Research of June 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in June 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-06-01The societal importance of journalistic health reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa: Impressions from science and health journalism organizations Wollnik, StefanJournal of African Media Studies
2020-06-01Communicating COVID-19 to rural dwellers: Revisiting the role of traditional media in crisis communicationAbaneme, Ezinne; Nwasum, Chinedu; Chima, Oscar; Elechi, Ogbonnanya; Uduma, NgoziJournal of African Media Studies
2020-06-01Fear-arousing persuasive communication and behaviour change: COVID-19 in KenyaEmojong’, OmukuleJournal of African Media Studies
2020-06-01‘You can’t arrest a virus’: The freedom of expression crisis within Egypt’s response to COVID-19Cosentino, Gabriele Journal of African Media Studies
2020-06-01Sponsored Content in 2020: Back to the Future?Lisa LynchDigital Journalism
2020-06-01‘Fake news’ or trust in authorities? The problems of uncertainty at a time of medical crisisGlenn, IanJournal of African Media Studies
2020-06-01The Power of a Genre: Political News Presented as Fact-Checking Increases Accurate Belief Updating and Hostile Media PerceptionsJianing Li, Jordan M. Foley, Omar Dumdum & Michael W. WagnerMass Communication and Society
2020-06-01In the Eye of the Beholder: A Case for the Visual Hostile Media PhenomenonJörg Matthes, Desirée Schmuck, Christian von Sikorski
Communication Research
2020-06-01Caring with the Public: An Integration of Feminist Moral, Environmental, and Political Philosophy in Journalism EthicsJoseph JonesJournal of Media Ethics
2020-06-01Towards Diversity in Global Journalism Studies. A Reply to Seth C. LewisChristoph Raetzsch,Teke Ngomba,Cecilia Arregui Olivera,Unni From & Henrik BødkerDigital Journalism
2020-06-02Media coverage of Chinese investment in the United States: Politics and missed opportunitiesRob Wells, Ka Zeng, Austin Wilkins
Newspaper Research Journal
2020-06-02Advocacy journalism in the 21st century: Rethinking entertainment in digital Black press outletsMiya Williams Fayne
2020-06-02The influence of sources in violent news on fright and worry responses of children in the NetherlandsMariska Kleemans, Lisa T. Janssen, Doeschka J. Anschütz & Moniek Buijzen
2020-06-02“Stick to Sports”? First Amendment Values and Limitations to Student-Athlete ExpressionMichael K. Park
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-06-02Non-violent revolutions are believed to take place: A Discourse-Historical analysis of the Armenian Velvet Revolution in Armenian news mediaShushan Azatyan, Zeinab Mohammad Ebrahimi, Yadollah Mansouri
Discourse & Communication
2020-06-03Selective exposure in different political information environments – How media fragmentation and polarization shape congruent news useDesiree Steppat, Laia Castro Herrero, Frank Esser

European Journal of Communication
2020-06-03(Not) Looking Like a RefugeeNoora Kotilainen & Saara PellanderMedia History
2020-06-03Do Not Blame the Media! The Role of Politicians and Parties in Fragmenting Online Political DebateRaphael Heiberger, Silvia Majó-Vázquez, Laia Castro Herrero, Rasmus K. Nielsen, Frank Esser
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-03The Challenges of Hosting Televised Deliberations in Ethiopian MediaGebru K. Kiflu, Adem C. Ali, Hagos NigussieThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-03Mass Media Occurrence as a Political Career MakerAnnelien Van Remoortere, Stefaan Walgrave, Rens Vliegenthart
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-03The Strategic Bias: How Journalists Respond to Antimedia PopulismAyala Panievsky
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-03Selective exposure in different political information environments – How media fragmentation and polarization shape congruent news useDesiree Steppat, Laia Castro Herrero, Frank Esser
European Journal of Communication
2020-06-03The Challenges of Hosting Televised Deliberations in Ethiopian MediaGebru K. Kiflu, Adem C. Ali, Hagos Nigussie
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-04Converged journalism: practices and influences in PakistanMuhammad Ittefaq, Waqas Ejaz, Shahira S Fahmy, Ammar Malik Sheikh
Media International Australia
2020-06-04News Engagement on Closed Platforms. Human Factors and Technological Affordances Influencing Exposure to News on WhatsAppPere Masip, Jaume Suau, Carles Ruiz-Caballero, Pablo Capilla & Klaus ZillesDigital Journalism
