Research of July 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in July 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-07-01Medienethik: Vier populäre IrrtümerDaniel EggersPublizistik
2021-07-01Conceptualizing the Role of Social Context in Media Selectivity: The Social Embeddedness of Media Reliance and Internalization (SEMRI) ModelAnn RousseauMass Communication and Society
2021-07-01Ideal Victims and Familiar Strangers: Non-Intimate Femicide in South African News MediaNechama BrodieAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01Subordinating Freedom of Expression to Human Dignity: Promoting or Undermining Journalism—A Case of ZimbabweDanford ZirugoAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01The Historicity of Media Regulation in Zambia; Examining the Proposed Statutory Self-RegulationYoungson Ndawana, Joanne Knowles & Christopher VaughanAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01The (Other) Anglophone Problem: Charting the Development of a Journalism SubfieldDavid CheruiyotAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01Twitter in the News: An Analysis of Embedded Tweets in Political News CoverageCorinna Oschatz, Sebastian Stier & Jürgen MaierDigital Journalism
2021-07-01Covering the Covid-19 Pandemic Using Peace Journalism ApproachMetin Ersoy & Tamar Haruna DamboJournalism Practice
2021-07-01Watching the Watchdogs: A Conceptual Model for Media Accountability in a Non-Western CountryBouziane Zaid,Don Donghee Shin,Abdelmalek El Kadoussi &Mohammed IbahrineJournalism Practice
2021-07-01Subordinating Freedom of Expression to Human Dignity: Promoting or Undermining Journalism—A Case of ZimbabweDanford ZirugoAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01The Historicity of Media Regulation in Zambia; Examining the Proposed Statutory Self-RegulationYoungson Ndawana, Joanne Knowles & Christopher VaughanAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01The (Other) Anglophone Problem: Charting the Development of a Journalism SubfieldDavid CheruiyotAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-01Twitter in the News: An Analysis of Embedded Tweets in Political News CoverageCorinna Oschatz, Sebastian Stier & Jürgen MaierDigital Journalism
2021-07-02‘The White Side of the Fence:’ Charlotta Bass and the Wesley Robert Wells Case, 1947–1954Rachel GrantMedia History
2021-07-02The Contexts of Political Participation: The Communication Mediation Model Under Varying Structural Conditions of the Public SpherePorismita Borah, Matthew Barnidge, Hernando Rojas
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-07-02Disrupting or reconfiguring racist narratives about Muslims? The representation of British Muslims during the Covid crisisElizabeth Poole, Milly Williamson
2021-07-02Reclaiming Control: How Journalists Embrace Social Media Logics While Defending Journalistic ValuesPatrick WaltersDigital Journalism
2021-07-02The influence of trustworthiness on brand love for news media brands: a cross-cultural examination of the Netherlands and BrazilSamara Sampaio de Oliveira, Michelle Helena Kovacs Grigg & Miruna DoicaruJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-07-03‘Amazing Stories’: Australian newspapers and anti-spy panic, 1910–1945©Caryn Coatney Media History
2021-07-03How much journalism is in brand journalism? How brand journalists perceive their roles and blur the boundaries between journalism and strategic communicationThomas Koch, Benno Viererbl, Charlotte Schulz-Knappe
2021-07-04Transnational media consumption dissonance and ambivalent sexism: How American and Korean television drama consumption shapes Chinese audiences’ gender-role valuesXiao Zhang, Chris Chao Su
International Communication Gazette
2021-07-05“Not Their Fault, but Their Problem”: Organizational Responses to the Online Harassment of JournalistsAvery E. Holton, Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Diana Bossio & Logan MolyneuxJournalism Practice
2021-07-05How Science Journalists Verify Numbers and Statistics in News Stories: Towards a TheoryAnthony Van WitsenJournalism Practice
