Research of July 2019

Journalism Research of July 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in July 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-07-01Proximity, Public Service, and Popularity: A Comparative Study of How Local Journalists View Quality NewsJoy Jenkins & Rasmus Kleis NielsenJournalism Studies
2019-07-01Paywalls’ Impact on Local News Websites’ Traffic and Their Civic and Business ImplicationsRagnhild Kristine Olsen, Aske Kammer & Mona Kristin SolvollJournalism Studies
2019-07-01Airtime for newcomers
Radio for Migrants in the United Kingdom and West Germany, 1960s–1980s
Christoph Hilgert, Alina L. Just & Gloria KhamkarMedia History
2019-07-01Media Consumption and Fear of Crime in a Large Chinese CityYuning Wu, Feng Li, Ruth A. Triplett, Ivan Y. SunSocial Science Quarterly
2019-07-02Bad News Travels Fastest: A Computational Approach to Predictors of Immediacy in Digital Journalism EcosystemsFlorian Buhl, Elisabeth Günther & Thorsten QuandtDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Making Artificial Intelligence Work for Investigative JournalismJonathan StrayDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Newsbots That Mediate Journalist and Audience RelationshipsHeather Ford & Jonathon HutchinsonDigital Journalism
2019-07-02Rethinking Vox-Pops in Television News Evolution of Person-on-the-Street Interviews in Spanish News ProgramsIgnacio BergillosJournalism Practice
2019-07-02Assessing the ‘impact’ of a media event: An Innisian appraisal of Al Jazeera’s Palestine Papers leakStephen MarmuraGlobal Media and Communication
2019-07-02Rethinking Vox-Pops in Television News Evolution of Person-on-the-Street Interviews in Spanish News ProgramsIgnacio BergillosJournalism Practice
2019-07-03News Stories on the Facebook Platform: Millennials’ Perceived Credibility of Online News Sponsored by News and Non-News CompaniesKirsten A. Johnson & Burton St. John IIIJournalism Practice
2019-07-03Like Water & Oil? Fashion photography as journalistic commentMegan Le MasurierJournalism
2019-07-03“I Always Watched Eyewitness News Just to See Your Beautiful Smile”: Ethical Implications of U.S. Women TV Anchors’ Personal Branding on Social MediaTeri Finneman, Ryan J. Thomas & Joy JenkinsJournal of Media Ethics
2019-07-03Bad news: seeing communication for and about development through an exposé of Swedish aid to ZambiaFlorencia Enghel & Magnus DanielssonThe Journal of International Communication
2019-07-03News Stories on the Facebook Platform: Millennials’ Perceived Credibility of Online News Sponsored by News and Non-News CompaniesKirsten A. Johnson & Burton St. John IIIJournalism Practice
2019-07-04Press coverage of HIV and health issues in PNG’s Post-Courier, 2007-2017Trevor CullenPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Central Java’s assault on media ethics: How the governor turned watchdogs into pet poodlesAna Nadhya AbrarPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Framing statelessness and ‘belonging’: Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’s The Daily Star newspaperKasun UbayasiriPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Iwi radio in the era of media convergence: The opportunities and challenges of becoming ‘more than radio.’Rufus McEwanPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Fiji’s coup culture: Rediscovering a voice at the ballot boxSri KrishnamurthiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Zealand mosque massacre: 1. The heartache, turmoil and absolute dread of Port ArthurRod EmmersonPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Gazing over the horizon: Will an equitable Green Climate Fund allocation policy be significant for the Pacific post-2020?Jeremy Hills, Jale SamuwaiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The dichotomy of China Global Television Network’s news coverageThomas Fearon, Usha RodriguesPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Social media and Fiji’s 2018 national electionJope TaraiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Zealand mosque massacre: 2. ‘End of innocence’ for media and nationColin PeacockPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Malaysia’s Anti-Fake News Act: A cog in an arsenal of anti-free speech laws and a bold promise of reformsJoseph M. FernandezPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Framing and sources: News on environmental justice in BangladeshJahnnabi DasPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04The New Caledonia independence referendum: What happens now?Lee DuffieldPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-041950s vibe, 21st century audience: Australia’s dearth of on-screen diversityNasya BahfenPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Mostly 'men in suits': The ASEAN summit and integration as news in Southeast AsiaPauline Gidget Estella, Jonalyn PazPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-04Beyond the Migrant “Problem”: Visualizing Global MigrationRoopika RisamTelevision & New Media