2020-06-04How source-level and message-level factors influence journalists’ social media visibility during a public health crisisXinzhi Zhang, Rui Zhu
2020-06-04Political corruption in Zimbabwe: News media, audiences and deliberative democracyMthokozisi Phathisani Ndhlovu, Phillip Santos
Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2020-06-04Point and shoot: Police media labor and technologies of surveillance in End of WatchJames Alexander McVeyCrime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2020-06-05The structure, production routines, and political functions of editorials in contemporary journalismPablo Silva Pimentel, Francisco Paulo Jamil Marques & Deivison Henrique Freitas SantosAtlantic Journal of Communication
2020-06-07Smoke knows no boundaries: how Malaysian newspapers frame no-smoking policySheau Wen OngCommunication Research and Practice
2020-06-07From “Far Away” to “Shock” to “Fatigue” to “Back to Normal”: How Young People Experienced News During the First Wave of the COVID-19 PandemicTim Groot Kormelink & Anne Klein GunnewiekJournalism Studies
2020-06-07Do Novel Routines Stick After the Pandemic? The Formation of News Habits During COVID-19Marcel Broersma & Joëlle SwartJournalism Studies
2020-06-07Examining perceptions towards war/peace journalism: A survey of journalists in Iraq, Afghanistan and PakistanShabir Hussain, Araz Ramazan Ahmad
International Communication Gazette
2020-06-08Perceptions of the media's role and job satisfaction: a survey of journalists in XinjiangXiaoning Han & Fen LinAsian Journal of Communication
2020-06-08Ecological Civilisation Discourse in Xinhua’s African Newswires: Towards a Greener Agency?Robert BoughenAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-06-08Understanding Audience Engagement with Mainstream and Alternative News Posts on FacebookDan Hiaeshutter-Rice & Brian WeeksDigital Journalism
2020-06-08Covering (il)Legible Bodies: A CDA of News Discourse about Undocuqueer Life in the U.S.Ayleen Cabas-MijaresJournalism Practice
2020-06-08Digital Infrastructure, Liminality, and World-Making Via Asia| (Dis)information Blackouts: Politics and Practices of Internet ShutdownsNishant ShahInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-08Media Pluralism and Democratic Consolidation: A Recipe for Success?Fatima El IssawiThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-08The Daily Mail Rose:
Advertising, gardening and suburban aspirations in the Edwardian period and after
Robert PiggottMedia History
2020-06-08Audiences as Agents of Collective Memory – Implications for Press Criticism and Journalism BoundariesDanford ZirugoJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-06-09Japanese scandals and their productionIgor Prusa
Media, Culture & Society
2020-06-09A Downward Spiral? A Panel Study of Misinformation and Media Trust in ChileSebastián Valenzuela, Daniel Halpern, Felipe Araneda
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-09Traces of orientalism in media studiesBanafsheh Ranji
Media, Culture & Society
2020-06-09Conducting conflict zones media studies research while being a womanYael WarshelFeminist Media Studies
2020-06-09Not all clicks are equal: detecting engagement with digital contentYayu Zhou, Bobby J. Calder, Edward C. Malthouse & Yasaman Kamyab HessaryJournal of Media Business Studies
2020-06-10Why journalism’s default neglect of temporality is a problemBarbie Zelizer
Media, Culture & Society
2020-06-10Media attention, dependency, self-efficacy, and prosocial behaviours during the outbreak of COVID-19: A constructive journalism perspectiveJiankun Gong, Hasmah Zanuddin, Weipeng Hou, Jinghong Xu
Global Media and China
2020-06-10Discriminated in Society and Marginalized in Media: Social Representation of Christian Sanitary Workers in PakistanMuhammad Ittefaq, Waqas Ejaz, Sadia Jamil, Azhar Iqbal & Rauf ArifJournalism Practice
2020-06-10Devil’s Advocate or Agenda Setter? The Role of Journalists Covering Sustainable Finance in Europe
Nadine StraußJournalism Studies
2020-06-10Who Thinks that Female Journalists Have Sex with their Sources? Testing the Association Between Sexist Beliefs, Journalist Mistrust, and the Perceived Realism of Fictional Female JournalistsT. Franklin WaddellJournalism Studies
2020-06-10“Listening Literacies” as Keys to Rebuilding Trust in Journalism: A Typology for a Changing News AudienceSue Robinson,Kelly Jensen &Carlos DávalosJournalism Studies
2020-06-10Media Management During COVID-19: Behavior of Swedish Media Leaders in Times of CrisisEster AppelgrenJournalism Studies
