Research of December 2021

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in December 2021 about journalism research. The bolded titles have JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2021-12-01Artificial Intelligence and Journalism: An Agenda for Journalism Research in AfricaAmmina Kothari & Sally Ann CruikshankAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-12-01Harassment’s Toll on Democracy: The Effects of Harassment Towards US JournalistsKaitlin C. MillerJournalism Practice
2021-12-01Black woman in and beyond Belgian mainstream media: between opinion–making, dissidence, and marronageEmma-Lee AmponsahFeminist Media Studies
2021-12-01An Emotional Rally: Exploring Commenters’ Responses to Online News Coverage of the COVID-19 Crisis in AustriaOlga Eisele, Olga Litvyak, Verena K. Brändle, Paul Balluff, Andreas Fischeneder, Catherine Sotirakou, Pamina Syed Ali & Hajo G. BoomgaardenDigital Journalism
2021-12-01Social Media Editors and the Audience Funnel: Tensions between Commercial Pressures and Professional Norms in the Data-Saturated NewsroomTai Neilson & Timothy A. GibsonDigital Journalism
2021-12-01You Are Fake News! Factors Impacting Journalists’ Debunking Behaviors on Social MediaMagdalena Saldaña & Hong Tien VuDigital Journalism
2021-12-01Interactive Data Visualization Enhances Preventive Intentions in COVID-19 News Stories: The Mediating Role of Fear and the Moderating Role of Political OrientationJeeyun Oh & Angel Hsing-Chi HwangJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2021-12-02Exploring Communicative AI: Reflections from a Swedish NewsroomAgnes Stenbom, Mattias Wiggberg & Tobias NorlundDigital Journalism
2021-12-02Habitual Generation of Filter Bubbles: Why is Algorithmic Personalisation Problematic for the Democratic Public Sphere?Jernej KalužaJavnost - The Public
2021-12-02Journalistic Relations and Values in the Networked Era: A Case Study of The GuardianVaios PapanagnouJournalism Practice
2021-12-02How Headline Strategies and News Sources Affect Number of User Clicks on WeChatYuting Sun & Chaoyun LiangJournalism Practice
2021-12-03Shield and sword: discursive kevlar and national review's discourses on the first trump impeachment (2019-2020)Brian Michael GossAtlantic Journal of Communication
2021-12-03“Down the Middle”: CNN 10 and the Ideology of ObjectivityPerry ParksJournalism Practice
2021-12-03What is Fox News? Partisan Journalism, Misinformation, and the Problem of ClassificationA.J. Bauer, Anthony Nadler, Jacob L. Nelson
Electronic News
2021-12-03Minority ethnic media: challenges for the futureHsin-yi Sandy TsaiAsian Journal of Communication
2021-12-04Question design and the construction of populist stances in political news interviewsJoanna Thornborrow, Mats Ekström, Marianna Patrona
Discourse & Communication
2021-12-04Understanding the Public’s Animosity Toward News Media: Cynicism and Distrust as Related but Distinct Negative Media PerceptionsČedomir Markov, Young Min
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-04Forum: (De)centring Europe in urban communication researchGiorgia AielloCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies
2021-12-06Their floods and Our floods: News values of flood photo galleries of Associated Press and Xinhua News AgencyHailing Yu, Guangfeng Chen
2021-12-06No Such Thing as a TV News Company?