2021-07-05“All by Myself?” Journalists’ Routines and Decision-making in Gathering and Publishing Death-related VisualsSigne Ivask, Brit Laak & Kadri KuulpakJournalism Practice
2021-07-05Making Sources Visible: Representation of Evidence in News Texts, 2007–2019Mark Coddington & Logan MolyneuxJournalism Practice
2021-07-05Beyond Propaganda: The Changing Journalistic Practices of China’s Party Press in the Digital EraQiang Long & Lingwei ShaoJournalism Practice
2021-07-05#Allhandsondeck Shaun King and unite the right rally: mobilization and the networked social journalistMaha Bashri & Nazar ZakiAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-07-06The Familiarity Paradox: Why Has Digital Sourcing Not Democratized the News?Aviv Barnoy & Zvi Reich
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2021-07-06Fake news: How emotions, involvement, need for cognition and rebuttal evidence (story vs. informational) influence consumer reactions toward a targeted organizationMichail Vafeiadisa & Anli XiaobPublic Relations Review
2021-07-06Metajournalistic Discourse as a Stabilizer within the Journalistic Field: Journalistic Practice in the Covid-19 PandemicGregory Perreault, Mildred F. Perreault
& Phoebe Maares
Journalism Practice
2021-07-06Intrusive media and knowledge work: how knowledge workers negotiate digital media norms in the pursuit of focused workFaltin Karlsen & Brita Ytre-ArneInformation, Communication & Society
2021-07-06What do you pay for all you can eat? Pricing practices and strategies in streaming media servicesTerje Colbjørnsen, Alan Hui & Benedikte SolstadJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-07-07Assimilation, Appropriation, and Exit: Role Negotiation of New Media Professionals in ChinaCui Zhang Meadows, Yan Yan, Sanxiao Huang &Yi DingJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-07-07Clickbait news and algorithmic curation: A game theory framework of the relation between journalism, users, and platformsJuliane A Lischka, Marcel Garz
New Media & Society
2021-07-07Risk perception in newspaper chains: Threats, uncertainties and corporate boundary workHelle Sjøvaag, Thomas Owren
2021-07-07Zimbabwean news media discourses on the intersection of abortion, religion, health and the lawStacy Simelokuhle Nyathi, Mthokozisi Phathisani Ndhlovu
Media, Culture & Society
2021-07-07More diverse, more politically varied: How social media, search engines and aggregators shape news repertoires in the United KingdomRichard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
New Media & Society
2021-07-08Data “Objectivity” in a Time of Coronavirus: Uncovering the Potential Impact of State Influence on the Production of Data-Driven NewsShangyuan WuDigital Journalism
2021-07-09The platform beat: Algorithmic watchdogs in the disinformation agePhilip M Napoli
European Journal of Communication
2021-07-09Media, mortality and necro-technologies: Eulogies for dead mediaBjørn Nansen, Hannah Gould, Michael Arnold, Martin Gibbs
New Media & Society
2021-07-09The Networked Newsroom: Navigating New Boundaries of WorkKathryn HayesJournalism Practice
2021-07-10Gendering in the electoral run: A media monitoring study of women politicians’ representation in Belgian newsJoke D’Heer, Sara De Vuyst, Sarah Van Leuven
2021-07-10Global platforms and asymmetrical power: Industry dynamics and opportunities for policy changeKaroline Andrea Ihlebæk, Vilde Schanke Sundet
New Media & Society
2021-07-12Constructive Messages in Australian Domestic Violence Online News Coverage and Guidelines for Improved CoverageKatri UibuJournalism Practice
2021-07-12Not “falling for the okey-doke”: #BlackLivesMatter as resistance to disinformation in online communitiesKishonna L. Gray &Breigha AdeyemoFeminist Media Studies
2021-07-12Why people that use search, social, and aggregators have more diverse news dietsDr Richard Fletcher,
Prof. Rasmus Kleis Nielsen
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2021-07-12New media use and the belief in a just world: awareness of life events and the perception of fairness for self and injustice for othersInyoung Shin & Keith N. HamptonInformation, Communication & Society
