Research of February 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in February 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-02-28Media Representations of Gender and Labour in NUrsing Strikes, 1984–2014Aeleah Soine & John R. SchneiderMedia History
2021-02-28Stereotyping, Empathizing, Co-constructing Uniquenesses: A Reflection on IntimacyJohn StewartAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-02-28Corrective Actions in the Information Disorder. The Role of Presumed Media Influence and Hostile Media Perceptions for the Countering of Distorted User-Generated ContentFlorian Wintterlin, Lena Frischlich, Svenja Boberg, Tim Schatto-Eckrodt, Felix Reer & Thorsten QuandtPolitical Communication
2021-02-27Transparency as metajournalistic performance: The New York Times’ Caliphate podcast and new ways to claim journalistic authority Gabriela Perdomo, Philippe Rodrigues-RouleauJournalism
2021-02-27Reframing East Asia: hegemony and soft power in U.S. media discourseSung Woo YooAtlantic Journal of Communication
Troubling Dialogue and Digital Media: A Subaltern Critique
Katie R. Place, Erica CiszekSocial Media + Society
2021-02-25Is it just me? Grant FellerBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Time to get tough Jemima KissBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25A stranger to truth KFBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25What I did in the war Roy GreensladeBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Forget your gut: look at the data Ben WhitelawBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Facebook funds local reporting Will GoreBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Local news: a blueprint David HiggersonBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Why Ofcom must find its backbone Steven Barnett, Julian PetleyBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Who will sell papers now? Tom LeonardBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Covid reports cause trouble Scott GriffenBritish Journalism Review
2021-02-25Media as the great emancipators? Exploring relations between media repertoires and cultural participation in Flanders Ruben Vandenplas, Ike PiconeConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-02-25Visions of unification and integration: Building brains and communities in the European Human Brain Project Tara MahfoudNew Media & Society
2021-02-25“This is not how we imagined it”: Technological affordances, economic drivers, and the Internet architecture imaginary Niels ten OeverNew Media & Society
2021-02-25Remediation in the hybrid media environment: Understanding countermedia in context Pihla Toivanen, Matti Nelimarkka, Katja ValaskiviNew Media & Society
2021-02-25Un-Locking Strategic Lock-Ins of Local Media: An Investigation of Local Media’s Preferences towards Public Support for Strategic InnovationBartosz Wilczek, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, Kimberley Kernbach & Miriam MeckelDigital Journalism
2021-02-25Media against communication: media/violence and conditionalities of Muslim silencing in Northern India Britta OhmMedia, Culture & Society
2021-02-25VB Strong: how local news stations created a platform for a community to mourn victims of a mass shootingChristine McWhorterAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-02-24Adopting a mojo mindset: Training newspaper reporters in mobile journalism Anja Salzmann, Frode Guribye, Astrid GynnildJournalism
2021-02-24Propaganda and Entertainment in the BBC Latin American Service During WW2Daniel Mandur ThomazMedia History
2021-02-24Enhanced Experiences in Interactive Nonfiction: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Nonlinearity and InteractivityJorge Vázquez-Herrero
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International Journal of Communication
2021-02-24Multiliteracies for Combating Information Disorder and Fostering Civic Dialogue Cristiane S. DamascenoSocial Media + Society
2021-02-24To Mobilise or to Mediate? Re-Assessing the Democratic Role of News Media in Social Protests in ChinaYan LiuJavnost - The Public
2021-02-23Layoffs, inequity and COVID-19: A longitudinal study of the journalism jobs crisis in Australia from 2012 to 2020 Nikolas Dawson, Sacha Molitorisz, Marian-Andrei Rizoiu, Peter FrayJournalism