2019-07-05Mapping the communicative ecology of Latin American migrant women in New ZealandLuciana Nunes Hoffman, Evangelia PapoutsakiPacific Journalism Review
2019-07-05Jesus Comes to South Africa: Black Twitter as Citizen Journalism in South African PoliticsShepherd MpofuAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-05Making an expert: Sources and their contributions in news coverage of orthorexia nervosaAmy A Ross ArguedasJournalism
2019-07-05‘Our task is to demystify fears’: Analysing newsroom management of automation in journalismMarko Milosavljević, Igor VobičJournalism
2019-07-05Media strategies in lobbying process : A literature review on publications in 2000-2018Markus Mykkänen & Pasi IkonenAcademicus : International Scientific Journal
2019-07-09Unsung convergence of analogue to analogue: Add-ons, supplements and the evolving roles of the print newspaperLeopoldina Fortunati, John O’SullivanEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-07-09The next media regime: The pursuit of ‘audience engagement’ in journalismJacob L NelsonJournalism
2019-07-09Beyond the boundaries of science: Resistance to misinformation by scientist citizensAdrienne Russell, Matthew TegelbergJournalism
2019-07-09What is narrative journalism? A systematic review and an empirical agendaKobie van Krieken, José SandersJournalism
2019-07-09When Do Media Matter Most? A Study on the Relationship between Negative Economic News and Consumer Confidence across the Twenty-Eight EU StatesJeroen Jonkman, Mark Boukes, Rens VliegenthartThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-15Are Journalists Today’s Coal Miners? The Struggle for Talent and Diversity in Modern Newsrooms – A Study on Journalists in Germany, Sweden, and the United KingdomAlexandra Borchardt, Julia Lück, Sabine Kieslich, Tanjev Schultz, Felix M. SimonReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report
2019-07-16Negativity, emotionality and populist rhetoric in election campaigns worldwide, and their effects on media attention and electoral successJacques Gerstlé, Alessandro NaiEuropean Journal of Communication
2019-07-16A Qualitative Analysis of the Portrayal of Young People and Psychosis in Australian News ReportsNatasha Delahunt-Smoleniec & Jennifer Smith-MerryJournalism Practice
2019-07-17Journalists and Editors: Political Proximity as Determinant of Career and AutonomyAndrea Ceron, Sergio Splendore, Thomas HanitzschThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-19Journalistic Framing of Electoral Conflict in a Politically Fragile Society: A Comparative Study of the Zimbabwean Weekly PressStanley Tsarwe & Admire MareAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-19“News Is About What Happens on the Inside”—News in an Informal Urban Settlement in South AfricaSuzette LealCommunicatio
South African Journal for Communication Theory and Research
2019-07-19Making (Branded) News: The Corporate Co-optation of Online Journalism ProductionMichael SerazioJournalism Practice
2019-07-19In News We Trust?: Examining Credibility and Sharing Behaviors of Fake NewsMichael A. Stefanone, Matthew Vollmer, Jessica M. CovertSMSociety '19 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society
2019-07-19Breaking News and Younger Twitter Users: Comparing Self-Reported Motivations to Online BehaviorKenneth Joseph, John WihbeySMSociety '19 Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Social Media and Society
2019-07-21Effects of User Negative Experience in Mobile News StreamingHongyu Lu et al.SIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21Analyzing and Predicting News Popularity in an Instant Messaging ServiceMohammad Naseri, Hamed ZamaniSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21Enhanced News Retrieval: Passages Lead the Way!Matteo Catena, Ophir Frieder, Cristina Ioana Muntean, Franco Maria Nardini, Raffaele Perego, Nicola TonellottoSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-21A Lightweight Representation of News Events on Social MediaMauricio Quezada, Barbara PobleteSIGIR'19 Proceedings of the 42nd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval
2019-07-22Foreign Correspondents in the Cold War
The politics and practices of East German television journalists in the West
Sune Bechmann Pedersen & Marie CronqvistMedia History
2019-07-22Transforming Stability into Change: How the Media Select and Report Opinion PollsErik Gahner Larsen, Zoltán FazekasThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-23The Alternative Platform: Kenya’s Television Stations Navigation During the Switch Off of Raila Odinga’s “Swearing-In”John-Bell Okoye, Ruth Aoko Owino, Laura Anyasi & Daniel MuleJournalism Practice
2019-07-23Can a non-Muslim Mass Shooter be a “Terrorist”?: A Comparative Content Analysis of the Las Vegas and Orlando ShootingsMohamad Hamas Elmasry & Mohammed el-NawawyJournalism Practice