2020-06-10Video Convergence: Factors Affecting Photojournalists’ Satisfaction and AdoptionChristopher T. AssafVisual Communication Quarterly
2020-06-10A Picture of Structural Pain: Visualizations of the Housing CrisisPam Axtman-BarkerVisual Communication Quarterly
2020-06-10Socio-psychological Recovery in Post-nuclear Fukushima, Japan: Affective Reactions to Media Portrayal in PhotographsAllison Kwesell & Chelsea A. LeNobleVisual Communication Quarterly
2020-06-10From flabby to fit: Restructuring the public broadcasting system in EgyptRasha AllamGlobal Media and Communication
2020-06-10The Omran Daqneesh imagery from the streets of Aleppo to international front pages: Testimony, politics and emotionsMette Mortensen, Nina Grønlykke Mollerup
Global Media and Communication
2020-06-10An integrated framework for online news quality assuranceBesiki StviliaFirst monday
2020-06-11Why Retractions of Numerical Misinformation Fail: The Anchoring Effect of Inaccurate Numbers in the NewsMarlis Stubenvoll, Jörg Matthes
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-06-13Navigating Precarity: Disruption and Decline at the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteJeanna SybertJournalism Practice
2020-06-13The effects of digital media upon labor knowledge and attitudes: a study of Chinese labor subjectivity in a vocational training schoolJack Linchuan Qiu,Minglun Chung & Ngai PunInformation, Communication & Society
2020-06-14Moral foundations, media exposure, and responses to immigration-related media contentNicky Lewis & Qian HuangAtlantic Journal of Communication
2020-06-14Data Journalism Practice in Sub-Saharan African Media Systems: A Cross-National Survey of Journalists’ Perceptions in Zambia and TanzaniaGregory Gondwe & Robert A. WhiteAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-06-14News automation, materialities, and the remix of an editorial processLaurence Dierickx
2020-06-14Digitizing the paper of record: Archiving digital newspapers at the New York TimesSharon Ringel
2020-06-14News automation, materialities, and the remix of an editorial processLaurence DierickxJournalism
2020-06-14Voice, Capabilities and the Public Sphere: Assessing the Legitimacy and Efficacy of Media Freedom(s)Simon DawesJavnost - The Public
2020-06-14No Gender Bias in Audience Perceptions of Male and Female Experts in the News: Equally Competent and PersuasiveKatrine Greve-Poulsen, Frederik K. Larsen, Rasmus T. Pedersen, Erik Albæk
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-14James MorrisonSocial Semiotics
2020-06-14News Media Coverage of E-Cigarettes: An Analysis of Themes in Chinese NewspapersJoanne Chen Lyu, Di Wang, Peiyi Huang, Pamela Ling
International Journal of Communication
2020-06-14Framing the Syrian Operations: Populism in Foreign Policy and the Polarized News Media of TurkeyEmre İşeri, Metin ErsoyInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-14Questioning (Deep) Mediatization: A Historical and Anthropological CritiqueJérôme Bourdon, Gabriele Balbi
International Journal of Communication
2020-06-15Framing China’s Belt and Road Initiative by U.S. and Indian news media (2013–2018)Shanshan Niu, Jeannine E. Relly
Newspaper Research Journal
2020-06-15If the “whole digital news industry has been based on lies,” where do we go from here?Dane S. Claussen
Newspaper Research Journal
2020-06-15A New People’s Press? Understanding Digital-Native News Sites in Latin America as Alternative MediaSummer HarlowDigital Journalism
2020-06-15What is Valuable Journalism? Three Key Experiences and Their Challenges for Journalism Scholars and Practitioners*Irene Costera MeijerDigital Journalism
2020-06-16The end of ‘Welcome Culture’? How the Cologne assaults reframed Germany’s immigration discourseIris Wigger, Alexander Yendell, David HerbertEuropean Journal of Communication
2020-06-16Audience Sensemaking: A Mapping ApproachStephanie EdgerlyDigital Journalism
2020-06-16Black Lives Matter Coverage: How Protest News Frames and Attitudinal Change Affect Social Media EngagementRachel R. Mourão & Danielle K. Kilgo
Digital Journalism
2020-06-16Towards New Standards? Interaction Patterns of German Political Journalists in the TwittersphereNina F. Schumacher, Peter Maurer, Christian NuernbergkThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-16Temporalities and Theory in Media HistoryJukka KorttiMedia History