Electronic News
2021-12-06Seeking the Legitimation of Mainstream Journalism: A Portuguese Case-StudyClaudia Alvares, Gustavo Cardoso, Miguel Crespo & Ana Pinto-MartinhoJournalism Practice
2021-12-07How Do Traditional Media Function in Social Learning about AI? Psychological and Cognitive Reactions to AI-Powered CommunicationYiwei Li,Yu Guo &Siyu LiuCommunication Studies
2021-12-07Editor’s introductionTessa Adams
Journal of Communication Inquiry
2021-12-07Patterns of media use and leisure time among older adultsSonya Dal Cin, Matea Mustafaj, Karen Nielsen
New Media & Society
2021-12-07“The Paper Is White”: Examining Diversity Issues With the Next Generation of JournalistsTeri Finneman, Marina A. Hendricks, Piotr S. BobkowskiJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2021-12-08Closing the Cover: Changes Coming to Digital JournalismScott A. Eldridge IIDigital Journalism
2021-12-08Mimicry, Fragmentation, or Decoupling? Three Scenarios for the Control Function of EU CorrespondentsAsimina Michailidou, Hans-Jörg Trenz
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-12-08Mixed findings in directly replicated experimental studies on fake newsC. Sean Burns, Renee Kaufmann, Anthony LimperosFirst Monday
2021-12-08Locating oneself and talking past: Journalists’ engagement with Pacific communities on TwitterTara Ross
Media International Australia
2021-12-09Tackling the emotional toll together: How journalists address harassment with connective practicesAnu Kantola, Anu A Harju
2021-12-09Something that They Never Said: Multimodal Disinformation and Source Vividness in Understanding the Power of AI-Enabled Deepfake NewsOpen DataJiyoung Lee & Soo Yun ShinMedia Psychology
2021-12-09‘His Political Life Story Told in Pictures’: The Visual Construction of the Political Persona of Joseph ChamberlainBetto van WaardenMedia History
2021-12-09Ethnic Selective Exposure: A Test of Cultural-Identity Based Media Selectivity TheoryMingxiao SuiMass Communication and Society
2021-12-09Readers think for themselvesTim Luckhurst
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09What are they paying us for?James Harkin
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09But we didn’t know anyone: New recruits to the industryAdam Samuel
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Hollow words save no-oneLynne O’Donnell
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09A doomed TV start-upKevin Duffy
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Could the good times roll again?Bill Hagerty
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09We can still make money from newsDominic Young
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09If Paul Dacre is the wrong fit…Alan Moses
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Monuments to a golden pastNick Jenkins
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Room at the topKF
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Half the money, twice the valuePolly Graham
British Journalism Review
2021-12-09Iconic war images and the myth of the ‘good American Soldier’Megan MacKenzie
Media, War & Conflict
2021-12-10Subverting Journalistic Routines: When Political Satire Intervenes to Challenge Public Broadcasting National DiscoursesDanford ZirugoAfrican Journalism Studies
2021-12-10The Influence of News Coverage on Humanitarian Aid: The Bureaucrats’ PerspectiveMartin Scott, Mel Bunce & Kate WrightJournalism Studies
2021-12-10News by Popular Demand: Ideological Congruence, Issue Salience, and Media Reputation in News SharingNatalia Aruguete, Ernesto Calvo, Tiago Ventura
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-12-10Encoding polysemy in the newsLillian Boxman-Shabtai
2021-12-11Deepfakes, misinformation and disinformation and authenticity infrastructure responses: Impacts on frontline witnessing, distant witnessing, and civic journalismSam Gregory
2021-12-11Conservative news nonprofits: Claiming legitimacy without transparencyMichael Buozis, Magda Konieczna
2021-12-11Journalists as mobility agents: Labor mobilities, individualized identities, and emerging organizational formsVíctor Hugo Reyna
2021-12-12A typology of alternative online political media in the United Kingdom: A longitudinal content analysis (2015–2018)Declan McDowell-Naylor, Stephen Cushion, Richard Thomas