2021-07-12Pɔhim Zuɣu: Understanding Indigenous Language News Audiences in GhanaWunpini Fatimata MohammedAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-07-12Violence and crime as inhibitors of capabilities: the case of Palestinian-Israelis and Israeli mass mediaBaruch Shomron & Amit SchejterThe Communication Review
2021-07-12Teenagers’ reflections on media literacy initiatives at school and everyday media literacy discoursesTom De Leyn, Cato Waeterloos, Ralf De Wolf, Bart Vanhaelewyn, Koen Ponnet & Lieven De MarezJournal of Children and Media
2021-07-12The Impact of 280 Characters: An Analysis of Trump’s Tweets and Television News Through the Lens of Agenda BuildingErendira Abigail Morales, Cindy J. Price Schultz, Kristen D. LandrevilleElectronic News
2021-07-13‘Lockdown’ on Digital Journalism? Mapping Threats to Press Freedom during the COVID-19 Pandemic CrisisLambrini Papadopoulou & Theodora A. ManiouDigital Journalism
2021-07-13Knowledge and the News: An Investigation of the Relation Between News Use, News Avoidance, and the Presence of (Mis)beliefsAlyt Damstra, Rens Vliegenthart, Hajo Boomgaarden, Kathrin Glüer, Elina Lindgren, Jesper Strömbäck, Yariv Tsfati
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-07-13The Different Organizational Structures of Alternative Media: Through the Perspective of Alternative Media Journalists in Turkey and GreeceBillur Aslan Ozgul & Anastasia VenetiDigital Journalism
2021-07-13Sourcing Pandemic News: A Cross-National Computational Analysis of Mainstream Media Coverage of COVID-19 on Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramClaudia Mellado, Daniel Hallin, Luis Cárcamo, Rodrigo Alfaro, Daniel Jackson, María Luisa Humanes, Mireya Márquez-Ramírez, Jacques Mick, Cornelia Mothes, Christi I-Hsuan LIN, Misook Lee, Amaranta Alfaro, Jose Isbej & Andrés RamosDigital Journalism
2021-07-14The impact of touchscreen interactivity on U.S. toddlers’ selective attention and learning from digital mediaHeather L. Kirkorian, Koeun Choi, Seung Heon Yoo & Roxanne A. EttaJournal of Children and Media
2021-07-14The Media as Part of a Detached Elite? Exploring Antimedia Populism Among Citizens and Its Relation to Political PopulismNayla Fawzi, Benjamin KrämerInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-14If Others Care, I Will Fight Climate Change: An Examination of Media Effects in Addressing the Public Goods Dilemma of Climate Change MitigationXiaodong Yang, Ran Wei, Shirley S. HoInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-14Countering the Counterpublics: Progovernment Online Media and Public Opinion in Hong KongFrancis L. F. LeeInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-14Promises and Pitfalls: Taking a Closer Look at How Interactive Infographics Affect Learning From NewsEsther Greussing, Hajo G. BoomgaardenInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-16Where news could not inspire change: TRT World as a party broadcasterMona Elswah, Philip N. Howard
2021-07-16Belgian Journalists in Lockdown: Survey on Employment and Working Conditions and Representations of Their RoleManon Libert,Florence Le Cam & David DomingoJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Hypothetical Discussion of Migrant Crime: An Examination of News Content from Canada, the UK, and the USVictoria Harraway & Jennifer S. WongJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Journalism Beyond the Command Post: Local Journalists as Strategic Citizen Stakeholders in Natural Disaster RecoveryMildred Frances PerreaultJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Sources that Trigger the News: Multiplexity of Social Ties in News DiscoveryMilda MallingJournalism Studies
2021-07-16German Political Journalists and the Normalization of TwitterMatthias Degen & Max OlgemöllerJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Fact-Checking as Mobilization and Counter-Mobilization: The Case of the Anti-Extradition Bill Movement in Hong KongMengzhe Feng, Nathan L. T. Tsang & Francis L. F. LeeJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Political Journalism and Democracy: How Journalists Reflect Political Viewpoint Diversity in Their ReportingJ. David Wolfgang, Tim P. VosORCID Icon, Kimberly Kelling & Sooyoung ShinJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Doomscrolling, Monitoring and Avoiding: News Use in COVID-19 Pandemic LockdownBrita Ytre-Arne & Hallvard MoeJournalism Studies