2020-06-16Contesting and Critiquing the Neue Frau: Modern Women in the Communist Illustrated Press of the Weimar RepublicJennifer LynnMedia History
2020-06-17Falling for fake news: the role of political bias and cognitive abilityEdson C. Tandoc, James Lee,Matthew Chew,Fan Xi Tan & Zhang Hao GohAsian Journal of Communication
2020-06-17Sourcing Practice in Local Media: Diversity and Media ShadowsBirgit Røe MathisenJournalism Practice
2020-06-17Topic modeling for frame analysis: A study of media debates on climate change in India and USATuukka Ylä-Anttila, Veikko Eranti, Anna Kukkonen
Global Media and Communication
2020-06-17Same Scandal, Different Standards: The Effect of Partisanship on Expectations of News Reports about WhistleblowersMegan Duncan, Mallory Perryman &Brittany ShaughnessyMass Communication and Society
2020-06-17Reimagining Local Journalism: A Community-centered InterventionAndrea D. Wenzel & Letrell CrittendenJournalism Studies
2020-06-17Is the Age of Impartial Journalism Over? The Neutrality Principle and Audience (Dis)trust in Mainstream NewsMarkus OjalaJournalism Studies
2020-06-17Public knowledge of alternative media in times of algorithmically personalized newsTilman Klawier, Fabian Prochazka, Wolfgang Schweiger
New Media & Society
2020-06-18Agile Content Management: Strategic Communication in Corporate NewsroomsJens Seiffert-Brockmann,Sabine Einwiller,Neda Ninova-Solovykh &Daniel WolfgruberInternational Journal of Strategic Communication
2020-06-18Inauthentic Newsfeeds and Agenda Setting in a Coordinated Inauthentic Information OperationCarl Ehrett, Darren L. Linvill, Hudson Smith, Patrick L. Warren, Leya Bellamy, Marianna Moawad, Olivia Moran, Monica MoodySocial Science Computer Review
2020-06-18Mediated Vegetarianism:
The periodical press and new associations in the Late Russian Empire
Julia MalitskaMedia History
2020-06-21Managing Media and Digital OrganizatationsMaria BorkowskiCanadian journal of communication
2020-06-21Information Activism: A Queer History of Lesbian Media TechnologiesNelanthi HewaCanadian journal of communication
2020-06-21I Like What You Like: Social Norms and Media EnjoymentKevin Kryston & Allison EdenMass Communication and Society
2020-06-21Can media synchronize our physiological responses? Skin conductance synchrony as a function of message valence, arousal, and emotional change rateJingjing Han,Annie Lang &Mary Jean AmonCommunication Monographs
2020-06-21Screening Black Lives Matter: on-screen discourses, distortions, and depictions of Black Lives MatterFrancesca SobandeFeminist Media Studies
2020-06-21Restyling propaganda: popularized party press and the making of soft propaganda in ChinaSheng ZouInformation, Communication & Society
2020-06-22Crypto-punditry and the media neutrality crisisCharles OlneyAtlantic Journal of Communication
2020-06-22Streaming media:
production, interfaces, content and users
Mads Møller Tommerup Andersen,
Marika Lüders
MedieKultur: Journal of media and communication research
2020-06-22How ISIS represented enemies as ineffectual in Dabiq: A multimodal critical discourse analysisSahar Rasoulikolamaki, Surinderpal Kaur
Discourse & Communication
2020-06-23Was the 2019 Indian election won by digital media?Dr. Taberez A. Neyazi , PhD & Ralph SchroederThe Communication Review
2020-06-23The Institutional Impacts of Algorithmic Distribution: Facebook and the Australian News MediaFrancesco Bailo, James Meese, Edward HurcombeSocial Media + Society
2020-06-23Structural Influences on the News Finds Me Perception: Why People Believe They Don’t Have to Actively Seek News AnymoreNadine Strauß, Brigitte Huber, Homero Gil de Zúñiga
Social Media + Society
2020-06-23Terrorist Organizations in the News: A Computational Approach to Measure Media Attention Toward TerrorismL. Hellmueller,V. Hase & P. LindnerMass Communication and Society
2020-06-24More or More of the Same:

Ownership Concentration and Media Diversity in Egypt
Zahraa Badr
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-06-24Audience engagement with news on Chinese social media: A discourse analysis of the People’s Daily official account on WeChatGeqi Wu, Chunlei Pan
Discourse & Communication
2020-06-25The Development of Data Journalism in China: Influences, Motivations and PracticeScott Wright & David NolanDigital Journalism
2020-06-25Alternative Media, Alternative Voices? A Quantitative Analysis of Actor Diversity in Alternative and Mainstream News OutletsWillem Buyens & Peter Van AelstDigital Journalism