2021-02-23Emotive, evaluative, epistemic: A linguistic analysis of affectivity in news journalism Anu Koivunen, Antti Kanner, Maciej Janicki, Auli Harju, Julius Hokkanen, Eetu MäkeläJournalism
2021-02-23 Euphoric defiance: The role of positive emotions in the British Eurosceptic discourseImke HenkelJournalism
2021-02-22Credibility and Enjoyment through Data? Effects of Statistical Information and Data Visualizations on Message Credibility and Reading ExperienceElena Link, Jakob Henke & Wiebke MöhringJournalism Studies
2021-02-22Comparing Journalism and Philosophy as Forms of PowerChristopher SchwartzJournalism Studies
2021-02-22Following and Avoiding Fear-Inducing News Topics: Fear Intensity, Perceived News Topic Importance, Self-Efficacy, and News OverloadCarin Tunney, Esther Thorson & Weiyue ChenJournalism Studies
2021-02-22“Newstrusting” or “newsbusting?” heuristic and systematic information processing and trust in mediaBarbara K. Kaye & Thomas J. Johnson Atlantic Journal of Communication
2021-02-22Media exposure, perceived efficacy and positive experience as predictors of personal and social risk perceptions of mishandled vaccine in ChinaYang Liu, Xigen Li, Zerui Liang & Xiaohua WuAsian Journal of Communication
2021-02-22Media Accountability in Africa: A Study of Policies and Practices at Two Newsrooms in Kenya Jared Obuya Communicatio
2021-02-22Print Media Framing of Definitions and Causes of, and Solutions to, Work-Life Balance Issues in Kenya Gladys Muasya Communicatio
The practice of envelope journalism in the Republic of the Congo
Cleves Nkie MongoNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-21Teaching Journalists About Violence Against Women Best Reportage Practices: An Australian Case StudyPatricia Easteal AM, Annie Blatchford , Kate Holland & Georgina Sutherland Journalism Practice
2021-02-21Extensions after Man: Race, Counter/insurgency and the Futures of Media Theory Michael LitwackMedia, Culture & Society
2021-02-21Parents, carers, and policy labor: Policy networks and new media Naomi BarnesNew Media & Society
2021-02-20Newspaper Advertising in a Nontransparent Media Market: The Case of Iraqi Kurdistan (2014–2018)Jiyan Faris, Pieter Maeseele, Kevin SmetsInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-20Hostile emotions: An exploratory study of far-right online commenters and their emotional connection to traditional and alternative news media Karoline Andrea Ihlebæk, Carina Riborg HolterJournalism
2021-02-20The news expectation predicament: Comparing and explaining what audiences expect from the roles and reporting practices of reporters on right-wing extremismPhilip Baugut, Sebastian ScherrJournalism
2021-02-20The libidinal economy of vernacularisation: modernity, sexuality and Bhojpuri mediaAkshaya KumarMedia, Culture & Society
2021-02-20Agent or Scene? Foreign Correspondents’ Rhetorical Framing of Poland in Their Reflections on Their Own Reporting PracticesAnna Przybylska & Rebecca Townsend Southern Communication Journal
2021-02-19Tricksters, cyborgs, and the musalsal: media movement and infrastructure gaps in Arab televisionHeather Jaber Critical Studies in Media Communication
2021-02-19The Media Day, Revisited: Rhythm, Place and Hyperlocal Information EnvironmentsHenrik Örnebring & Erika Hellekant Rowe Digital Journalism
2021-02-19Tweets and Source Diversity: Newspapers’ Sourcing of Twitter Posts from 2009 to 2016Kyle Heim Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-19DIVISIONS of Polish Media and Journalists as an Example of Polarization and PoliticizationPaulina Olechowska Journalism Practice
2021-02-19Celebrity miscarriage listicles: the help and heartache of mothers talking about pregnancy lossRebecca Feasey Feminist Media Studies
2021-02-19Virtue Ethics and a Technomoral Framework for Online ActivismJoe Cruz, Patrick Lee PlaisanceInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-19What “Emergency Sources” Expect From Journalists: Applying the Hierarchy of Influences Model to Disaster News CoverageDaniela Grassau, Sebastián Valenzuela, Soledad PuenteInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-19Private and public ownership in the drive toward digital innovations in newspaper newsrooms Yanfang Wu, Bruce GarrisonNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-18Using Messaging Apps in Audience Research: An Approach to Study Everyday Information and News Use PracticesAnna Sophie Kümpel Digital Journalism