2021-07-16Jokers or Journalists? A Study of Satirists’ Motivations, Role Orientations, and Understanding of SatireDennis Lichtenstein, Cordula Nitsch & Anna J. M. WagnerJournalism Studies
2021-07-17Un-braiding deficit discourse in Indigenous education news 2008–2018: performance, attendance and mobilityKerry McCallumn & Lisa WallerCritical Discourse Studies
2021-07-18Contingent symbiosis: news start-ups and local cyberspace administration in contemporary ChinaVincent Guangsheng Huang & Hongyu WuInformation, Communication & Society
2021-07-18Determinants of Attitudes toward Ethical Dilemmas in News: A Survey of Student JournalistsKaryn S. Campbell & Bryan E. DenhamJournal of Media Ethics
2021-07-18Socialization to Science: Using Media to Help Young People in the United States Consider a Career in a STEM-related FieldKenneth J. Levine, Vernon D. Miller, Elizabeth Taylor Quilliam, Anna R. McAlister & Melinda R. AleyCommunication Studies
2021-07-19Contagious accuracy norm violation in political journalism: A cross-national investigation of how news media publish inaccurate political informationBartosz Wilczek, Neil Thurman
2021-07-19The Role of Online Media in Mobilizing Large-Scale Collective ActionZhuo Chen, Poong Oh, Anfan Chen
Social Media + Society
2021-07-20Journalism as Usual? Managing Disruption in Virtual Newsrooms during the COVID-19 CrisisJose A. García-AvilésDigital Journalism
2021-07-20The Creation of Branded Content Teams in Spanish News Organizations and Their Implications for Structures, Professional Roles and EthicsMiguel Carvajal & Iker BarinagarrementeriaDigital Journalism
2021-07-20Journalism Employability in the Modern Newsroom: Insights From Applicant Resumes and Cover LettersT. J. Thomson, Jason Sternberg
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-07-20Transnationalism and Latino print media in Spain: The challenge of linking contents to both origin and destinationAna María Mendieta Bartolomé
2021-07-20Autopsy of a metaphor: The origins, use and blind spots of the ‘infodemic’Felix M Simon, Chico Q Camargo
New Media & Society
2021-07-20Back to the future of journalist work? Entrepreneurial subjectivity and freelance journalism in SwedenMaria Norbäck
2021-07-20Journalistic innovation: How new formats of digital journalism are perceived in the academic literatureCarlos Lopezosa, Lluís Codina, Ariadna Fernández-Planells, Pere Freixa
2021-07-21“You Had to be Reporting Constantly”: COVID-19’s impact on U.S. weekly newspapers’ journalistic routinesTeri Finneman, Ryan J. Thomas
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-07-21Campaign Advertising and the Cultivation of Crime Worry: Testing Relationships With Two Large Datasets From the 2016 U.S. Election CycleJiawei Liu, Rosemary J. Avery, Erika F. Fowler, Laura Baum, Sarah E. Gollust, Colleen L. Barry, Brendan Welch, Emmett Tabor, Nathaniel W. Lee, Jeff Niederdeppe
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-07-21Maintenance and Reformation of News Repertoires: A Latent Transition AnalysisKim Andersen, Johannes Johansson, Bengt Johansson, Adam ShehataJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-07-21Actor-Network Theory and Digital JournalismDavid RyfeDigital Journalism
2021-07-21Does a Crisis Change News Habits? A Comparative Study of the Effects of COVID-19 on News Media Use in 17 European CountriesPeter Van Aelst, Fanni Toth, Laia Castro, Václav Štětka, Claes de Vreese, Toril Aalberg, Ana Sofia Cardenal, Nicoleta Corbu, Frank Esser, David Nicolas Hopmann, Karolina Koc-Michalska, Jörg Matthes, Christian Schemer, Tamir Sheafer, Sergio Splendore, James Stanyer, Agnieszka Stępińska, Jesper Strömböck & Yannis TheocharisDigital Journalism
2021-07-21Moto-Taxis, Drivers, Weather, and WhatsApp: Contextualizing New Technology in Rwandan NewsroomsRuth MoonDigital Journalism