2020-06-25Internet users’ utopian/dystopian imaginaries of society in the digital age: Theorizing critical digital literacy and civic engagementGianfranco PolizziNew Media & Society
2020-06-25Intimacy and Emotions in Podcast Journalism: A Study of Award-Winning Australian and British PodcastsMia LindgrenJournalism Practice
2020-06-26Income or inconvenience? Digital video advertising adoption lags among U.S. community newspapersBurton SpeakmanFirst monday
2020-06-27Overseas media, homeland audiences: examining determinants of newsmaking in Deutsche Welle’s Amharic ServiceTéwodros W Workneh
Media, Culture & Society
2020-06-27Facing the music: Stereotyping of and by women in US music journalismKelsey Whipple, Renita Coleman
2020-06-28Chinese-language digital news media in Australia: New narratives of hybrid identitiesWanning SunContinuum
2020-06-28Testing classical predictors of public willingness to censor: On the desire to block fake news onlineJustin D Martin, Fouad Hassan
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2020-06-28Only “sheep” trust journalists? How citizens’ self-perceptions shape their approach to newsJacob L Nelson, Seth C Lewis
New Media & Society
2020-06-28How Social Media Influence TV Newsrooms Online Engagement and Video DistributionVíctor García-PerdomoJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-06-28Why study media ecosystems?Ethan ZuckermanInformation, Communication & Society
2020-06-29The impact of media use on the spillover and crossover effect of couple conflictNicole Kashian
New Media & Society
2020-06-29Information sources about face-to-face meetings with people from the Internet: Gendered influence on adolescents’ risk perception and behaviorVojtěch Mýlek, Lenka Dedkova, David Smahel
New Media & Society
2020-06-29Mediations of Religion and Politics as “Affective Infrastructures”: A Cross-Disciplinary Reflection on Contemporary PoliticsStewart M. Hoover
International Journal of Communication
2020-06-29Interrogating the Inverse: Studying the Standardisation of Employment in Newsrooms of the Public Broadcaster RTV SloveniaIgor Vobič & Branko BembičJournalism Studies
2020-06-29Place, Power and the Pandemic: The Disrupted Material Settings of Television News Making During Covid-19 in an Indonesian BroadcasterEndah Saptorini, Xin Zhao & Daniel JacksonJournalism Studies
2020-06-29How Do Media Portray Multiple Identity Organizations?Robert Heckert, Jelle Boumans, Rens VliegenthartInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-29Generic Frames in Corruption Scandals in Chile (2015–2019): Differences and Similarities Between Print and Online MediaFrancisco TagleInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-29How Ageist and Sexist Framing Is Used in Turkish Media To Normalize Femicide: A Content AnalysisMerve Basdogan, Zulfukar Ozdogan, Lesa HuberInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-29Delivering a Coup D’état: 23F and the Diminishing Role of Spanish Public Broadcaster RTVE in the Digital EraIván Darias, Vicente Rodríguez OrtegaInternational Journal of Communication
2020-06-29The impact of media use on the spillover and crossover effect of couple conflictNicole Kashian
New Media & Society
2020-06-30Towards media systems framework in Asia Chinese and Korean media on framing the initial COVID-19 pandemicSookyung Cho, Ziyi Wang
International Communication Gazette
2020-06-30Gender and Transnational MediaJustine Lloyd & Jilly Boyce KayFeminist Media Studies
2020-06-30Staying Tuned or Tuning Out? A Longitudinal Analysis of News-Avoiders on the Micro and Macro-LevelLea C. Gorski, Fabian Thomas
Communication Research
2020-06-30Towards media systems framework in Asia Chinese and Korean media on framing the initial COVID-19 pandemicSookyung Cho, Ziyi Wang
International Communication Gazette
2020-06-30Staying Tuned or Tuning Out? A Longitudinal Analysis of News-Avoiders on the Micro and Macro-LevelLea C. Gorski, Fabian Thomas
Communication Research
2020-06-30Unearthing neoliberal multiculturalism in news discourse: politics of indigeneity & ethnic identity in Nicaragua’s Caribbean CoastDominique Montiel ValleCritical Studies in Media Communication
2020-06-30Differences in journalism culture or is there more to it? Comparing news on the European refugee issue in Western Europe and ChinaShujun Jiang, Leen d’Haenens, Li Zhang
International Communication Gazette
2020-06-30Writer movements between news outlets reflect political polarization in mediaNick Hagar, Johannes Wachs, Emőke-Ágnes Horvát
New Media & Society
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