2021-02-18Du stehst unter genauer Beobachtung, unangenehmer BeobachtungNina Springer & Franziska Troger B.A. Publizistik
2021-02-18Corrigendum to “Proactive ephemerality: How journalists use automated and manual tweet deletion to minimize risk and its consequences for social media as a public archive” Ringel S and Davidson RNew Media & Society
2021-02-18Global online platforms, COVID-19, and culture: The global pandemic, an accelerator towards which direction? Antonios VlassisMedia, Culture & Society
2021-02-18Challenging post-communication: Beyond focus on a ‘few bad apples’ to multi-level public communication reformJim MacnamaraCommunication Research and Practice
2021-02-17Advocating for Minority Inclusion: How German Journalists Conceive and Enact Their Roles When Reporting on AntisemitismPhilip BaugutJournalism Studies
2021-02-17Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation| Belief in or Identification of False News According to the Elaboration Likelihood ModelChi-Ying Chen, Mike Kearney, Shao-Liang ChangInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-17Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation| Motivations for Sharing Misinformation: A Comparative Study in Six Sub-Saharan African CountriesDani Madrid-Morales, Herman Wasserman, Gregory Gondwe, Khulekani Ndlovu, Etse Sikanku, Melissa Tully, Emeka Umejei, Chikezie UzuegbunamInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-17Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation| Electronic Armies or Cyber Knights? The Sources of Pro-Authoritarian Discourse on Middle East TwitterAlexei Abrahams, Andrew LeberInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-17Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation| Special Section on Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation – IntroductionHyunjin Seo, Robert FarisInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-17Toward In-Depth Coverage: Testing the Effectiveness of a Single-Issue Multimedia Course for Undergraduate Public Affairs Reporting Rachel R. Mourão, Soo Young Shin, Carin TunneyJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-02-17“We Have Taken a Major Step Forward Today”: The Use of Twitter by Spanish Minor Parties Antonio Pineda, Jorge David Fernández Gómez & Sara Rebollo-Bueno Southern Communication Journal
2021-02-17Crisis of Agency in Central and Eastern Europe: From the Consolidation of Media Freedom to the Institutionalisation of Free Choice Auksė Balčytienė Javnost - The Public
2021-02-17The Public Sphere and the Changing News Media Environment in Poland: Towards Structural PolarisationBeata Klimkiewicz Javnost - The Public
2021-02-16Audiences behind the Paywall: News Navigation among Established versus Newly Added SubscribersIngela Wadbring & Lovisa Bergström Digital Journalism
2021-02-16The Evolution of Anonymity in the EconomistÁngel Arrese Media History
2021-02-16The novelty news frame: How social identity influences policy attention of minority presidential candidates Jason Turcotte, Lauren Furey, J. Omar Garcia-Ortega, Nicolas Hernandez, Carrisa Siccion, Emily StephensonNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-15The symbolic representation of women’s political firsts in editorial cartoonsRaquel Pastor & Tània Verge Feminist Media Studies
2021-02-15Russia’s law ‘On news aggregators’: Control the news feed, control the news? Mariëlle WijermarsJournalism
2021-02-15Distributing ethics: Filtering images of death at three news photo desks Jenni MäenpääJournalism
2021-02-15“Our Company is in Survival Mode”: Metajournalistic Discourse on COVID-19’s Impact on U.S. Community NewspapersTeri Finneman & Ryan J. Thomas Journalism Practice
2021-02-15The influence of entertainment, utility and pass time on consumer brand engagement for news media brands: a mediation modelKyriakos Riskos, Leonidas Hatzithomas, Paraskevi (Evi) Dekoulou & George Tsourvakas Journal of Media Business Studies
2021-02-15Anatomy of audience duplication networks: How individual characteristics differentially contribute to fragmentation in news consumption and trust Yilang Peng, Tian YangNew Media & Society
