from five marketsDr Craig T. Robertson
Meera Selva
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-03-21Syrian journalists covering the war: Assessing perceptions of fear and securityLidia Peralta García, Tania Ouariachi
Media, War & Conflict
2021-03-22Consolation Strategies in Children’s Television News: A Longitudinal Content AnalysisMariska Kleemans & Sanne L. TamboerJournalism Practice
2021-03-22The State-Preneurship Model of Digital Journalism Innovation: Cases from ChinaKecheng Fang, Maria Repnikova
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-03-22Hybrid Media and Hybrid Politics: Contesting Informational Uncertainty in Lebanon and TunisiaKatrin Voltmer, Kjetil Selvik, Jacob Høigilt
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-03-22When Others’ Reactions to News Media Messages are Visible: The Influence of News User Comments on Presumed Media InfluenceHue Trong Duong & Jiaying LiuSouthern Communication Journal
2021-03-22‘Enough is enough: this cycle of violence has to come to an end’: Practical reasoning in the editorials during the extradition bill crisis of Hong KongJohn Della Pietra, Simon Wang
Discourse & Communication
2021-03-23Gender, Voice and Online Space: Expressions of Feminism on Social Media in SpainCilia Willem, Iolanda TortajadaMedia and Communication
2021-03-23Breaking the Rules: Zodwa Wabantu and Postfeminism in South AfricaPriscilla BoshoffMedia and Communication
2021-03-23What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs: Analyzing Postfeminist Themes in Girls’ MagazinesMarieke Boschma, Serena DaalmansMedia and Communication
2021-03-23Contemporary Research on Gender and Media: It’s All PoliticalSofie Van Bauwel, Tonny KrijnenMedia and Communication
2021-03-23“An ocean of knowledge:” Vai’s transnational feminist alliancesJennifer L. GauthierFeminist Media Studies
2021-03-23News as They Know It: Young Adults’ Information Repertoires in the Digital Media LandscapeJennifer
Chris Peters, Kim Christian SchrøderORCID Icon, Josephine Lehaff & Julie Vulpius
Digital Journalism
2021-03-23The Impact of Constructive Television Journalism on the Audience: Results from an Online StudyRoman Rusch, Erk Simon, Kim Otto & Detlef FlintzJournalism Practice
2021-03-23“Eyewitnesses to a Tragedy”: How the Collegian, the Student Newspaper of South Carolina State College, Covered the 1968 Orangeburg MassacreDante E. MozieAmerican Journalism
2021-03-23“Pure Caucasian Blood”: Libel by Racial Misidentification in American Newspapers (1900–1957)Aimee EdmondsonAmerican Journalism
2021-03-23Henry Luce’s American & Chinese Century: An Analysis of US News Magazines’ Coverage of General Chiang Kai-shek from 1936 to 1949Daniel M. Haygood & Glenn W. ScottAmerican Journalism
2021-03-23“We Females Have to Be Contented with the Tales of Adventures”: Trauma and Gender in Dorothy Day’s Early ReportingBailey DickAmerican Journalism
2021-03-23Pleasure in the News: African American Readership and Sexuality in the Black PressBrian Gabrial
American Journalism
2021-03-23Semiotics of rape in Pakistan: What’s missing in the digital illustrations?Mehvish Riaz
Discourse & Communication
2021-03-23Boosting nationalism through COVID-19 images: Multimodal construction of the failure of the ‘dear enemy’ with COVID-19 in the national pressJari Martikainen, Inari Sakki
Discourse & Communication
2021-03-23Framing similar issues differently: a cross-cultural discourse analysis of news imagesAfrooz Rafiee,Wilbert Spooren & José SandersSocial Semiotics
2021-03-23Seeking connections across constellations: a reflection on Tom O’ReganLisa BodeContinuum
2021-03-24Confusing Effects of Fake News on Clarity of Political Information in the Social Media EnvironmentJihyang Choi & Jae Kook LeeJournalism Practice
2021-03-24Divorcing Religion and Politics:
Journalistic Field in Early Twentieth Century Kashmir
M. Imran ParrayMedia History
2021-03-24Digital Skills of Mobile Journalists: Exploring Learning Needs and Learner Experiences of Just-in-Time Learning With SmartphonesYen-Mei Lee
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-03-24The Boston Marathon Bombings: A Case Study in Visual Framing EthicsDaniel S. Hunt & Gerard JaletteJournal of Media Ethics
2021-03-24Provincial Newspapers—Lessons from HistoryRachel Matthews & Guy HodgsonMedia History
2021-03-24“Why attacking the Bureau of Industry and Commerce?”: news value flow to news comments on Chinese social mediaJuan He
Media, Culture & Society
2021-03-24How does selective exposure affect partisan polarisation? Media consumption on electoral campaignsJosé María Ramírez-Dueñas & María Lourdes Vinuesa-TejeroThe Journal of International Communication
2021-03-24Securitising an international humanitarian crisis: news framing of the Syrian refugee crisis in the USMi Rosie Jahng & Marissa J. DoshiThe Journal of International Communication
2021-03-24US media’s coverage of China’s handling of COVID-19: Playing the role of the fourth branch of government or the fourth estate?Wenshan Jia, Fangzhu Lu
Global Media and China
2021-03-25Addressing Transactional Distance Through Teaching Presence Strategies in Online Journalism and Mass Communication CoursesBrian Delaney, Kristen Betts