2021-07-21Safeguarding the Journalistic DNA: Attitudes towards the Role of Professional Values in Algorithmic News Recommender DesignsMariella Bastian, Natali Helberger & Mykola MakhortykhDigital Journalism
2021-07-21Social Media and Trust in News: An Experimental Study of the Effect of Facebook on News Story CredibilityRune Karlsen & Toril AalbergDigital Journalism
2021-07-21In Search for an Audience-Supported Business Model for Local Newspapers: Findings from Clickstream and Subscriber DataSu Jung Kim, Yayu Zhou, Edward C. Malthouse & Yasaman Kamyab HessaryDigital Journalism
2021-07-21Independent or a political pawn? How recipients perceive influences on journalistic work compared to journalists and what explains their perceptionsMagdalena Obermaier, Nina Steindl, Nayla Fawzi
2021-07-22The Human Side of (News) Engagement Emotion, Platform and Individual AgencyAvery E. Holton, Valérie Bélair-Gagnon & Cindy RoyalDigital Journalism
2021-07-22Transmediating difference: Fictional filter bubbles and transmedia storytelling
Anne Kustritz
Anne Kustritz
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-07-22“It’s like dying but not being dead” U.S. newspaper journalists cope with emotional and physical toll of job lossesScott Reinardy, Lawrie Zion, Annalise Baines
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-07-22Revealing problems, pointing fingers, and creating impact A survey of investigative reporters/editors regarding journalistic impactNicole Dahmen, Brent Walth
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-07-23Close to Beijing: Geographic Biases in People’s DailyMorley J. Weston, Adrian RauchfleischMedia and Communication
2021-07-23Towards (Hyper)Local Public Sphere: Comparison of Civic Engagement across the Global NorthJaana Hujanen,
Olga Dovbysh,
Lottie Jangdal.
Katja Lehtisaari
Media and Communication
2021-07-23Reducing misperceptions through news stories with data visualization: The role of readers’ prior knowledge and prior beliefsPaul Mena
2021-07-23The power of primary definers: How journalists assess the pluralism of economic journalismTimo Harjuniemi
2021-07-23Live From My Living Room: Perceived Organizational Support Among TV News Workers During the COVID-19 PandemicRebecca Coates Nee, Lourdes M. Cueva Chacón
Electronic News
2021-07-24Super aggregators and the media supply chainTom O’Regan, Mark Balnaves
Media International Australia
2021-07-24Re-Visiting Tom O’Regan’s Australian Television Culture: Why Media Ownership, Regulation and Policy Still MatterAnna Potter
Media International Australia
2021-07-25Signal interruption in Baldwin City: Filling a communication vacuum in a small town “news desert”J. Steven Smethers, Sam Chege Mwangi, Bonnie Bressers
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-07-25Four Paths To Misperceptions: A Panel Study On Resistance Against Journalistic EvidenceMarlis Stubenvoll & Jörg MatthesMedia Psychology
2021-07-25From audiences to data points: The role of media agencies in the platformization of the news media industryIda Willig
Media, Culture & Society
2021-07-26Guest Editors’ Introduction: Media, Accountability, and Dissent in the Middle East and North AfricaJonathan Hill, Fatima El Issawi
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-07-26Audience Metrics: Operationalizing News Value for the Digital NewsroomLisa Merete KristensenJournalism Practice
2021-07-26Almost Immortal?Johanna Sumiala,Lotta Lounasmeri &Galina LukiyanovaMedia History
2021-07-27Prevalence of Prejudice-Denoting Words in News Media Discourse: A Chronological AnalysisDavid Rozado, Musa Al-Gharbi, Jamin Halberstadt
Social Science Computer Review
2021-07-27Fatigued by Ongoing News Issues? How Repeated Exposure to the Same News Issue Affects the AudienceGwendolin Gurr & Julia MetagMass Communication and Society
2021-07-27Ethics on the Beat: An Analysis of Ethical Breaches Across News Beats from 1999 to 2019Mark Blach-Ørsten, Maria Bendix Wittchen & Jannie Møller HartleyJournalism Practice
2021-07-27Media exposure and intentions to wear face masks in the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak: the mediating role of negative emotions and risk perceptionYuhan Liu, Hue Trong Duong & Hoa Thanh NguyenAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-07-27An analysis of general-audience and Black news sites’ coverage of African American issues during the COVID-19 pandemicMasudul Biswas, Carrie Sipes, Lori BrostNewspaper Research Journal