2021-12-13When the mainstream takes over: political magazines’ attempts to cultivate alternativeness in FinlandUllamaija KivikuruThe Journal of International Communication
2021-12-13The Mediatization of Political Personae, 1880s–1930sBetto van Waarden & Martin KohlrauschMedia History
2021-12-13The Prison Media Complex: Labour, Technology and Communication Infrastructures in the Prison SystemFredrik Stiernstedt,
Anne Kaun
Triple C
2021-12-13When do agentless passives mystify social actors in the minds of readers?Will Lingle
Critical Discourse Studies
2021-12-13Funding Democracy: Public Media and Democratic Health in 33 CountriesTimothy Neff, Victor Pickard
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-12-13How Race and Gender Impact the Perceived Objectivity of Broadcast Women of Color on TwitterKelli S. Boling, Denetra Walker
Social Media + Society
2021-12-13Courting Coverage: Rhetorical Newsworthiness Cues and Candidate-Media Agenda Convergence in Presidential PrimariesZachary Scott
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-14From blame to context: how official responses influence negative media portrayal of country imageMichael O. Ukonu, Ifeanyi L. Anorue, Cynthia Emeafor & Nnamdi AjaebiliThe Journal of International Communication
2021-12-14Beyond verification: Flesh witnessing and the significance of embodiment in conflict newsLilie Chouliaraki, Omar Al-Ghazzi
2021-12-14Political Information Use and Its Relationship to Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories Among the German PublicChristian Schemer, Marc Ziegele, Tanjev Schultz, Oliver Quiring, Nikolaus Jackob, Ilka Jakobs
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-14Africa's global media image in a digital world as an exclusive western preserve?Chikaire Wilfred Williams Ezeru
International Communication Gazette
2021-12-14Media coverage of climate change induced migration: Implications for meaningful media discourseMaria Sakellari
Global Media and Communication
2021-12-15“We Have to act Like our Devices are Already Infected”: Investigative Journalists and Internet SurveillancePhilip Di SalvoJournalism Practice
2021-12-15Best Prosody for News: A Psychophysiological Study Comparing a Broadcast to a Narrative Speaking StyleEmma Rodero, Lucía Cores-Sarría*
Communication Research
2021-12-15Comparing newspapers in mainland China and Hong Kong: The limits of media systems theoryHaiyan Wang, Nan Lyu
Global Media and China
2021-12-16U.S. Public Opinion on China and the United States During the U.S.–China Trade Dispute: The Role of Audience Framing and Partisan Media UseLouisa Ha, Rik Ray, Peiqin Chen, Ke GuoJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-16The dependence of election coverage on political institutions: Political competition and policy framing in Germany and the United KingdomIain McMenamin, Michael Courtney, Michael Breen, , Gemma McNulty
2021-12-16Framing Migration in Southern European Media: Perceptions of Spanish, Italian, and Greek Specialized JournalistsCarlos Arcila-Calderón, David Blanco-Herrero, María Matsiola, Martín Oller-Alonso, Theodora Saridou, Sergio SplendoreJournalism Practice
2021-12-16The Rise of Social Journalism: An Explorative Case Study of a Youth-oriented Instagram News AccountJonathan HendrickxJournalism Practice
2021-12-17How Do Chinese Media Frame Arab Uprisings: A Content AnalysisShiming Hu, Weipeng Hou, Jinghong XuMedia and Communication
2021-12-17From Chiapas to Palestine: Historicizing Social Movement Media Before and Beyond the Arab Uprisings
Gretchen KingMedia and Communication
2021-12-17The Role of Media and Communication in Reducing Uncertainty During the Syria WarClaudia Kozman, Rana Tabbara, Jad MelkiMedia and Communication
2021-12-17The Subtle Dynamics of Power Struggles in Tunisia: Local media since the Arab UprisingsNoah Bassil, Nourhan KassemMedia and Communication
2021-12-17A Case Study: Mada Masr—A Progressive Voice in Egypt and Beyond
Nadia LeihsMedia and Communication
2021-12-17Understanding Emerging Media: Voice, Agency, and Precarity in the Post-2011 Arab MediasphereYazan BadranMedia and Communication