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-03-25Defining and Measuring News Media Quality: Comparing the Content Perspective and the Audience PerspectivePhilipp Bachmann, Mark Eisenegger, Diana Ingenhoff
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-03-26Kongruenz der Anlassauswahl als Indikator für die Journalismusforschung: Eine ExplorationMarkus Lehmkuhl & Nikolai Promies Publizistik
2021-03-26Examining Avoidance of Ongoing Political Issues in the News: A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Audience Issue FatigueGwendolin Gurr, Julia Metag
International Journal of Communication
2021-03-26Corruption framing in Latin American media systems. A comparison between Mexico and ChileMartin Echeverría, Rubén Arnoldo González & Francisco Javier Tagle MonttThe Journal of International Communication
2021-03-26Media systems in “the other” Nordic countries and autonomous regions Ida Willig,
Lars Nord
Nordicom Review
2021-03-26 Åland – a peculiar media systemCarl-Gustav LindénNordicom Review
2021-03-26A Sámi media system? Torkel Rasmussen
Inker-Anni Sara
Roy Krøvel
Nordicom Review
2021-03-26Media policy in Greenland Signe Ravn-HøjgaardNordicom Review
2021-03-26Political parallelism in Iceland Birgir GuðmundssonNordicom Review
2021-03-26Superficial, shallow and reactive Jón Gunnar ÓlafssonNordicom Review
2021-03-26News consumption patterns in Iceland Valgerður JóhannsdóttirNordicom Review
2021-03-26Particularities of media systems in the West Nordic countries Signe Ravn-Højgaard
Valgerður Jóhannsdóttir
Ragnar Karlsson
Rógvi Olavson
Heini í Skorini
Nordicom Review
2021-03-27‘A long, narrow and uphill road’: The representation of Turkey–EEC/EU relations in the Turkish newspapers Cumhuriyet and Hürriyet (1959–2019)Ayça Demet Atay
European Journal of Communication
2021-03-28 Douai, Mehmet F Bastug, Davut Akca
International Communication Gazette
2021-03-28Islam, veiling & political agency: the visual performativity of Palestinian female suicide bombers in broadcast news mediaMatthew D. KirkAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-03-28It’s All Relative: The Dual Role of Media Consumption and Media Literacy among Black AudiencesDavid StampsSouthern Communication Journal
2021-03-28Police Violence and Protests: Digital Media Maintenance of Racism, Protest Repression, and the Status QuoDanielle K. KilgoJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-03-28Harold A. Innis, Asian media and dependency theory: remembering the work of Brian ShoesmithNed RossiterContinuum
2021-03-29The Monitored Watchdogs: Journalists’ Surveillance and its Repercussions for their Professional and Personal Lives in PakistanSadia JamilJournalism Studies
2021-03-29Gasping for war drama: the “about to die moment” of the Osama bin Laden assassinationMarnie RitchieCritical Studies in Media Communication
2021-03-29Operational analysis: A method for observing and analyzing digital media operationsKathrin Friedrich, A S Aurora Hoel
New Media & Society
2021-03-29Navigating good news, bad news, and no news: issues associated with public and private communication onlineColleen E. MillsCommunication Research and Practice
2021-03-30When Motivations Meet Affordances: News Consumption on TelegramChen Lou, Edson C. Tandoc Jr., Li Xuan Hong, Xiang Yuan (Brenda) Pong, Wan Xin (Rachelle) Lye & Ngiag Gya (Trisha) SngJournalism Studies
2021-03-30Trust in Congruent Sources, Absolutely: The Moderating Effects of Ideological and Epistemological Beliefs on the Relationship between Perceived Source Congruency and News CredibilityCraig T. RobertsonJournalism Studies
2021-03-30Sharing Native Advertising on Twitter: Content Analyses Examining Disclosure Practices and Their Inoculating InfluenceMichelle A. Amazeen & Chris J. VargoJournalism Studies
2021-03-30Investigating the role of valenced framing in perceptions of good governanceJuan LiuAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-03-30Unpacking History, Unpacking Corruption, and Unpacking Media Analysis: Some Recent Books on the South African MediaKeyan TomaselliCommunicatio
2021-03-31Defining and conceptualizing news literacyMelissa Tully, Adam Maksl, Seth Ashley, Emily K Vraga, Stephanie Craft
2021-03-31Preserving Data Journalism: A Systematic Literature ReviewBahareh Heravi, Kathryn Cassidy, Edie Davis & Natalie HarrowerJournalism Practice
2021-03-31The Ethics of Transparency: A Review of Corrections Language in International Journalistic Codes of EthicsAlyssa Appelman & Kirstie E. HettingaJournal of Media Ethics
2021-03-31Content Analyses of User Comments in Journalism: A Systematic Literature Review Spanning Communication Studies and Computer ScienceJulius Reimer, Marlo Häring, Wiebke Loosen, Walid Maalej & Lisa MertenDigital Journalism
2021-03-31How the public understands news media trust: An open-ended approachErik Knudsen, Stefan Dahlberg, Magnus H Iversen, Mikael P Johannesson, Silje Nygaard
2021-03-31Branding a city through journalism in China: The example of ShenzhenDeya Xu, Jiao Shen, Jian Xu
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