2019-07-23The Curative Effect of Social Media on Fake News: A Historical Re-evaluationMargaret Van HeekerenJournalism Studies
2019-07-23“There’s Just Way More Places Operating in the Same Space”: Competition and Boundary Work in Australian and United States Political JournalismStephanie BrookesJournalism Studies
2019-07-24The People’s Voice—The People’s Choice? How Vox Pop Exemplars Shape Audience Judgments as a Function of Populist AttitudesChristina PeterJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-24The critical potential of commemorative journalismOren MeyersJournalism
2019-07-24Fighting for truth? The role perceptions of Filipino journalists in an era of mis- and disinformationHon Sophia S Balod, Michael HameleersJournalism
2019-07-25The best indicator of a journalism program’s graduates is who it admitsDane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2019-07-25Leading the second wave into the third wave: U.S. women journalists and discursive continuity of feminismTeri Finneman & Yong VolzFeminist Media Studies
2019-07-25Violators, virtuous, or victims? How global newspapers represent the female member of parliamentDevin K. Joshi, Meseret F. Hailu & Lauren J. ReisingFeminist Media Studies
2019-07-25“ALPHABET SOUP”: Examining Acronym and Abbreviation Style in HeadlinesAlyssa AppelmanJournalism Practice
2019-07-25A User Perspective on Time Spent: Temporal Experiences of Everyday News UseTim Groot Kormelink & Irene Costera MeijerJournalism Studies
2019-07-26The Gender Gap in Online News Comment SectionsEmily Van Duyn, Cynthia Peacock, Natalie Jomini StroudSocial Science Computer Review
2019-07-26Digital Technologies and Selective Exposure: How Choice and Filter Bubbles Shape News Media ExposureAna S. Cardenal, Carlos Aguilar-Paredes, Carol Galais, Mario Pérez-Montoro
Mario Pérez-Montoro
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-07-29Who Posted That Story? Processing Layered Sources in Facebook News PostsAnne Oeldorf-Hirsch, Christina L. DeVossJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-29Deceptive Journalism: Characteristics of Untrustworthy News ItemsCharlotte Govaert, Luuk Lagerwerf & Céline KlemmJournalism Practice
2019-07-30Defining the Enemy: How Donald Trump Frames the News MediaLindsey MeeksJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-30From Selective Exposure to Selective Information Processing: A Motivated Reasoning ApproachLindita CamajMedia and Communication
2019-07-30Partisan Selective Exposure in Times of Political and Technological Upheaval: A Social Media Field ExperimentCornelia Mothes, Jakob OhmeMedia and Communication
2019-07-30Selective Exposure in a Changing Political and Media EnvironmentMaría Luisa HumanesMedia and Communication
2019-07-31Frame Analysis: Newspaper Coverage of Kenya's Oil Exploration in the Post-2012 Discovery EraKioko Ireri, Njoki Chege, Joy Kibarabara & Don Bosco OnyallaAfrican Journalism Studies
2019-07-31A Network Analytic Approach to Selective Consumption of Newspapers: The Impact of Politics, Market, and Technological PlatformFrancis L. F. Lee, Zhang YinJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-31Artificial Intelligence and JournalismMeredith Broussard, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Andrea L. Guzman, Rediet Abebe, Michel Dupagne, Ching-Hua ChuanJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-07-31“Fixing” the Journalist-Fixer Relationship: A Critical Look Towards Developing Best Practices in Global ReportingShayna Plaut & Peter KleinJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Reporting Global While Being Local: Local Sources of News for Distant AudiencesSaumava Mitra & Chris PatersonJournalism Studies
2019-07-31“Translating” Russia: News Fixers and Foreign Correspondents in an Era of Political UncertaintyLindsay PalmerJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Hierarchies of Editorial Power in International NGOsMuganzi M. IsharazaJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Beyond Puppet Journalism: The Bridging Work of Transnational Journalists in a Local FieldRuth MoonJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Empowerment Journalism - Commentary for Special Issue of Journalism StudiesMaya Lefkowich, Britney Dennison & Peter KleinJournalism Studies
2019-07-31The Development of Roles in Kosovo: From Fixers to JournalistsAbit Hoxha & Kenneth AndresenJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Reporting Global While Being Local—Commentary for Special Issue of Journalism StudiesStephen JukesJournalism Studies
2019-07-31Fixers as EntrepreneursColleen MurrellJournalism Studies
2019-07-31A future of journalism beyond the objectivity–dialogue divide? Hybridity in the news of entrepreneurial journalistsJuho Ruotsalainen, Jaana Hujanen, Mikko VilliJournalism
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