2021-07-27Protesting White supremacy: race and the status quo in news coverage of anti-segregation rallies in Forsyth County, GeorgiaMichael P. BoyleAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-07-27How Satirical News Impacts Affective Responses, Learning, and Persuasion: A Three-Level Random-Effects Meta-AnalysisChristian Burgers, Britta C. Brugman
Communication Research
2021-07-28Narrative transparency and credibility: First–person process statements in video newsMary Angela Bock, Allison Lazard
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-07-28Investigating the role of professional disruption in Chinese journalists’ embrace of public relations: a social identity perspectiveHongfeng Qiu & Chen LouChinese Journal of Communication
2021-07-28Partisan media, untrustworthy news sites, and political misperceptionsBrian E Weeks, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Christopher Calabrese, Andreu Casas, Magdalena Wojcieszak
New Media & Society
2021-07-28Eyewitness memory contamination through misleading questions by reportersRobin Blom, Kuo-Ting Huang
Newspaper Research Journal
2021-07-29When scientific literacy meets nationalism: Exploring the underlying factors in the Chinese public’s belief in COVID-19 conspiracy theoriesXi Luo & Hepeng JiaChinese Journal of Communication
2021-07-29Televising the Partition of British IndiaClelia Clini, Jasmine Hornabrook & Emily KeightleyMedia History
2021-07-29Constructive Skepticism, Dysfunctional Cynicism? Skepticism and Cynicism Differently Determine Generalized Media TrustOliver Quiring, Marc Ziegele, Christian Schemer, Nikolaus Jackob, Ilka Jakobs, Tanjev SchultzInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-29Unbound Journalism: Interloper Media and the Emergence of Fortune-Telling JournalismChangwook Kim, Wooyeol ShinInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-29Assessing the Co-Occurrence of Professional Roles in the News: A Comparative Study in Six Advanced DemocraciesMaría Luisa Humanes, Claudia Mellado, Cornelia Mothes, Henry Silke, Patrick Raemy, Nikos PanagiotouInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-29Media Representations of Academia: Mapping and Typologizing News Coverage of All Swiss Higher Education InstitutionsSilke Fürst, Daniel Vogler, Mike S. Schäfer, Isabel SörensenInternational Journal of Communication
2021-07-29Using Directional Cues in Immersive Journalism: The Impact on Information Processing, Narrative Transportation, Presence, News Attitudes, and CredibilityIvanka Pjesivac, Bartosz W. Wojdynski, Matthew T. Binford, Jihoon (Jay) Kim &Keith L. HerndonDigital Journalism
2021-07-29 E Weeks, Ericka Menchen-Trevino, Christopher Calabrese, Andreu Casas, Magdalena Wojcieszak
New Media & Society
2021-07-29Editorial the digital face and deepfakes on screenLisa Bode, Dominic Lees, Daniel Golding
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-07-29Podcasts and new orality in the African mediascapeReginold A RoystonNew Media & Society
2021-07-29Expressions of Doubt in Online News DiscussionsAnthony M. Evans, Olga Stavrova, Hannes Rosenbusch, Mark J. BrandtSocial Science Computer Review
2021-07-29Who is a good journalist? Evaluations of journalistic worth in the era of social mediaVaios Papanagnou
2021-07-30Introduction: Innovations, Transformations and the Future of JournalismMaria Kyriakidou & Iñaki Garcia-BlancoJournalism Practice
2021-07-30TRANSFORMING MEDIA: reviewing the issues and contexts of change in media management researchNando Malmelin, Sari Virta & Ari KuisminJournal of Media Business Studies
2021-07-30Huanlian, or changing faces: Deepfakes on Chinese digital media platformsGabriele de SetaConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-07-30Help wanted: A qualitative study of what newspaper editors consider when hiring journalism school graduatesAdam Pitluk
Newspaper Research Journal
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