2021-02-15Freedom of speech is not freedom from ethics: the 2019 Israel Folau media controversy as a case study Jay Daniel Thompson, Denis Muller
Media International Australia
2021-02-15What did you, or would you, do as a journalist when your country had a “dangerous,” “severely impaired,” “disordered and abnormal,” and “childlike” president? Dane S. ClaussenNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-15Representations of refugees in their home countries and abroad: A content analysis of la caravana migrante/the migrant caravan in Central America and the United StatesLinda Jean Kenix, Jorge Bolanos LopezNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-15Visual images as affective anchors: strategic narratives in Russia’s Channel One coverage of the Syrian and Ukrainian conflictsIrina Grigor (Khaldarova) & Mervi Pantti Russian Journal of Communication
Frontline heroes: Bush fires, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Queensland Press
Martin Kerby, Margaret Baguley, Richard Gehrmann, Alison BedfordMedia, War & Conflict
2021-02-15How populism and conservative media fuel conspiracy beliefs about COVID-19 and what it means for COVID-19 behaviors Dominik A. Stecula, Mark PickupResearch & Politics
2021-02-14Affordances, movement dynamics, and a centralized digital communication platform in a networked movementFrancis L. F. Lee , Hai Liang , Edmund W. Cheng, Gary K. Y. Tang & Samson Yuen Information, Communication & Society
2021-02-13Alienation, Ideology, and Power in the Metaphors Depicting the Economic Crisis in the MediaEleonora PiromalliInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-13Role of Public WhatsApp Groups Within the Hindutva Ecosystem of Hate and Narratives of “CoronaJihad”Fathima NizaruddinInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-12Building participatory counternarratives: Pedagogical interventions through digital placemaking Jordan Frith, Jacob RichterConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-02-12Who Consumes New Media Content More Wisely? Examining Personality Factors, SNS Use, and New Media Literacy in the Era of Misinformation Xizhu Xiao, Yan Su, Danielle Ka Lai LeeSocial Media + Society
2021-02-12The “ProQuote” initiative: women journalists in Germany push to revolutionize newsroom leadershipStine Eckert & Karin Assmann Feminist Media Studies
2021-02-12Claiming Legitimacy: Journalists’ Discursive Strategies for Rationalizing “Brand Propaganda” Within Chinese Local PressHui Xiong, Xiyuan Liu & Yuting HeJournalism Studies
2021-02-12You Don’t Say He was Kidnapped! Vietnamese Diasporic Media’s Coverage of Trinh Xuan Thanh IssueTrang-Nhung PhamJournalism Studies
2021-02-12Defending Journalism Against State Repression: Legal Mobilization for Media Freedom in UgandaCarl-Magnus Höglund & Johan Karlsson SchafferJournalism Studies
2021-02-12Critically Commenting Publics as Authoritarian Input Institutions: How Citizens Comment Beneath their News in Azerbaijan, Russia, and TurkmenistanFlorian Toepfl & Anna LitvinenkoJournalism Studies
2021-02-12Monopolizing the Democratic Dream: The Struggle Over a Free Press in East Germany 1989/1990Mandy TrögerInternational Journal of Communication
2021-02-12Keeping the Gates on Twitter: Interactivity and Sourcing Habits of Lebanese Traditional MediaClaudia Kozman, Raluca Cozma
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International Journal of Communication
2021-02-12Press Freedom and Media Reform in a Populist Regime: How Ecuadorian Journalists and Policy Actors See the Correa EraManel Palos Pons, Daniel C. Hallin
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International Journal of Communication
2021-02-12Mapping Broadcast Media Outlets and Accredited Journalists in Kenya: Towards Understanding News and Information InequalitiesHesbon Hansen Owilla , Njoki Chege, Alex Awiti & Caleb Orwa Communicatio
2021-02-12Editorial: Social Media, the Press, and the Crisis of Disinformation in AfricaDumisani Moyo, Admire Mare & Hayes M. Mabweazara Communicatio
2021-02-11Redaktionelle Vorbemerkung: Das „Forum“ als Ort für MeinungsbeiträgeK. Beck, C. Eilders, I. Engelmann, C. Pentzold & Gunter Reus Vorbemerkung