2021-12-17Beyond Mainstream Media and Communication Perspectives on the Arab UprisingsHanan Badr, Lena-Maria MöllerMedia and Communication
2021-12-17Signaling News Outlet Credibility in a Google SearchGina M. Masullo, Taeyoung Lee, Martin J. Riedl
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-17Telling Every Story: Characteristics of Systematic ReportingDavid CaswellJournalism Practice
2021-12-18Understanding the Present Through the Past: A Comparison of Spanish News Coverage of the 1918 Flu and COVID-19 PandemicsSamantha N. Edwards
Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2021-12-19The Cultivation of Emotions in the Press:
Searching for ‘Education of the Heart’ in German-Language Digital Newspaper Collections
Heidi HakkarainenMedia History
2021-12-19Register phenomena as international news: risk, register, and translation in Japanese coverage of quotes from the 2020 US presidential debateWesley Cooper RobertsonContinuum
2021-12-19Disclosing sexual abuse on a news website: a qualitative study of affective narrativesSmeeta MishraInformation, Communication & Society
2021-12-19Satire from a far-away land: psychological distance and satirical newsStephen Skalicky, Britta C. Brugman, Ellen Droog & Christian BurgersInformation, Communication & Society
2021-12-19Female Investigative Journalists: Overcoming Threats, Intimidation, and Violence with Gendered Strategies
Maria Konow-Lund & Marte HøibyJournalism Practice
2021-12-19Covering a Complicated Legacy with a Sledgehammer: Metajournalistic and Audience Discourse After Kobe Bryant’s DeathCarolina Velloso, Wei-ping Li, Shannon Scovel, Nohely Alvarez, Md Mahfuzul Haque & Linda SteinerJournalism Studies
2021-12-19Mapping Peace Journalism: Toward a Shared Understanding of SuccessMeagan E. Doll & Patricia MoyJournalism Studies
2021-12-20A Robot, Meteorologist, and Amateur Forecaster Walk into A Bar: Examining Qualitative Responses to A Weather Forecast Delivered via Social RobotAdam M. Rainear, Xianlin Jin, Autumn Edwards, Chad Edwards & Patric R. SpenceCommunication Studies
2021-12-20Vol. 10 No. 2 (2021): Les écritures du sport - The writing(s) of sports journalism - As escritas do jornalismo esportivoMultiple writersSur le journalisme, About journalism, Sobre jornalismo
2021-12-20Age Differences in Online News Consumption and Online Political Expression in the United States, United Kingdom, and FranceShelley Boulianne, Adam Shehata
The International Journal of Press/Politics
2021-12-20Public service media, innovation policy and the ‘crowding out’ problemChristian Herzog & James MeeseCommunication Research and Practice
2021-12-20The Belt and Road Initiative in Australian mainstream media: Why did its narratives shift from 2013 to 2021?Yuan Jiang
Media International Australia
2021-12-20Does the Ideology of the Newsroom Affect the Provision of Media Slant?Hans J. G. Hassell, Matthew R. Miles & Kevin ReuningPolitical Communication
2021-12-20What is ‘Good’ Climate Journalism? Public Perceptions of Climate Journalism in DenmarkIda Willig,Mark Blach-Ørsten & Rasmus BurkalJournalism Practice
2021-12-21Data-driven news work culture: Reconciling tensions in epistemic values and practices of news journalismMats Ekström, Amanda Ramsälv, Oscar Westlund
2021-12-21Low on trust, high on use datafied media, trust and everyday lifeDavid Mathieu, Jannie Hartley-Møller
Big Data & Society
2021-12-21Understanding I.R. of Iran’s Media Policy: A Concentration on Regulations and LawsHatef Pourrashidi, Javad Alipoor, Mehran Samadi & Neda SoleimaniSouthern Communication Journal
2021-12-21New Online Journalism Businesses: Exploring Profiles, Models and Variables in the Current Brazilian ScenarioElizabeth Saad & Stefanie C. da SilveiraJournalism Practice
2021-12-22“The Boundaries are Blurry…”: How Comment Moderators in Germany See and Respond to Hate CommentsSünje Paasch-Colberg & Christian StrippelJournalism Studies
2021-12-23Perpetrator witnessing: Testing the norms and forms of witnessing through livestreaming terror attacksMette Mortensen
2021-12-23Children and the Radio: Who Should Listen to Whom?Alice Nemcova Tejkalova, Olga Gheorghiev, Marketa Supa & Victoria NainovaJournalism Practice
2021-12-24Redemption vs. #MeToo: How Journalists Addressed Kobe Bryant’s Rape Case in Crafting His MemoryPatrick WaltersJournalism Practice
2021-12-24Managing government legitimacy during the COVID-19 pandemic in China: a semantic network analysis of state-run media Sina Weibo postsCui Zhang Meadows, Lu Tang & Wenxue ZouChinese Journal of Communication
2021-12-26News from the ad archive: how journalists use the facebook ad library to hold online advertising accountablePaddy Leerssen, Tom Dobber, Natali Helberger & Claes de VreeseInformation, Communication & Society
2021-12-26When Reporters Make the News: Narrated Role Performance During Colombia's Post-Conflict with the FARC Guerrilla GroupAndrea Cancino-Borbón, Marta Milena Barrios & Lyz Salas-VegaJournalism Studies
2021-12-26“Stop Giving Us the Negatives of the Other Side’s Aims”: The EU Referendum Through Letters to the EditorIñaki Garcia-Blanco &Lucy BennettJournalism Studies
2021-12-26When Everyone’s a Critic: How U.S. Arts and Culture Critics Strategize to Maintain Their Cultural AuthorityKelsey WhippleJournalism Studies
2021-12-26Constructing the ultimate “leftover women”: Chinese media’s representation of female PhDs in the postsocialist eraXiaomeng LiFeminist Media Studies
2021-12-27The more, the better? Effects of transparency tools and moderators on the perceived credibility of news articlesJakob Henke, Stefanie Holtrup, Wiebke Möhring
2021-12-27Resisting the resistance (journalism): Ben Smith, Ronan Farrow, and delineating boundaries of practicePatrick Ferrucci, Gino Canella
2021-12-28A Global Perspective on Ethics: New Resources for Teaching and Discussing Media Ethics and Journalism EthicsKati Tusinski BergJournal of Media Ethics
2021-12-29Portrait of liberal chaos: RT’s antagonistic strategic narration about the NetherlandsAiden Hoyle, Helma van den Berg, Bertjan Doosje, Martijn Kitzen
Media, War & Conflict
2021-12-29Shaping the ‘inexplicable’: A social constructionist analysis of news reporting of familicide-suicideAudrey Galvin, Fergal Quinn, Yvonne Cleary
2021-12-29COVID-19 surveillance in Israeli press: Spatiality, mobility, and controlAya Yadlin, Avi Marciano
Mobile Media & Communication
2021-12-29Do journalists cater to audience's social identity? Assessing the alignment of news content with readers’ national identity orientationsMiki Tanikawa
International Communication Gazette
2021-12-30Examining the digital renewal of news communication: A categorization of presentation modes in digital journalismLea Püchel, Christian-Mathias Wellbrock
New Media & Society
2021-12-30“Toxic atmosphere effect”: Uncivil online comments cue negative audience perceptions of news outlet credibilityGina M Masullo, Ori Tenenboim, Shuning Lu
2021-12-30Mitigating the consequences of negative news: How constructive journalism enhances self-efficacy and news credibilityChristian Staal Bruun Overgaard
2021-12-30“Why I quit journalism:” Former journalists’ advice giving as a way to regain controlNick Mathews, Valérie Bélair-Gagnon, Matt Carlson
2021-12-30Discursive representation of the Article 370 abrogation: A comparative CDA of the headlines of two major Indian online news publicationsArif Hussain Nadaf
2021-12-30Logics, tensions and negotiations in the everyday life of a news-ranking algorithmJakob Svensson
2021-12-30The degree of heterogeneity of news consumption in Germany—Descriptive statistics and relations with individual differences in personality, ideological attitudes, and voting intentionsCornelia Sindermann, Christopher Kannen, Christian Montag
New Media & Society
2021-12-30Examining the digital renewal of news communication: A categorization of presentation modes in digital journalismLea Püchel, Christian-Mathias Wellbrock
New Media & Society
2021-12-30Post-regime-change Afghan and Iraqi media systems: Strategic ambivalence as technology of media governanceMohammed A Salih
Media, War & Conflict
2021-12-31Interactive documentary and the reinvention of digital journalism, 2015–2020David O Dowling
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
2021-12-31Stereotypes and sexism? Effects of gender, topic, and user comments on journalists’ credibilityMario Haim, Kim Maurus
2021-12-31Pride and Anxiety: British Journalists’ Emotional Labour in the Covid-19 PandemicMaja ŠimunjakJournalism Studies
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