2021-02-11Regional news audiences’ value perception of local news Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young LeeJournalism
2021-02-11Striking the balance between professionalism and commercialism: A cross-case study on news start-ups in China Min Deng, Yan YanJournalism
2021-02-11The Promoter, Celebrity, and Joker Roles in Journalists’ Social Media Performance Claudia Mellado, Alfred HermidaSocial Media + Society
2021-02-11“There’s a Camera Everywhere”: How Citizen Journalists, Cellphones, and Technology Shape Coverage of Police ShootingsDenetra Walker Journalism Practice
2021-02-11UK Alternative Left Media and Their Criticism of Mainstream News: Analysing the Canary and Evolve PoliticsStephen Cushion Journalism Practice
Conceptualising Augmented Reality: From virtual divides to mediated dynamics
Luke Heemsbergen, Greg Bowtell, Jordan VincentConvergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-02-10Staying connected while physically apart: Digital communication when face-to-face interactions are limitedMinh Hao Nguyen, Jonathan Gruber, Will Marler, Amanda Hunsaker, Jaelle Fuchs, Eszter HargittaiNew Media & Society
2021-02-10Votes for Women and Public Discourse: Elite Newspapers, Correspondence Columns and Informed Debate in Edwardian BritainDavid Vessey Media History
2021-02-10Public Television in Andean America: History, Ownership Changes, and Criticism from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and PeruLuis M. Romero-Rodriguez , Orlando E. Valdez-López & Ángel Hernando Gómez Media History
2021-02-10Less critical and less informed: undecided voters’ media (dis)engagement during Israel’s April 2019 electionsTal Samuel-Azran, Moran Yarchi & Tsahi (Zack) Hayat Information, Communication & Society
2021-02-09Relationship between Citizen-Eyewitness Images and Audience Engagement with NewsJisu Kim, Jisu Huh, Bhavtosh Rath, Aadesh Salecha & Jaideep Srivastava Journalism Practice
2021-02-09“Sources and Journalists” Revisited: Proposing an Interdependent Approach to Source UseBethany Anne Conway Journalism Practice
2021-02-09Moving Into the Media World: The Moral Psychology of Emerging Adults in Journalism and Communication David A. Craig, Patrick Lee Plaisance, Erin Schauster, Ryan J. Thomas, Chris Roberts, Katie R. Place, Yuan Sun, Jin Chen, Casey Yetter, Randi Leigh Thomas
Journalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-02-09Bounded or Boundless: A Case Study of Foreign Correspondents’ Use of Twitter During the 2019 Hong Kong Protests Luwei Rose Luqiu, Shuning LuSocial Media + Society
2021-02-09Reporting ‘African gangs’: Theorising journalistic practice during a multi-mediated moral panic Gregory Koumouris, Jarrett BlausteinCrime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
2021-02-08Advertising America: Official Propaganda and the U.S. Promotional Industries, 1946–1950 Inger L. StoleJournalism & Communication Monographs
2021-02-08Junk news bubbles modelling the rise and fall of attention in online arenas Maria Castaldo, Tommaso Venturini, Paolo Frasca, Floriana GargiuloNew Media & Society
2021-02-08Multimodal approach to analysing big social and news media dataKay L. O'Halloran, Gautam Pal, Minhao JinDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-02-08Media accountability in the age of social media: Participatory transparency of the audience in Spain María-Ángeles Chaparro-Domínguez, Marta Pérez-Pereiro, Ruth Rodríguez-MartínezGlobal Media and Communication
2021-02-07Professional activism in journalism and education in gender equality through TwitterMaria Iranzo-Cabrera & Vicent Gozálvez Pérez Feminist Media Studies
2021-02-07Podcasting the Pandemic: Exploring Storytelling Formats and Shifting Journalistic Norms in News Podcasts Related to the Coronavirus Rebecca C. Nee & Arthur D. Santana Journalism Practice
2021-02-07Interacting effects of political social media use, political discussion and political trust on civic engagement: Extending the differential gains model Yan Su, Xizhu Xiao
International Communication Gazette
2021-02-06Islamophobia in non-Western media: A content analysis of selected online newspapers Isyaku Hassan, Mohd Nazri Latiff AzmiNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-05Interlocking among American Newspaper Organizations Revisited: “Pressure from the Top” and Its Influence on Newsroom and ContentAdam J. Saffer, Deborah L. Dwyer, Jennifer L. Harker, Christopher E. Etheridge, Mariam Turner & Daniel Riffe Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-05Before the summit: News media framing, scripts and the flag-raising at Iwo Jima Matthew Pressman, James J KimbleMedia, War & Conflict
2021-02-05The effects of perceived stigma and neighborhood storytelling networks on future outlook: mixed-method research in Fukushima, Japan Joo-Young Jung & Allison Kwesell Journal of Applied Communication Research
2021-02-04Hashtivism’s potentials for mainstreaming feminism in politics: the Red Lips Revolution transmedia narrativeAinara Larrondo Ureta & Julen Orbegozo Terradillos Feminist Media Studies
2021-02-04Unchecked vs. Uncheckable: How Opinion-Based Claims Can Impede Corrections of MisinformationNathan Walter & Nikita A. Salovich Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-04They Said It’s “Fake“: Effects of Discounting Cues in Online Comments on Information Quality Judgments and Information AuthenticationM. Rosie Jahng, Elizabeth Stoycheff & Annisa Rochadiat Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-03Can We Hide in Shadows When the Times are Dark?Thorsten Quandt Media and Communication
2021-02-03Beyond the Darkness: Research on Participation in Online Media and DiscourseClaes de Vreese Media and Communication
2021-02-03Advancing Research into Dark ParticipationOscar Westlund Media and Communication
2021-02-03Communities of Darkness? Users and Uses of Anti-System Alternative Media between Audience and CommunityChristian Schwarzenegger Media and Communication
2021-02-03Uninvited Dinner Guests: A Theoretical Perspective on the Antagonists of Journalism Based on Serres’ ParasiteGerret von Nordheim, Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw Media and Communication
Smartphones and Social Support: Longitudinal Associations Between Smartphone Use and Types of Support
Matthew A. Lapierre, Pengfei Zhao
Social Science Computer Review
2021-02-03Voices of the Gatekeepers: Examining the Olympic Channel Production through a Gendered Lens Qingru Xu & Andrew C. Billings Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-03Welcome to Media Rhetoric–Where Human Persuasion and Technological Means CollideSamuel Mateus Southern Communication Journal
2021-02-03Seeking “skilled, poised, fluent” verbal communicators: Aesthetic labor and signaling in journalism job advertisements Elia PowersNewspaper Research Journal
2021-02-02Prospect Theory in Times of a Pandemic: The Effects of Gain versus Loss Framing on Risky Choices and Emotional Responses during the 2020 Coronavirus Outbreak – Evidence from the US and the NetherlandsMichael Hameleers
Mass Communication and Society
2021-02-02Effects of immersive storytelling on affective, cognitive, and associative empathy: The mediating role of presence James J Cummings, Mina Tsay-Vogel, Tiernan J Cahill, Li Zhang
New Media & Society
2021-02-02Loopholes in the Echo Chambers: How the Echo Chamber Metaphor Oversimplifies the Effects of Information Gateways on Opinion ExpressionStefan Geiß , Melanie Magin, Pascal Jürgens & Birgit Stark Digital Journalism
2021-02-02Probabilistic Storytelling and Temporal Exigencies in Predictive Data Journalism Christian Pentzold & Denise Fechner Digital Journalism
2021-02-02The participation of Palestinian-Israeli politicians in public and commercial television and radio in Israel as capability Baruch Shomron, Amit Schejter

International Communication Gazette
2021-02-01The kiss of death. Public service media under right-wing populist attack Christina Holtz-BachaEuropean Journal of Communication
2021-02-01The effect of media populism on racist discourse in New ZealandElena Maydell, Keith Tuffin & Eleanor Brittain Critical Discourse Studies
2021-02-01Legitimation strategies and discourses in editorials: Myanmar’s new foreign policy on ASEAN membershipAree ManosuthikitDiscourse, Context & Media
2021-02-01Discourse, context & media: Relevance in a changing worldCaroline Tagg, Carmen Lee
Camilla Vásquez,
Göran Eriksson,
Clare Anderson,
Richard Fitzgerald
Discourse, Context & Media
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